What Are The 5 Types & Categories Of Laptops For Different Kinds Of Users? 2021

Laptops no longer come in single, clamshell designs that can spring to mind. The popularity of the tablet in recent years has met the demand for 2-in-1s, which serve as both traditional laptops and tablets for a detachable screen. Here is a list of well-known types of laptops available in the market.


The Notebook is a common term used for a full-size laptop that strikes a balance between portability and functionality. Their specifications can range from medium to high. Notebooks have specifications to handle everyday use. These laptops vary greatly in overall size and specs – processors, storage, RAM, and screen size. Overall, they are built to handle almost everything you throw at them and can handle your homework, school work, gaming, and travel well. These qualities make Notebooks a great choice for many people.

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✅ Best Lightweight Aluminium Notebook Laptop

Amazing product – The white notebook is thin and light, specially designed for fashionable women, students, and basic office use. Portable, lightweight, easy to set up, and quick to use, it is the best choice for children. the LincPlus P3 ultrabook is a cheap laptop with powerful performance. The LincPlus P3 notebook laptop is equipped with abundant ports including RJ45 portx1, full-size USB 3.0×1, USB 2.0×1, Micro SD slotx1, 2.5 SATA SSD slotx1, Mini HDMI port x1, with Bluetooth wireless.

They can vary greatly, from low-cost economic models to high-performance productivity and the price of gaming laptops. They require decent input devices, ergonomic displays, and connectivity that should allow the user to easily connect to a home or workplace environment, but this does not need to be very generous.


Netbooks are a great option for some people, but not good for others. Netbooks are highly portable due to their small size and weigh just three pounds or less. They do not require much power and are less expensive than larger laptops. Most netbook laptops are not as fast as you expect from a netbook. They are designed not for speed but for power efficiency. They use a different class of processors from traditional laptops which is closer to the processor used in tablets.

They only require sufficient processor performance to handle basic computing tasks such as web browsing, email, word processing, spreadsheet, and basic photo editing. Netbooks are usually $ 500 or less. Netbooks are actually great for internet surfing, email correspondence, creating and editing small office documents, and possibly for playing CDs or DVDs with an external drive.

Ultra-light and portable:

Thin, lightweight laptops designed for mobility (sometimes called subnotebooks). Think of an ultraportable laptop as a more powerful, slightly larger than a netbook. Netbooks have more features and are larger for easy use. Ultrabook also comes with a higher price. Maintaining super-slim profiles means they have to cut some features such as reducing the number of built-in CD / DVD drives and connection ports.

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✅ Best Acer Aspire 5 Ultra-Light And Portable Laptop 15.6″ FHD IPS Display

Great inexpensive laptop. – Very happy with this laptop. Extremely light. Very fast boot up. Converting from Windows 10 S to Windows 10 Home was quick and easy. Just read the directions in the description of this laptop. Highly recommend!

Unlike a netbook, an ultraportable laptop can function as an everyday computer. They will be small and lightweight in most places, especially for business travelers, not as powerful as desktop replacements. The best of these models will still cost you a lot of money, especially if you are looking for a business system that will not reduce you when traveling for work, but they offer remarkable performance and often many high-end – come with many features. The smallest model weighs around one kilogram only.

Convertible (2-in-1):

These laptops combine the features of laptops and tablets. They are also known as 2-in-1 laptops or hybrids. The 2-in-1 or convertible laptop combines the convenience and simplicity of a tablet with the feature of a keyboard. All 2-in-1 laptops have touchscreens. There are two main types of 2-in-1s. Some have detachable keyboards, allowing them to be put into tablet mode. Others will have flexible hinges that can tilt the laptop back 360 degrees and switch between different modes.

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✅ Best Dell Inspiron 2-in-1 Convertible Laptop Computer

Beautiful Efficient Machine – Good size, love the silver finish. Works with a Dell docking station via ISB or usb-c(prefer usb/c. Touch Screen, keyboard are nice would buy more if it had Windows Pro. Very comfortable equipment. Perfect for uses in school and business.

Most hinged 2-in-1 laptops even ship with different standing modes that suit different standing style. Need to get some work done? Use it like a regular laptop. Need some Netflix time? Fold it into stand mode so that the keyboard tucks backward. Curious about some touch screen gaming? Pop it in tent mode. They can quickly switch between touchscreen tablet modes and traditional keyboard modes, changing to various modes, including detaching, sliding, twisting, and fold-back mechanisms.


If you cannot buy a new laptop, a Chromebook may be a suitable option depending on your needs. Chromebooks are normally cheap as compared to laptops and designed for productive tasks, such as writing and editing. Chromebooks run the ChromeOS (which is based on Linux) operating system. These are primarily designed to work with web apps and data that can be saved not only on a laptop but in the cloud. Apps must be downloaded from the Chrome Web Store. Most Chromebooks available in the market can run Android applications from the Google Play Store.

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✅ Best Lenovo Chromebook Touch Display Laptop

Excellent chromebook – High quality notebook. Keys are as good as they get. Display is crystal clear. i3 provides all the power a chromebook needs. This is a fantastic Chromebook. You have access to Android apps!!

A primary benefit of Chrome OS is that it is mostly immune to the type of malware that spoils the Windows system, as you are not running Windows programs at all. Additionally, Chrome OS updates take seconds, instead of the minutes and hours you may look out for macOS and Windows updates. If you spend more than 90 percent of your time while using a laptop in web browsing, then you should have no problem using the Chromebook as your primary laptop.

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