Video Game Room Storage? 10 Gamer Declutter, Setup & Organization Ideas 2022

Are you a gamer with a sizeable collection of gaming consoles, figurines, games and posters? Do you want a space that is easy to manage and organize, at the same time looks cool?

After enough spouse complaints, or difficulties in finding one of your favourite pieces, maybe now is finally the time to get things sorted to solve that storage and organization problem.

How to declutter and get that professional dream reddit room for gaming look? Follow these tips and give in some creativity, let’s start planning!

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✅ Best Vertical Storage Shelves Organizer

Great Space Saver – It fits perfectly and has just the right amount of storage.

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✅ Best Wood Wall Storage Cabinet

Love It – The cedarwood smells so good and the color not as dark as you expected.

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✅ Best Wall Mounted Square Shaped Floating Shelves

You won’t be disappointed… – This is a perfect fit. You’ll like this piece because the boxes are different sizes and it gives you a chance to show your creativity.

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✅ Best Wood Shelf – Floating Wall Shelves

Cool Product – Looks very cool once it’s placed. Kind of a pain to get them even or parallel to the ground.

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✅ Best Swivel Floor TV Stand with Mount Height

Great Stand – It’s very sturdy and looks great. a lot of people complain that the instructions were hard, maybe they recently updated them, but it was a picture instruction and super easy to do.

Go Vertical To Save Space

Combine Exposed Storage With Fancy Lighting To Decorate The Room

Go Neat By Using Enclosed Hidden Gaming Storage

Get Full Height Cabinets To Show Off Your Collections

Wall Mount Monitors, PC Case, Gaming Accessories & Other Displays

Make Good Use Of Pull Out Desks & Multi Functional Furniture

Have A Consistent Color Scheme To Make The Space Neat Looking

Maximize Below Desk Storage

Use Double Deck Bed To Gain More Area

Maximize Room Corners

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