19+ Very Small TV, Movie, Video Games & Media Room Setup (Cool Design Ideas 2023)

You have a small space but you still want a nice entertainment area for TV, movies & video games. We want you to be happy and stay entertained so we prepared this style guide with the best ideas we like.

If you cannot spare the entire basement or attic to be home theater, you can still set up a fancy corner in the garage, bedroom, library, home office or living room for entertainment propose.

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✅ Best Small Media Room Decor

Watch Review Videos To See The Stunning Result! – Changes colors and twinkling option provides unlimited effects. You can customize with the seller certain lengths of fiber optic tubing. It gives the inside a while new look!

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✅ Best Small Media Room Seating

Slim Design For Small Spaces – Easy setup. It comes in 2 pieces that just slide together. It looks nice and is comfortable. This manual recliner chair is loved by both average-sized and bigger people.

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✅ Best Projectors For Small Media Room

Great Quality – No need for pitch black dark room, works very good with little side lamp ambiance. Perfect for watching Sat channels HD and SD, football games, movies, Netflix, PS4 You name it … If you don’t like the image then you have an issue with your video source. Zoom and image shift are very useful as well. This unit is ultra-quiet, the air conditioner unit can be more audible when in quiet mode. There is also a 3D feature – Your search is over!

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✅ Best Adjustable Mount For Ceiling Projector

Inexpensive, Straightforward, and Easy to Use – They give you drywall screws AND lag screws for going straight into the wood. Many ways to adjust the mount for different angles. The anchors and lags that came along with it are VERY heavy-duty. Simple instructions for installation. After an hour out of the box, you will be watching movies on the big screen. 

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✅ Best Small Refrigerator For Media Room

2-Door is the way to go for mini-fridge


  • Keeps Ice Cream Frozen
  • Freezes Ice
  • Adequate Space


  • Generous Space
  • Keeps all my items cold (Ex: water, cold drinks, milk, salad, pudding, jello, cheese, mediation)
  • Quiet
  • Over all look very pleasing

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Best Small Media Room Furniture

The TV stand is sturdy and feels like real wood – The color is gorgeous, the stand is very sturdy, and the fact it has 4 shelves is really helpful for holding blue-ray players, gaming consoles, etc.

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✅ Best Two Streaming Media Player

This Unit Is Powerful & Impressive – Very easy to set up very user-friendly and most of all very fast. If I have to buy another box I would certainly buy another Sky Stream 2.I am well impressed.”

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✅ Best Smart 4K Fire TV

Hdr10 – If you’re on a limited budget and want a great TV, this one is for you!


With Fireplace





White & Bright








Living Room

Hobby Lobby

Man Cave

Multiple TV


How Small Can A Media Room Be ?

There is no definite answer as to how big or small a media room should be, but it is true that the more space you can allocate, the better. The ideal media room would have a size that is around 6m long and 4.5m wide and one that has high ceilings. Nevertheless, keep in mind that any room could become a media room depending on how you design the space.

How To Create A Small Media Room ?

Tips on making a small media room

  • 1. Measure your room size
  • 2. Design your media room on paper
  • 3. Make a list of the things you need (Keep size in mind)
  • 4. Purchase necessary items
  • 5. Wire your electronics first
  • 6. Stage your furniture
  • 7. Add lighting and decorations
  • 8. Try it out to look for fixtures
  • 9. Make necessary corrections to your room
  • 10. Enjoy a movie!

How To Furnish A Small Media Room ?

The first step you want to take when furnishing a small media room is to know your room better. Measure the height and width of the room to figure out which furnitures would be appropriate when furnishing your room. Then, try to draw up a sketch of the room to see how you want to place the furniture in appropriate places. Finally with the design sketch and measurements, purchase your furniture and realize what you have desgined.

What Are Some Small Media Room Ideas On A Budget ?

List of Media Room Ideas

  • 1. Man cave media room
  • 2. Futuristic media room with sparkling lights
  • 3. Super cozy and artsy media room
  • 4. Modest home style media room
  • 5. Mid-century style wooden media room
  • 6. Modern contemporary media room
  • 7. Traditional media room with a stone archway
  • 8. Urban media room with large windows
  • 9. Basement media room for the family

How To Turn A Small Bedroom Into A Media Room ?

How to turn a small bedroom into a media room

  • 1. Draw up your design ideas of a media room on paper
  • 2. Buy some necessary equipments to realize your design
  • 3. Clear the room
  • 4. Place your TV or monitor screen high using shelves or other pre-existant furniture
  • 5. Create stadium seating
  • 6. Hide wires and unnecessary equipments
  • 7. Do a paint job to change the vibe of the room into a media room
  • 8. Remove all unnecessary furniture to create more space
  • 9. Adding cool lighting is also an option

How To Decorate A Small Media Room ?

How to decorate a small media room

  • 1. Add dark curtains to make your room darker
  • 2. Add lightings (preferably yellow)
  • 3. Add a carpet on the floor
  • 4. Do a paint job if your walls are in bright color
  • 5. Add blankets and pillows for a better experience
  • 6. Hang paintings on the wall

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