10 Upstairs Loft Ideas 2022 (Family Game Room, Bonus Room, Kids’ Playroom, Entertainment Room, Bedroom & More)

What is the best way to utilize the loft space? Here are some tips to help you kickstart.

  • Make use of the brightness: If your upstairs loft is the brightest space of the home, it will be a wastage if you use it as the media room or home theatre.
  • Avoid anything too heavy: Some facilities (such as swimming pool) are too heavy to be placed at the highest floor of the house. It might be structurally impossible without engineering remodelling.
  • Maximise the open space: Loft area is usually with less columns, it will be the best to place here a function that requires large open space, such as living room, entertainment room, kids’ bedroom/playroom.
  • Plan your logistic in advance: When you try to move some big furniture to your loft, make sure to plan for logistic first as the staircase can be too narrow, the turning point may not fit, and the window can be too smaller for letting the big piece to settle in.
  • Soundproof the flooring: A good thick rug is always good for soundproofing the loft from the floor downstairs.
  • Design with the head room in mind: If your loft is an attic, you may need to consider customising cabinets to fit the angles. When you plan for furniture placement, make sure to consider head room for activities.
  • Take care of the roof: Waterproof, energy-proof and soundproof of the roof is very important to the wellness of the loft area. Make sure to carry out regular checking, and do not be cheap at repair works.

So what are the best ideas for upstairs loft area? Here are our best suggestions.

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✅ Best Loft Bed

Sturdy and Solid! – Simple directions, easy assembly. The stairs are thick and strong they also hold very firmly to the side poles. Recommend this bed because it’s very spacious and sturdy. Perfect for tall people.

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✅ Best Loft Playhouse

Great Bed Kids Loves It – Love this bed. Perfect for your son to play around. It went together very easily and is sturdy. It’s fun and looks great in the room.

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✅ Best Loft Gaming Bed

Easy To Assemble – Love this bed. Looks great very sturdy overall an awesome bed. Purchase this now!

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✅ Best Loft Entertainment Center

Excellent TV Stand – Excellent finish and very good material, very clear instructions for assembly. Great quality in this price range.

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✅ Best Loft Bed With Storage

Well worth it! – Perfect for small room. It is sturdy, and has lots of storage! Easy assembly! Everything coime labelled nicely and the stickers peeled off easily.

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✅ Best Loft Bed With Slide

Well worth it! – Hold up very well with easy assembly! Perfect for your little son.

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✅ Best Loft Bed With Gaming Desk

I LOVE this loft bed – It’s great for a petite adult. It saves so much space in small bedroom. The desk is the entire length of the bed, so it is a nice long well made desk. The espresso color is lovely.

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✅ Best Loft House Bed For Kids

Great Pool Table; Lots Of Fun… – It’s very sturdy, good quality, and just beautiful. The only complaint is that the instructions are somewhat confusing. Make sure you find your way out when assembling it!

Kids Playroom

Craft Room

Game Room


Farmhouse Loft

Living Room


Home Gym

Home Office

Entertainment Room

How Do I Make My Loft Attic Into A Gaming Room ?

How to make an attic into a gaming room

  • 1. Measure your room size
  • 2. Design your gaming room on paper
  • 3. Buy a set of good speakers
  • 4. Buy a gaming chair
  • 5. Buy a long gaming table if you do not already have one
  • 6. Buy a video projector or a wide monitor
  • 7. Buy video game consoles and accessories
  • 8. Place the gaming equipments according to the electricity installation
  • 9. Install your Wifi monitor
  • 10. Install RGB lighting

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