Ultimate Video Game Collection: Best Retro Gaming Room Ideas 2022

I’m always happy to see other people’s retro setups. I have a Nintendo gaming room and I know it’s not much compared to some, but it’s mine and I have many memories invested into it all. I don’t have anyone in my life that appreciates my gaming area. I honestly don’t use my retro stuff all that much, but it makes me happy having it all set up. If you are taking time during the lockdown to sort out your huge retro game collection or designing a retro theme gamer room then this blog will give you some inspiration.

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✅ Best retro game TV

Excellent Little TV – This is an excellent little TV. It’s great for its small size. Decent picture, decent sound, and plays DVDs and CDs. Excellent for children and small spaces.

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✅ Best AJAZZ AK510 Retro Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

Pleasantly Surprised – Great Quality – Typing on the keyboard is a joy and feels very responsive. The keys being fairly tall meant it took a little getting used to gaming with it, but not much. It works very well for gaming, provided you like the clicky feeling of the Blue/Brown switches.

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✅ Best Nintendo NES Classic Edition Console Bundle

Cool – The only bad thing, is you can’t go back to pick another game. You have to get up, hit reset, to pick a new game.

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✅ Best XTRFY M42 RGB Ultra Light Gaming Mouse

Favorite. – Mice are all about preference. A mouse that is great for one person may be uncomfortable or awkward for another person. The weight, shape, build quality, and aesthetic are just amazing.

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✅ Best Tilted Nation Extended Gaming Mouse Pad Large

Perfect touch – The build of this pad is very good. It stays flat and it doesn’t move around. Material and feel are premia.

For you gamers out there if you looking to buy this desk pad and you are coming from a specialized gaming mouse pad, you will notice that the mouse will track a bit slower on the current DPI setting you have. Something that was easy to fix by increasing my DPI number on the mouse.’

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✅ Best Subsonic Retro Gaming Headset

They work x the switch – These headphones work with the switch and with provided. Check it out!

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✅ Best Retroid Pocket 2 Android Handheld Game Console

Best handheld retro gaming system available so far – The display is super clear with vibrant colors, the HDMI connection allows connection to TV, but the TV option doesn’t provide a sharp display compared to its own display. Lots of options for the controls, great battery life, lots and lots of games once you figure out how to add them to the system. ‘

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✅ Best Pac-Man Connect and Play

Must-buy – There are twelve old-school arcade games five of which are related to the Pac – Man series. The cord is not as short as people are making it out to be. One audio (white) and one video (yellow) cord to plug into your TV. The sound is nice and loud ( you can turn it down of course ). This game has a little weight to it but easy to hold.

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✅ Best MJKJ RG300 Handheld Game Console

Great way to play games from my childhood! – If you are looking to just play the games that come with the device (there are a lot of games) then it is relatively easy to use. The software/firmware is definitely not polished compared to something Nintendo would put out (like with the DS devices).

The device itself works great. It feels nice in my hands. The buttons work great. The screen looks nice. The left and right buttons are in a perfect spot in the back.

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✅ Best 5-Shelf Glass Curio Cabinet

Good price point, sturdy, not impossible to assemble, great visibility for items inside it – It’s awesome for all my videogame statues!

✅ Best Retro Game Room Poster

????? Need more props to get the retro vibe? –> Click the images below to explore more designs!

✅ Best Retro Game Room Wall Decor

????? Your important collection should be stored and displayed in the cabinet, so then what to display on the wall for decoration? –> Click the images below to seek inspiration!

✅ Best Retro Game Room Decors

????? There are so many pretty retro furniture, electronics, fabric that go well with the retro theme. –> Click the images below to see the current price!

✅ Best Retro Game Room Signs

????? The retro vibe needs to start from outside the reto game room. –> Click the images below to see explore awesome retro game room door signs!

✅ Best Retro Game Room Clock

????? Click the images below to learn more!

✅ Best Retro Game Room Carpets/rugs

????? Having an ugly floor material? The easiest & cheapest way to cover that up for a new look will be using carpet! –> Click the images below to learn more!

✅ Best Retro Game Room Lights

????? Having an ugly floor material? The easiest & cheapest way to cover that up for a new look will be using carpet! –> Click the images below to learn more!

Best Retro Game Room Ideas

Ultimate Huge Video Game Collection Room

Many of you have huge video game collections. You can use a spreadsheet for each console where the games are listed alphabetically. This makes it easy to keep track of how many games you own for each game, how many games you have in total, your investments in the games, the worth of the collection, etc. Just insert a row in the right spot for new games.

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