12+ Subtle Nerdy Wedding Ideas For Chic Offbeat Brides And Grooms (2023)

For those nerds and geeks who like original ideas, your friends know you are a fun pair and have high expectation towards your wedding themes. Scroll on for our favourite geeky chic offbeat weddings, it takes dedication, creativity, and efforts when your goal is the high score. We have another guide on gamer wedding planning, check it out and we wish you will invite us to your fun wedding to share the laughter!

Star Wars Wedding Theme

The best thing about having a geeky themed wedding is you can take the chance to buy A LOT OF nerdy collectible items for decoration. NO ONE will be allowed to yell at you on your big day for wasting money. All the nice cute stuffs will go into your home in the future as permanent display.

If you already have a huge collection, then THIS IS THE TIME TO SHOW OFF!

✅  There are many Star Wars toys, props, and costumes for you to shop for the wedding party. Prepare several cosplay items and let your guests choose their looks for the photo-booth! –> Click the images below to see current price.

Zelda Wedding Theme

✅  Zelda can be a really pretty wedding theme, remember to match the background music for the all-rounded experience. –> Click the images below to explore.

Animal Crossing Wedding Theme

✅  Time to get cute & get married in Animal Crossing, then in real life! –> Click the images below to see how to master this wedding theme.

Jurassic Park Wedding Theme

World Of Warcraft Wedding Theme

Marvel Super Hero Wedding Theme

Super Mario Wedding Theme

Lord Of The Rings Wedding Theme

Puzzle Bubble Wedding Theme

Hero And Villain Wedding Theme

Minecraft Wedding Theme

 Joker Wedding Theme

Fornite Wedding Theme

Gamer Wedding Theme

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