Studio Apartment Gaming: How To Make A Gamer Setup In A Small Room 2021

Not every adult gamer lives in a huge mansion, many of us live in a small studio apartment in cities like NYC, London or HK. How to still enjoy epic gaming experience in a tiny space?

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✅ Best Apartment Gaming Desk

Great Quality, Comfort, And Usability – The main frame of this desk is to welded side leg assemblies bolted together with a composite wood crosspiece across the back and a metal square bar across the front. As you can see the picture both together really easily. In fact, there are very few parts to put together in this full-sized workstation desk. The top of the desk is a nice thick composite board. They provide adjustable feet to level the desk and, as an interesting accessory, there is a three-outlet and USB extension cord that bolts into the back of the desk, together with two wire management brackets. Although they provide both blue and red racing stripe decals, Once the desk is assembled though, it is solid as a rock. You could, quite literally, dance on it.

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✅ Best Apartment Gaming Chair

Nice – OMG, no words for this stylish, comfortable chair. This Chair is so comfy for those who have back pain! It has a back Pillow and Head pillow that made it even more comfortable. The style is sleek and cold-blooded, you will adore this modern/stylish/beautiful and sturdy, comfy chair.

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✅ Best Small Game Room Couch

Nice Piece – This chair bed is awesome… perfect to put in your game room and crush on it. It’s a little firm but for the cost… can’t be beaten.

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✅ Best Small Game Room Sofa

Nice Piece – Definitely worth the money. Very pretty and solid piece of furniture. Beautiful and looks way more expensive than it is.

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Best Small Game Room Table

Love Them – This multi-game table is well designed and constructed. They are solid and big space savers. The instructions are well clear, screwdriver, and easy to assemble. Once it all set up, it’s so much fun. It included a Pool table, slide Hockey and Soccer. It’s perfect for our entertainment room. Everything fit together great.

How to make a gaming setup in a small room? Keep reading for our top tips!

Use Sofa Bed Or Foldable Bed To Save Space

Use Double Deck Bed To Get More Space

Double Your Bed Or Tv Area As Gaming Area

There are many ways to play PC gaming without a desk, make sure to check out our guide.

Double Your TV As Your Gaming Monitor, And Make It Wall Mount

Utilize Wall Area And Ceiling Area For Accessories & Collections

Make The Space Neat By Using Clips To Organize The Cords

Consider A Wall Mount Case Or A Micro Gaming Pc

This setup not only saves space but looks really cool.

Use Right Angle Usb Adapters Instead Of Gigantic Tower

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