How to download New Shooting 2019 – Free Shooting Games APK at

Get ready for the gun shooting game of this year.
Our sniper games are one of the best shooting games that blends the boundaries of fps shooting game. Our game is not boring like other sniper shooting games it will definitely engage you at its peak. In our commander shooter game, you will be having different missions with some real thrill of deadly weapons. Our Gun games with sniper games theme is going to make you feel the best experience of shooting games. One mode of commando shooter game where you have to kill the people with a strategy and the other mode is based on the survival challenges. Being an army shooter your base is under attack and you have to clear the base from enemies as a soldier. Our Gun games with sniper games theme is going to make you feel the best experience of shooting games.

Military Shooting Game 2019: Shooting Games
Military games are the realistic and unique shooting games. In our military games don’t feel yourself a killer, feel as a target in shooting games who clear the area from enemy soldiers. Shooting games are the action games with unique theme of the military games. In our military games you have to shot the enemies with your sniper because you are shooting games expert. Our Gun games with sniper games theme is going to make you feel the best experience of shooting games. Shooting games are specially designed for the military shooter on play store. Shooting games include gun game animations for your great enjoyment. Use your powerful shooting games skills to shoot every target you can. Our military games are not a bored game everybody likes these type of action games. Our Gun games with sniper games theme is going to make you feel the best experience of shooting games. Our Desert shooting game is having new multiple features.

Military shooting game features:

Realistic Controls
Unique theme of army games
Best military games view scenes
High quality military games graphics
Best military games animations
Best miltary sound

How to install Tiny Guardians APK at

From the creators of King’s League: Odyssey comes Tiny Guardians - a strategy TD game without Towers!

Prepare to embark on an epic adventure with these tiny heroes!
Summon unique guardians to defend Lunalie against various enemies as she journeys through the wilderness of Prism in search of her missing aunt, the Sorceress.

Beware of wild beasts, eerie creatures, molten enemies and mysterious circus folk along your journey.

With each unlocked class and enemy, expand your collection of dazzling cards! Various updates and unit classes allow for diverse strategies, allowing a different experience on every try.

• TD without towers, a refreshing take on this strategy genre.
• 12 guardian classes (with 4 upgradable levels each) are available.
• Over 40 diverse enemy types, come up with different strategies to defeat them.
• Exciting and unique boss fights and special events in certain levels.
• Each level has a Story and Challenge Mode, each with three difficulties.
• Achievements are integrated with the Google Play services to store all your accomplishments.
• Gorgeously illustrated cards to summon guardians. Collect them all!
• All the above allow for plenty of strategies!

Regarding In-App Purchases:
IAPs in the game are purely cosmetic.
No additional purchase is needed to finish the game.

Awards & Accolades:
• Taipei Game Show 2016 Indie Game Awards – Most Popular Game
• Casual Connect Asia 2015 Indie Prize Awards – Best Game In Show Audience Choice
• Astro Go Innovate 2014 Showcase – Grand Prize

For more information or if you have enquiries/feedback, drop by one of the below:
• Developer site:
• Game Site:
• Twitter: @kurechii
• Facebook:
• Support: [email protected]

How to download Myth Defense 2: DF Platinum APK at

"Myth Defense 2: DF Platinum" is a classical tower defense game with interesting unique features and tons of battle maps!
Light Forces repulsed the attack of Dark Forces and passed to the offensive.
Now (unlike most tower defense games) you fight on the dark side. Restore the balance between Light and Darkness! Build towers and traps using technologies of Orcs, Goblins and Necromancers.
Show your tactical skills combining various towers' effects and using terrain features. Protect the stronghold of the Dark Forces from the onslaught of hostile armies of Light!

You can try the free version if this tower defense game first, see "Myth Defense 2".

WARNING! Please note that the Myth Defense 2 Platinum Version is a standalone paid app without in-app purchases. It includes the entire Myth Defense 2 Full Version and all DLC packs.
If you don't like in-app purchases, get the complete Myth Defense 2 content in one paid app and save 20% of total price!
In case you've already purchased the Full version, there is no reason to purchase Myth Defense 2 Platinum version as you can purchase DLC campaigns from the Full version if you wish.


- 6 maps + random map in battle mode
- campaign: 10 + 50 missions and 2 modes to pass it: Normal and Heroic
- extra campaigns included: Nothern March, Tropical Assault
- achievements, increasing amount of Glory Points for mission
- different skills improvement
- 24 types of towers and 3 types of traps in 3 technological branches (Orcs, Necromancers, Goblins)
- special features of monsters and towers
- runes to make towers stronger, and Alchemy to create runes
- terrain features: difficult terrain, moving platforms, etc.
- 40 levels of hardness. The higher the level, the greater the reward
- multilingual interface
- original panoramic sound and music
- no in-app purchases!

How to install Battlevoid: Harbinger APK at

** PREMIUM GAME - No In-App Purchases in this game. Pay once, play forever! **
** NOW as full EXTENDED EDITION version. This game won't let you down, Commander. **

4.5/5 "A Space Battle RTS Done Right" -

Battlevoid: Harbinger is a hard sci-fi space exploration game blending roguelike, turn-based, star map strategy, and real-time space battles. You are a young commander given the task to venture out into enemy territories, far away from home to unknown galaxies, never knowing what you will face as you jump out from hyperspace.

In Battlevoid: Harbinger you will have to make decisions regarding your fleet and equipment, face surprising elements, use Battlestations to your advantage and battle fiercely for survival as you defend humanity. Strategy, tactics, and resource management are the core of Battlevoid: Harbinger. Plan your ship's offenses and defenses. Fortify your ships against enemy weapons, and wield them wisely. Lure your enemies into traps, or distract your foes with distress beacons toward your Battlestation. Battlevoid: Harbinger has been praised by the press and gamers, creating a solid community for the game.

Key Features

[*] Intense and gripping sci-fi space adventure simulation
[*] Explore new procedurally generated galaxies each playthrough
[*] Galaxies full of mysterious places, Battlestations and dangerous encounters
[*] Carry out missions, discover new technology, and help humanity survive
[*] Unique turret upgrade system, never seen in a game before
[*] Superb pixel graphics and effects


How to download Anomaly Korea APK at

The sequel to the critically acclaimed ‘Anomaly Warzone Earth’!

The alien robots are back and this time they’ve got Korea in their sights. It’s your job to lead a squad into fierce fire-fights and fend off the alien invasion. Plan your routes carefully and use new units and powers to turn the tide of war against a horde of new enemy threats.

This isn’t tower defense it’s tower offense!

Flipping the tower defense genre on its head, you play the invaders leading your unit into alien-infested districts. Plan carefully, use your money and powers wisely, and make it through unscathed.

Keep an eye on the action from a top-down perspective and use tactile touch controls to assemble your squad, plan your route using the new tactical map and simply execute player powers such as Boost, which speeds up your unit’s offense. Test your leadership abilities in the new ‘Art of War’ trials.

This thrilling portable strategy game comes to life in stunning detail on your device with stunning high-definition visuals and attention to detail. Anomaly Korea delivers an atmospheric soundtrack and full voice acting – this is console gameplay on a portable device.

Game Features:
•A sequel to the award-winning Anomaly Warzone Earth
•Think tactically across 12 new missions
•Deploy new player powers and units to take on new enemies
•Put your skills to the test in ‘Art of War’ mode
•Cutting-edge visuals and a stunning soundtrack with full voice acting
•Optimised for best Android devices

For more information or support, please visit"

How to install Monster VS Zombie APK at

9FACTORY, an independent game developer, finally broke out after a long hiatus and came back with the new title, 'Monster VS Zombie'!
9FACTORY presents you the amazing defense game, even better than the previous '9 Heroes Defense.'
Super System that you haven't even seen before will be there to help you with your gameplay.
Eliminate the zombies swarming from multiple lines and save the Earth!
Sounds easy? It's easier said than done.
Why don't you try it?

- Multi Line
This is not a typical battle system that takes place in a single line - all the battles waging in 4 lines at the same time will totally blow you away.

- Super System
Launch a normal monster for a certain number of times and it transforms into Super Monster.
Use the powerful super monsters and win your battle.

- Various Objects
Objects placed across the map such as portals, moving walkways and hard gravestones will add the fun to the gameplay.

- Sticker System
Enjoy various stickers to upgrade the stats of your monsters and super monsters.

- Game Mode
Total of 4 exciting game modes
Day time Mode: 100 stages to play
Night time Mode: 100 stages to play
Station Assault in Day time: 90 stages to play
Station Assault in Night time: 90 stages to play
Zombie Rush: Unlimited stages

"Monster VS Zombie" a video ad, such as advertising and data storage and management

Such permission.
Server does not use the user's information into the game separately.

How to install Punch Club - Fighting Tycoon APK at

★ "Punch Club is pretty awesome" - 9/10 TouchArcade
★ "Must be experienced by gamers far and wide" - 9/10 HardcoreGamer
★ "You're probably going to lose a good chunk of your life to it." - 9/10 PocketGamer

Your father was brutally murdered before your eyes. Now you must train hard, eat chicken and punch dudes in the face to earn your place in the Punch Club ranks, and discover who ended your father's life.

Punch Club is a boxing tycoon management game with multiple branching story lines. Your goal is clear, but how you get there depends on whether you want to legitimately climb the rankings, or take the more ridiculous, shady route.

Along the way you'll want to focus your talents. Will you take the Way of the Tiger, the Way of the Turtle, or the Way of the [other one?]? Your strength, accuracy and agility all depends on whichever Way enlightens your path. Do you have stripes, or flippers?

And every decision will matter, especially in your social life. You'll be juggling friendships, love life, work, recreational time, relationships, and possible stardom, all alongside your gym time and fighting aligators. It's not all just pumping iron, you know.

- Fighter management sim with RPG and tycoon elements
- Find out who killed your father, and maybe learn something about yourself along the way
- Heavily story-driven, with multiple different narrative branches and game endings to discover
- Get as deep with stats as you like, and find your own way through extensive skill trees
- Gorgeous pixel visuals with 80-90s references and nostalgia all over the place

How to install Tic Tac Quest APK at

How about experiencing a classic strategy game in a different way?

Tick Tack Toe, Naughts and Crosses or Xs and Os - no matter the name, you already spent a few minutes in this fast and easy to learn paper-and-pencil game.

It's your chance to remember your best moves, fight against a horde of enemies and save the castle!


● No internet connection required to play.

● Free, no real money purchases and no invasive banners / ads (you only watch if you want)

● 14 enemies with unique abilities will challenge you every battle.

● 3 heroes who can be trained to take you farther.

● Spend time in an epic way :-)



● WRITE / READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE is required to save game progress as well as load and display ads.

How to install Arker: The legend of Ohm APK at

Explore the land of Ohm, recruit your hero and battle in exciting strategic online battles against other players.

Berserker, Alchemist, Izarian.... Discover the unique characteristics of each class as well as the best combination of abilities or objects for each class.

A hero is strong, but a clan is much stronger. Found or join a clan and fight together to get the control of Ohm's city to gain access to the ARKER mines.

The most precious mineral that exists; desired as a coin by some and as a source of energy by others. Some have died trying to understand it, others just have adapted to its existence.

Find the perfect balance between the hundreds of abilities that exist and allow your hero to win even the most difficult battles.

Buy and/or sell abilities or objects in the market with other players and get a good handful of ARKER fragments in trade.

Game modes
Find an opponent for a skirmish and earn a reputation or a duel in exchange for ARKER; or go it alone in history mode (coming soon).

See you on the battlefield.

©2018 Arker Labs SC

How to download Evolution Board Game APK at

Inspired by the award winning game with more than 1.6 million players, Evolution has arrived on Android! Adapt, survive, and thrive in a beautiful and ever-changing ecosystem enhanced by incredible art and thoughtful, balanced mechanics.

In the game Evolution, you adapt your species to survive, and stay one step ahead of opponents.

-Watering hole running dry? Evolve a long neck to reach food in the trees.
-Staring down a Carnivore? Develop a hard shell to fend off an attack.
-Evolve up the food chain to become a the most successful species.

Do you evolve protection from Carnivores, or find a way to eat if there is no Food in the Watering Hole? The ecosystem is constantly changing, and you’ve got to figure out what your opponents are up to.

Our friendly professor will guide you from one watering hole to the next on our learn-as-you-play tutorial, showing you how to survive before sending you off to make a name for yourself. Hone your skill as you progress from lowly Biology Intern to competing for the Nobel Prize!

Explore the mysteries of Evolution Island and discover distinct Boss opponents. As you move through the campaign you’ll unlock new “Apex Species” that are masters of specific strategies; defeat them to add them to your menu of single-player opponents.

One click and the game will match you with players of similar skill in a fast paced online game. Make friends in the game and set up custom games, or rank up in the ongoing seasonal tournaments and see how far you can go.

It's not about the cards you get; it's about how you play them. The full set of cards are included in the base game, you don't need to buy anything else. Thousands of possible species combinations evolve from 17 unique trait cards, meaning no two games are ever the same.

With a smooth user interface and fast, informative animations, Evolution was built to satisfy a quick fix of intense strategic battles. Easy to learn, almost impossible to master, one game and you’ll find yourself addicted. Evolution isn’t just a top tier strategy game – it’s a whole new animal.

How to download Teeny Titans - Teen Titans Go! APK at

Teeny Titans, GO! Join Robin for a figure battling RPG of epic proportions. Play for hours with no in-app purchases!

Assemble your squad and face off in 3-on-3 battles! Bust out super moves in real time with the battle bar. Switch between your heroes to launch awesome attacks and take down your opponents.

Gotta snatch ‘em all! Collect all 77 Teeny Titans figures, including Harley Quinn, Blue Beetle, Alfred Pennyworth, Kid Flash, the 80s Titans, Batgirl, Silkie, and many more! Level up and combine your figs for even more powerful abilities.

Race from store to store to shop for your favorite super hero figures. Complete special missions, enter tournaments, and unlock new areas on your journey to become the Jump City Mega Teeny Champion!

Teeny Titans features original voiceover from Robin, Starfire, Cyborg, Raven, and Beast Boy!


This game is available in the following languages: English, French, Italian, Spanish (Latin American), Portuguese (Brazilian), Russian, Turkish, Korean, Japanese

If you're having any problems with this app, feel free to contact us at [email protected] Tell us about the issues you're running into as well as what device and OS version you're using.


This app may contain ads that feature other products, services, shows or offers from Cartoon Network and our partners.

PRIVACY INFORMATION: Your privacy is important to us at Cartoon Network, a division of Turner Broadcasting System, Inc. This game collects and uses information as described in Cartoon Network’s Privacy Policy linked below. This information may be used, for example, to respond to user requests; enable users to take advantage of certain features and services; personalize content; serve advertising; perform network communications; manage and improve our products and services; and perform other internal operations of Cartoon Network web sites or online services. Our privacy practices are guided by data privacy laws in the United States. For users residing in the EU or other countries outside the U.S., please note that this app may use persistent identifiers for game management purposes. By downloading this application, you accept our Privacy Policy and End User License Agreement, and you give permission for such uses for all users of your device. The Privacy Policy and End User License Agreement are in addition to any terms, conditions or policies imposed by your wireless carrier and Google, Inc. Cartoon Network and its affiliates are not responsible for any collection, use, or disclosure of your personal information by Google or your wireless carrier. 

Terms of Use:
Privacy Policy:

How to install Papa's Burgeria To Go! APK at

Papa's Burgeria is now available to play on the go, with gameplay and controls reimagined for Android phones. Grill, stack, and serve burgers in a brand-new way!

You're left in charge of Papa Louie's famous Burgeria, where you'll learn to take orders, grill patties, add toppings, and serve burgers to all of your crazy customers. You need to multitask between each area of the restaurant, with new controls that feel just right in the palm of your hand: Head to the Order Station to keep an eye out for customers waiting in the lobby. Switch to the Grill Station to drag patties onto the grill and flip burgers to cook them evenly. Jump to the Build Station to carefully craft your sandwiches with toppings and sauces exactly how they ordered, and deliver the finished burger to earn points and tips!

Each Station is a hands-on experience, where you'll need to drag, swipe, and tap your way through the burger-building process. With full multi-touch support, the process is more fun than ever before! Tap many burgers at once to flip them all on the grill, or keep one finger on the Build Station's bin slider for even better precision when building.

Keep your customers happy to earn more points and level up. As your level rises, you'll unlock new toppings in the shop, and new customers will start visiting the Burgeria! Papa's Burgeria To Go also features unlockable toppings that aren't available in previous versions!


Papa's Burgeria To Go is redesigned and reimagined for smaller screens, so your fingers won’t get in the way of the action!

CONTROL WITH YOUR THUMBS - You'll switch stations using buttons in the corners of the screen, perfect for your thumbs. Use buttons in the top corners to switch Order Tickets without having to drag them back and forth. You can also view all of your Order Tickets in a zoomed-in mode for easy reading.

GRILL STATION - We've made keeping track of your burgers easier than ever, with Timers stuck in each burger patty that you can read at a glance, showing the cooking time and how each side is cooked. You can also buy Alarms in the Shop to add onto each Timer, so you'll get an alert when it's time to flip or remove a burger. With multi-touch support, you can quickly flip and remove burgers by using multiple fingers. Try a triple-tap to flip three patties in a row!

BUILD STATION - With a traditional drag-and-drop system, your finger would block your view, so we've completely changed the Build Station to work on smaller screens. You'll swipe a carousel of Topping Bins across the top of the screen, and slide it carefully to line up toppings with the burger below. Simply tap on the bottom of the screen to drop a topping from the bin above! You can also tap a button to swap your Topping Bins with Burger Bins, which hold all of the patties you've cooked on the grill. And with full multi-touch support, you can keep one finger sliding the bins and another tapping on the bottom of the screen, so stacking burgers is a breeze!


- Hands-on burger shop game in the Papa Louie universe
- All new controls and gameplay designed for smaller screens
- Multi-task between grilling, stacking, and serving
- Shop to buy upgrades using your in-game tips
- Over 60 customers to unlock with unique orders
- Challenging Closers and Food Critic
- Over 50 in-game achievements to earn


Papa's Burgeria To Go is designed especially for smaller screens. If you're looking for large-screen gameplay, check out the original "Papa's Burgeria" for Android!

How to install Door Kickers APK at

*** To play the game as intended, a screen of at least 5.7 inches is required ***

Door Kickers is the unforgiving, award winning SWAT-command quick tactics game from the PC. Includes all updates and a new campaign, as well as full cross-platform saves compatibility and an all-new interface designed specifically for touch based platforms.

***RockPaperShotgun’s Bestest Best Tactics game of 2014***

**“Door Kickers is a game about cops kicking down doors, and these doors are a lot of fun to kick down. It is also very hard, and I love it for that.” ***
84/100 – PC Gamer

***”It evokes lot of the more demanding thrills that modern games have left behind, the grit and the hard won satisfaction of overcoming intimidating challenges, or the experimental fun of spending hours tinkering with all the different ways you can play through a big, open-ended level. I had a blast inching my way through pretty much all of the harder stages in this game and I also think you might have a blast with it too.” ***
Super Bunnyhop

“It’s a thing of beauty and manages to capture the planning and satisfying execution of more complex strategy games, as well as the gung-ho and the popping-off of growly man in military shooters. (...) It’s probably the best man-shootery game I’ve played in years.”
Indie Statik

Door Kickers mixes old school, no-quarter action with modern ergonomic interfaces and puts you in command of a SWAT team during a tactical intervention.

Analyze the situation, plan team routes, choose equipment and breach points and coordinate multiple troopers to reach the hostage room before the bad guys get to press that trigger.

It may sound daunting, and like real world CQB combat, it sure is. But most levels can be completed in minutes and on the fly improvisation works. Achieving the perfect planning, getting the mission done with no false steps and losing no people, that’s a skill harder to master.
Quick Points:
§ 80 single missions, 6 campaigns and unlimited gameplay via mission generator
§ Over 65 weapons and gear items to use and overcome the enemy.
§ Top Down perspective for optimal tactical analysis
§ Real Time With Free Pause
§ No turns, no hexes, no action points or awkward interfaces
§ Realistic but action packed
§ Non-linear levels, freeform gameplay

Official Forum:
Facebook -
Twitter - @inthekillhouse

How to download Papa's Freezeria To Go! APK at

Build and serve sundaes on the go with this brand-new version of Papa's Freezeria, with gameplay and controls reimagined for Android phones!

You've just started a relaxing summer job at an oceanfront ice cream shop, but things get hectic when all of Papa Louie's customers arrive on the island! You'll need to whip up delicious Freezer sundaes by pouring ice cream, adding mixables and syrups, blending sundaes, adding whipped cream and toppings, and don't forget the cherry on top for a perfect summertime treat!

You'll need to multitask between each area of the restaurant, with new controls designed to work just right in the palm of your hand. Head to the Order Station to watch for customers waiting in the lobby. Switch to the Build Station to combine ice cream and mixables for each sundae. Jump to the Mix Station to mix sundaes until they're blended just right. Hop to the Top Station to pour whipped cream and toppings before serving the sundae to your picky customers. Each Station is a hands-on experience, where you'll need to drag, swipe, and tap your way through the sundae-building process.

Keep your customers happy to earn points and level up. As your level rises, you'll unlock new toppings for the shop, and new customers will start to visit the Freezeria! A well-crafted sundae also earns you tips, which you can spend on upgrades and decorations for the lobby!


Papa's Freezeria To Go is redesigned and reimagined for smaller screens, so your fingers won't get in the way of the action!

CONTROL WITH YOUR THUMBS - You'll switch stations using buttons in the corners of the screen, perfect for your thumbs. You can also use buttons in the top corners to quickly switch Order Tickets, and you can view all of your Order Tickets in a zoomed-in mode for easy reading.

BUILD STATION - We've completely redesigned the Build Station for smaller screens, so you can quickly and easily pour ice cream and mixables like a master! The Pour Button and Bonus Meter are moved to the side and sized just right for your thumb, so you can watch the meter and tap at the right time without any fingers blocking your view. When it's time to choose a mixable or a syrup, the entire screen is filled with large buttons so you can easily tap the correct item.

MIX STATION - We've fine-tuned the Mix Station upgrades to work even better on small touch screens. Once you purchase the Blend Alarm upgrades, you can drag these large alarms and snap them onto any blender. Booster Buttons are also large and easy to press, and you can even use multi-touch to boost multiple blenders at once!

TOP STATION - We've brought back the Topping Bin carousel from "Papa's Burgeria To Go!", which lets you top sundaes in a brand-new way! Swipe the carousel of Topping Bins to choose the item you want to use, then grab the sundae cup to start pouring toppings evenly across the sundae. You can also tap a button to switch to placeable items like cherries and cookies. And with full multi-touch support, you can keep one finger sliding the bins and another tapping on the cup below, so you'll have those sundaes finished in no time!

NEW INGREDIENTS - We've added a ton of new ingredients that can't be found in the classic or HD versions of the game, including mixables, syrups, whipped cream flavors, and other toppings that you'll unlock as you play the game. There's over 70 unique ingredients for you to discover!


- Hands-on ice cream shop in the Papa Louie universe
- All new controls and gameplay designed for smaller screens
- Multi-task between building, mixing, and topping
- Shop to buy upgrades using your in-game tips
- 85 customers to unlock with unique orders
- Challenging Closers and Food Critic
- 120 in-game achievements to earn


Papa's Freezeria To Go is designed especially for smaller screens. If you're looking for large-screen gameplay, check out "Papa's Freezeria HD" for tablets!

How to install Legion War - Tactic & Strategy APK at

Legion War is a turn-based tactic strategy game, brought to you from Bear&Cat Studio. In this fantastic magic world, can you lead your legion to survive from enemies' challenge and write your legendary?

If you are interested in turn-based strategy games, SLG(Simulation) games, 4X games or strategy games like Advanced War, Ancient Empires, Lost Frontier and Civilization, you will be like this game.

Story about us:
We worked together in a Chinese mobile developer company, and we were tired of making some “games” that only target on being copy of some great games and grabbing money from their users. It’s too far away from our original intention of starting our game develop career. We just want to make some real game for people. So we decide to make our own game in night and weekend. We spent 3 months to make our first game and failed, because of we are making a game that we don’t like to play. We summed up the experience of first failure and started our second game - a turn-based tactics strategy game that we both love to play. It took us 9 months to complete the first released version.

>Units & Legion
Currently we have 4 major legions human, undead, steam and wild. Each major legion contains 9unique units. And we also have a neutral ocean legion with 4 units. Every unit has different attribute and some of them have its own combat skill or passive skill. There is a unique upgrade route for each unit, upgrading a unit will make it become much more powerful and useful.

We have 5 well-designed campaigns along with each legion, more than 50 levels in total.
Units are being introduced in each level. Each level has a main task and three secondary goals to give extra bonuses if achieved. Complete level will give you some game currency which you can use to upgrade your units permanently.

In skirmish-game you can set up your own rules and challenge AI players in various balanced game map.

You can play online game with your friend or other players. You can have a fair skirmish battle or a co-op custom campaign with others.

>Map Editor
Create your own maps and campaigns by in-game editor. You can share your maps to other players and you can also download variety maps & campaigns from our server.

>Game AI
The AI for our game has been designed for a long time. The performance of Game AI is different in each Difficulty. It has the ability to evaluate the situation of current battle, recruit the right units to counter your attack force, make attack plan and optimize actions of each unit.

Terrain is a basic element in turn-based tactics game. We have 8 different terrains - land, forest, hill, mountain, swamp, bridge, water and reef. Each terrain has its own modifier of attack, defense and movement cost.

There are many buildings in the game. Castle is use to recruit your unit and it also provide gold to you. Town is the basic gold production building. And there are many other buildings that have its unique function.

>Map Theme
Lead your legion to fight in different themes of map: Ice World, Desert, Fire Land and Candy Paradise.

How to install European Battles APK at

European Battles World War

World war 3 has erupted. Conquer all Europe!

Cruel and intense war has begun. Now alliance of nations are broken and every nation is at war. Your nation wants to hold superiority on all Europe and decided to capture all european terrirtory. Now your duty as a general, to obey orders and conquer all of them. You will fight against Sweden, Belgium, Netherlands, Italy, Germany, France, England, Turkey, Russia. After that the second phase of war will begin You will attack U.S.A and several european countries again in order to stop their civil wars.

The enemies are in the ferocious tanks that are loaded with explosive weapons. Get ready to fight the deadliest world war 3 battles of the 21st century in bases full of monstrous enemy military bases.

how to play:

It is very easy to play this game. You have gold and will earn more whever you kill an enemy. You buy soldiers and units with your gold. Click on battlefield and deploy them. Soldiers, tanks, humvees and rocket tanks attack automatically. The enemy also has similar units. Enjoy!

How to download Sea Overlord APK at

The highly anticipated AAA title War of Warship is the latest in a series of free-to-play, historical online combat games to be added to the wargames portfolio. Command history's most iconic war vessels as you build your own massive naval fleet. Level up important tech modules and prepare to dominate the oceans!

With four classes of ship, a myriad of upgrades and strategically designed environments, the action never ends. Every match is a unique experience. Hours of strategy, tactical gameplay and pulse-pounding combat await all who take the helm in War of Warships!

= Features =

Construction of naval base!
All over the world can build a naval base, you also need to defend against enemy attacks.

Naval construction!
Build a powerful naval fleet, more than 20 kinds of types of warships.

Form huge Alliances!
Join players from around the world, make friends and become allies. There is strength in numbers, so you can work together and take on others in exciting campaign.

World War!
As you get stronger, you can wage war on other countries and occupied them.

Research cutting edge technology!
Research new technologies, new equipment and can build warships. Leading technology has a great impact on the entire country.

How to download D-Day 1944 (free) APK at

This is a free 15-turn version of Conflicts: D-Day 1944, a highly rated turn based strategy game set on the Western Front during the Second World War.

General Eisenhower has stepped down and you are in the command of the Allied invasion force - tank, airborne, infantry and air force units - and the object of the game is to break out from the D-Day beachheads and liberate as much of German-occupied France as possible, as quickly as possible. To have a chance to seize the top spot in the Hall of Fame you need to skillfully encircle German units commanded by Erwin Rommel, while battling both the regular Wehrmacht divisions and the feared Panzer VI (Tiger I) tank units.


+ Long-lasting: Thanks to in-built variation and the game's smart AI technology, each game provides a unique war gaming experience.

+ Competitive: Measure your strategy game skills against others fighting for the Hall of Fame top spots.

+ Supports casual play: Easy to pick up, leave off, continue later.

+ Challenging: Crush your enemy quickly and earn the bragging rights on the forum.

+ Settings: Various options are available to alter the look of the gaming experience: Change difficulty level, hexagon size, Animation speed, choose icon set for units (NATO or REAL) and cities (Round, Shield, Square, block of houses), decide what is drawn on the map, and much more.

+ Experienced units learn new skills, like improved attack or defence performance, ability to cross rivers without losing extra move points.

+ A wide variety of units under your command: Sherman M4 tanks, American/British/Canadian infantry divisions, paratroopers, special units like US Army Rangers and Royal Marines Commando Brigade, Crab mine cleaner tanks and air force units. Meanwhile, the German Wehrmacht starts with coastal fortifications, and weaker ost battalions and static infantry units, but as the days pass, is reinforced with regular infantry, Waffen SS and Panzer divisions.

+ Historical accuracy: Campaign mirrors the historical setup of the real 1944 Normandy landings - including the divisions that saw combat during the D-Day and the following Normandy Campaign in World War II.

You can purchase the full version on Google Play

Join your fellow strategy gamers in turning the tide of the Second World War!

To see all the campaigns and scenarios in the Conflicts strategy game series visit:

Privacy Policy (full text on website and app menu): No account creation is possible, the made-up username used in the Hall of Fame listings is not tied to any account and does not have password. Location, personal, or device identifier data is not used in any way. In the case of crash the following non-personal data is sent (vie web-form using ACRA library) to allow quick fix: Stack trace (code which failed), Name of the App, Version number of the App, and Version number of the Android OS. The app only requests the permissions it needs to function.

Conflict-Series has offered highly rated Android-only strategy games since 2011. The campaigns are based on the time-tested gaming elements TBS (turn-based strategy) enthusiasts are familiar with from both the classic PC war games and legendary tabletop board games. I also want to thank the fans for all the well thought-out suggestions over the years which have allowed these campaigns to improve at a much higher rate than what any indie developer could dream of. if you have feedback about the Conflict-Series please use email, this way we can have a constructive back and forth conversion without all the limits of the store's comment system. In addition, because I have huge number of projects on multiple stores, it’s just not very sensible to spend handful of hours each day going through hundreds of pages spread all over the Internet to see if somebody has posted a question somewhere -- just send me an email and I will answer to it as soon as I'm online. Thanks for understanding!

How to install Galaxy Fleet: Alliance War APK at

Comments from players
Angel Rimpev: An excellent game, the best in its genre. Very addictive and strategic. Has a nice tutorial that keeps you going and you really have to plan ahead in order to progress. Has a surprisingly low amount of bugs and is very well optimized for low-end phones. Balance is good, progression is steady and doesn't have a steep learning curve. Fantastic overall!

Jared Sturm: Love it! This game is truly fantastic. I look forward to see how it develops. I think it is the best of its genre by far. An idea I do have, however, would be to allow people to zoom out more. 5 out of 5, would recommend!

Anthony Martinez: This game is fun! It keeps me entertained for hours, has a fun progression system, and doesn't always feel like you are just waiting. (As long as you play it right)

Commander, soldier, or spy—What role will you play in the galaxy? Beam yourself to the edge of the universe and take command of a tiny space colony. In this barren outland players do what they need to survive.

Galaxy Fleet: Alliance War is a real time strategy game. It takes place across a system of planets, each with a limited number of “tiles” to capture. Every tile is important, so you’ll have to stay smart if you want your colony to thrive: Make tactical alliances and battle other players to expand your territory. Monitor your enemy’s fleet movements and position your defenses carefully. Program your ships’ Battle AI to outwit your opponents in interstellar combat. This is what it takes to survive here, now it’s up to you. 

Game Features:

* Thousands of players fighting to claim territory in a limited space.
* Real time strategy – Every second is crucial in battle so PLAN AHEAD!
* Social community- form alliances and communicate with other players in Global Chat.
* Discover uncharted territory and be the first to capture it, or unite with other players and TAKE new tiles!
* Space age tactics! Customize your ships Battle Mods to outwit your opponents in combat!
* Ongoing dynamic battle saga. Grow strong and watch your enemies wither.
* No narrative, no fixed path. Choose your destiny and the fate of your colony.
* (Advanced players only) Conquer the Capital City and crown yourself King of a Planet!

How to download Space Trader APK at

Space Trader is a strategy game in space. It is a port of the Palm Pilot game “Space Trader” by Pieter Spronck, which is inspired by David J. Webb’s PalmPilot game SolarWars (which in turn is based on Matt Lee’s game DopeWars) and the 80’s classic 3D strategy game Elite (though it does not have Elite’s 3D flight mode).

- Ten different trade goods are available, two of which are considered to be illegal but can bring great profits.
- Ten different ship types are available, some of which are especially suitable for trading, some for pirating, and others for both. Ships differ in size, the distance they can travel, their hull strength, the number of weapons, shields and gadgets they can carry, the number of cargo bays and the number of crew quarters that are available.
- Ships can be equipped with different selections of equipment, among which are several types of lasers, several types of shields, an escape pod and certain special gadgets like a cloaking device.
- You can distribute skill points over your character at the start of the game, to allow you to function well in your chosen role. For the skills your character lacks, mercenaries can be hired which may have different skills.
- There are more than a hundred solar systems in the galaxy, with different sizes, tech levels, governments, resources and special situations. These are not just for background color, but play a vital role in the game.
- While travelling to another solar system, you might encounter police ships, pirates and other traders. There are several ways to handle such encounters. You can even force a trader to allow you to plunder his ship.
- There are about a dozen unique missions and offers available, some of which may bring great special rewards.

The game is available as free software under the GNU General Public License.

How to download Space Invasion! Free strategy APK at

Awesome, futuristic line defense game full of strategy and upgrades! Protect your planets from hordes of invaders.

Invasion is a 2D game in the genre of Tower Defense (or Line Defense) for players of any age in which you have to stop the advancing waves of opponents, not missing anyone. To do this, you will have 10 completely different types of troops.
For each of them you can study 4 additional abilities, which will greatly increase the strength of your troops.

Defend your base using a variety of unit classes:
Swordsman, Archer, Rifleman, Sniper, Heavy soldier, Ninja, Medic, Energetic, Tesla trooper, and Robot.

- 15 exciting levels
- 9 unique units
- 40 upgrades
- 12 types of enemies
- 3 bosses
- 24 achievements
- Survival mode

How to download Plane Wars 2 APK at

Large-scale air battles again on your device. Plane Wars 2 – sequel to the popular real-time strategy.

Immerse yourself in this dystopian military strategy to seize enemy structures using tactics and determination.

It offers 7-10 hours of gameplay, as well as new types of bases and completely new levels compared to the previous games.

In addition to base that constructs planes, air defense and radar bases to the game were added new ones:
- base that accelerates plane production
- telepathic base
- structure that calls for reinforcements
- base that modifies aircrafts

Overall Plane Wars 2 has larger variety of strategy decisions and allows you to experience new impressions of this mobile RTS.

You can play each of the 80 levels of the game in 5 different modes, which vary the gameplay in the greater way.

The game has RPG element to it – by completing levels in different game modes you earn "stars" - they can be used to improve characteristics and special abilities.

Various combinations of unions, types of structures, special abilities, 5 game modes - all that can make Plane Wars 2 your pocket strategy.

For the first time game contains the Encyclopedia, which clearly describes the purpose of flying structures and explains the difference between the levels of bases.

Available game modes:
1. "Normal" mode - the classic tower-type game.
2. "Blind" mode - you do not see the number of enemy aircrafts in enemy bases.
3. Mode "Sudden Death" - the defeat of the loss of at least one base.
4. Mode "Sudden Attack" – your bases are periodically damaged by storm clouds.
5. "X2" mode – enemies are twice stronger.

The game supports different screen resolutions for smartphones and tablets, including 2K.

How to download Aliens vs Bugs: TD Strategy APK at

Those little guys just want to live peacefully on their planet. But greedy, nasty bugs won't leave them alone. You are the Defender. You are their only chance to survive.

Aliens vs Bugs is a mix of RTS & tower defense games.

• Create different alien units to defend your base
• Choose your strategy carefully to gain more diamonds
• Buy upgrades to make your units more powerful
• Nice, cartoon graphics you can enjoy while playing
• Cute, cheerful music adding charm to your game
• Various achievements you can gain
• Online defenders leaderboard
• Google Play Game Services

Your goal is to survive as long as you can by defending your base with various alien / ufo units you may spawn.
To spawn units you need coins that generate automatically.
Coins income is increased with time passed in current match and by upgrading your colony.
At the beginning of battle invaders spawn slowly but the longer your battle lasts the more enemies are spawned.
In your war against bugs you may use towers (in addition to defender units) that may be built on mushrooms after you create engineer. Towers have more hit points and damage than aliens.
After every battle your diamonds are added to total sum of diamonds that may be used to buy upgrades. They are extremely helpful during your war, especially when combined with proper guard tactics.

If Google Play Games are enabled then amount of diamonds earned in battle (score) is submitted to online leaderboard.
Gameplay is optimized for mobile RTS / Tactics / Tower defense.
The invasion is infinite, the longer you guard your colony the better defender you are.
You have to choose best strategy for when to create ufo and how much.

Unlike other games of this type, there are no limits regarding units amount what makes it one of the best strategy games in terms of being insane.

War becomes hardcore after some time (there are thousands of bugs and aliens) so if your game stutter you may not have enough efficient device ( at all we aimed to make unique limitless best strategy game ;) ).

If you like casual RTS & wall / tower defense games, you'll like Aliens vs Bugs.
Game may seem hard during few first battles, but the more you fight the stronger your ufo army & guard tactic skills become.
Dive into little ufo world and defend aliens colony from the massive bugs invasion.

We wanted to make one of the best strategy games, it's not another match-something game calling itself strategy. This one requires realtime tactic skills from user.

Guard your colony and show your enemies who's hero defender.
Enjoy your epic war against bugs.

Tower defense is a subcategory of real time strategy war game (RTS).
This genre may be also referred as Wall Defense type of Defender games.

Related genres:
RTS CNC HLW Wall / Tower defense

Get in touch with us ->
Google Plus:

How to download - Online battles APK at is a casual real-time strategy game. Become the commander of a mighty army. Clash in battle to capture enemy fortresses while increasing the numbers and power of your forces! Forge alliances with other players and lead your soldiers to victory!

What awaits you in
- Real-time online battles with real foes
- Cute graphics
- Simple and intuitive controls
- Endless tactical possibilities and daring strategies

How to download Project RTS - Strategy LITE APK at

Project RTS - is a classic real-time strategy in which you have to extract resources and explore planets of an unknown star system found on the outskirts of galaxy. In fact production you will interfere with other corporations, groups, races and guilds, which have their own interests in this star system.

Advices & Tips:
For capture oil pumpjack place near to it youre combat units and destroy all enemy units near it. After all, if a number of enemies, what kind of production resources can be discussed.
At your disposal a many types of units: tanks, lasers, rocket launchers, stationary guns. The plant will allow you to build additional equipment, the main thing is not to spend more than you need, because for the passage of each mission you need to collect a certain amount of resources for a limited time. Also, use the advantages of the landscape, it's not hard to be a combat unit, the further it can fire. Don't leave your oil pumpjacks unattended the enemy is insidious and won't miss the opportunity to capture them. Resources can also be extracted from the ground if you use harvesters. Harvester filters the sand saturated with carbon and metals (the black patches on sand), after which payload mass is delivered to the base, and player gets points. For speed up / slow down game use the button in the upper left corner. The button in the upper right corner opens a dialog with a reminder of the mission purpose. The dashes in the upper right corner show the current number of oil rigs you have captured.

* Sorry, FULL version of game not available now in market.

Note: If game works not stable after update, try restart it or reinstall it (but saves is be missed). Please relaunch game, after auto updates if it work not stable.

Tech features:
Two versions of app for armv7 and x86 devices.
Works fine on old devices. Requires Android 2.3.1 or higher.
Fast loading of levels.
Small APK size, less 15Mb.

Minimal system requirements: Android 2.3.1; API level 9; Open GL ES 2.0.

How to install S.U.P.E.R - Super Defenders APK at

Are you a superhero fans?
Are you bored on tradition tower defend playing style?

Its time for "SUPERHERO-FEVER"

Getting hooked on “SUPER Defenders” defending game is like forming a hero team SUPER (Supernatural Ultra Power Elite Rank) against all invaders called “General Vandul”.

SUPER Defenders features:

• Epic defense battles with different game objective.
• 2 way to place heroes which are shoot from side or block at middle
• 12 playable heroes and 3 premium heroes
• Hero evolve system and hero skill upgrade system
• More than 15 kinds of invaders and epic boss fight stage
• 15 level and more through updates
• In game booster for benefit player against invaders during battle time.

How to install Vegan Defense APK at

A funny tower defense game in which a vegan farmer must feed the hungry carnivores with vegan food before they get to eat his animals.

Year 2050, the population is growing and the resources of food and water are insufficient.

The demand for meat continues unabated but the cost of its production is too high and cannot be sustained in terms of water, land and energy required.

Hungry and adverse to change their eating habits, humans scour unscrupulously every corner of the planet in search of the latest resources available.

Aware of the impending food catastrophe, Vegezio is an employee who decided to change lifestyle a few years earlier, becoming a vegan farmer and moving in a valley between the mountains, where he built his vegan happy farm.

Unfortunately, the starving population has reached his farm, and Vegezio is forced to defend it from the attacks of the carnivores, who want to eat his animal friends (which of course he keeps only as a company).

However, Vegezio is a good vegan man and has no intent to kill people; so he decides to feed humans with the vegan products of his farm, with the purpose of both saving his animals, and trying to make people understand that a different food habit is the only possible solution to solve the food shortage.

The game will begin on January 2050, and will end on December 2050. Each month will consist in four levels. Vegezio must be able to withstand attacks feeding the population with vegan food.

The ultimate goal is to change the lifestyle of all the humans on the Earth, in order to awake their consciousness and bring social peace.

With the help of its vegetables and fruit trees,Vegezio must be able to feed the carnivores before they get to eat his animals.

For each level, Vegezio has a limited number of resources available that allow him to place the different plants in the strategic points of the path that leads to the farm.

The last defense is the gate of the farm that however offers a limited resistance: the carnivores will strike trying to bring it down. Once knocked down the gate, the animals will no more have defenses and will be devoured, causing the failure of the level.

The carnivores will arrive in waves with increasing number and frequency. Vegezio must carefully choose the type of plant and its location according to the type of carnivores, based on the path that they follow, and the amount of resources available.

In some levels, Vegezio also has some special weapons available such as the "sheepdog" which with its scary bark is able to paralyze the carnivores for a certain period of time or the "rain" that can temporarily slow down the carnivores on the path.

For each fed carnivore, Vegezio gains new resources that can be used to place new vegetables or to make a "power-up".

Once placed or "powered-up", the plants can also be removed, obtaining a number of resources anyway lower than those used for their placement.

In case of success, the score is calculated considering the carnivores fed, the time spent, the accumulated resources and the gate's residual resistance.

In case of difficulty, Vegezio also has an initial number of diamonds available with which he can buy "addons" to be used within a specific level. The “addons” include raising the satiating power of the plants, the increase of resources, the increase of the number of strokes of the special weapons and the increase of the resistance of the gate. The addons purchased will be only used for the selected level and until his completion. In case the level is abandoned, the power-ups and related diamonds will be lost.

Diamonds can be purchased via in-app purchases.

How to download Colonizer APK at

Greetings, space potato! As you know, humanity has been colonizing planets for millenia. Exploiting them for all their worth. Destroying them beyond compare. Then moving on start the process over again. Turns out that wasn't the best idea and now we're all out of viable planets, which means we're going to have to move into the more dangerous corners of the cosmos. That's right, I'm talking about the Dark Zone. A place where chaos rules. A place of floating empanadas and giant lemons. A place where hostile rainbows can make you forget whose side you're on. There’s no telling what you'll run into out there, but maybe you'll be able to use some of it to your advantage. Not to mention rival groups of colonizers trying to stake claim on those wild planets. The fate of human kind rests on your shoulders, cadet. I don't envy you...but I'm darn proud of you.

Game Design Principles

• ULTRA RESPONSIVE: Your finger fits on our buttons perfectly. Always.
• TRAVEL FRIENDLY: Quit / crash / get distracted. Continue quick.
• RANDOM MAP LAB: Build maps. Always different.
• 100% FAIR: Maps are centrally symmetric.
• AD-FREE: We know you don’t want ads.
• OFFLINE: You don’t need internet to play.

Colonizer is a strategy game set in outer space. You will command a diverse fleet of ships and attempt to claim more planets than your rivals, earning stars that allow access to some of the stranger power-ups that the galaxy has to offer (Floating empanada defense system, anyone?).

How to download Instant War: Ultimate Warfare APK at

Join the fight now on a 3D world map & become a master in the Art of Instant War.

For the first time in a mobile MMORTS, take advantage of a unified world map, enabling you to develop your resources and attack your enemies in a glimpse.

By making geography matter and allowing you to deploy armies anywhere, Instant War lets you wage war in the palm of your hand like never before. You can finally use mountains and rivers to funnel your enemies right into a trap, or to protect your base from flanking attacks.

Recruit elite troops, develop cutting-edge military technologies, and clash with opponents from all around the world in this epic blend of social MMO and tactical war game. Keep your friends and foes under your thumb and rule the battleground! But remember, in Instant War there is no substitute for victory.

NOTE: Instant War is free to download and play, but some game items can also be purchased for real money. You can switch off this option in your device's settings. A network connection is also required to play the game.

Game features
- Building, fighting: everything happens on a unified world map
- From Privates to War Machines: Train elite troops and vehicles to crush your opponents
- Engage in massive real-time battles: sync up with your alliance to strike at full strength!
- Master the battlefield: Use 3D terrain at your advantage to ambush your opponents where and when they don’t expect you
- Enjoy stunning 3D graphics with fully animated characters, high resolution terrain, dynamic lighting and beautiful VFXs
- Managing your armies and alliance is a breeze with our intuitive interface!
- Progress with solo PvE missions and prove your might in intense PvP events
- Conquer the world with your alliance by claiming hard-won territories and elite resources

If you have any problem, visit or contact us directly in the game in More > Help.

Privacy Policy

Terms of Service

How to download Game of the Generals HD APK at

The most popular Filipino invented strategy board game has finally relaunched!

The app retains the original mechanics and rules of the actual board game with added online features and it's free to download on Google Play Store.

★ Play Online
Challenge your friends and other GG enthusiasts all over the globe!

★Ranking System
Accumulate Points in Ranked Games and climb the leaderboard of Generals.

★ELO Rating
Points are calculated using the ELO Rating system.

Players can customize the look of the pieces with a variety of designs available for purchase!

★Turn Timer
Each player is given 30 seconds to make a move, if time lapses, the player automatically loses the game.

★Cloud Data
Player profiles are stored in our servers and can be played across multiple devices.


For latest news and updates:
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For app support:
Email us at [email protected]

How to install WinterForts: Exiled Kingdom APK at

Featured as "Best New + Updated Game" by Google in over 100 countries!

"An icy city builder and tower defense hybrid" – PocketGamer
"The real-time strategy battles feature clever tactical objectives" – 148Apps
"WinterForts brings a new twist on strategy management" – AppSpy

WinterForts: Exiled Kingdom is a new kind of strategic castle-building game where you control a group of exiled warriors in search of revenge against the treacherous Horde. Craft the layout of your fort, send your workers into the wild, harvest meat from dead dragons, join one of eight Houses and raise an army of archers, beasts and undeads to fight in revolutionary battles inspired by tower defense games.

For centuries, the frozen regions of Drahalla have been the scene of epic battles and magical confrontations for the control of resources. The descendant of a line of warrior kings, you fight rival families and barbarian clans to regain possession of your empire. Expanding your kingdom is only the first step–your quest isn't over until you lead your House to victory and reclaim your rightful throne!

To do this, you’ll:
- PLAY with thousands of other players online and make new friends
- BUILD your own fort into a prosperous and undefeatable fortress
- CRAFT your way through the snow to create a strategic maze of corridors
- GATHER gold nuggets, dragon meat and much more with your workers
- RAID enemy forts in unique battles inspired by tower defense and RTS games
- SWEAR allegiance to one of the 8 Houses of Drahalla and honor your banner
- EXPLORE the world of WinterForts with its legendary lore and fantasy art style

♫ Music by the Award Winning creators of the Papo & Yo and Tearaway soundtrack! ♫

Your castle has withstood many invasions through the sacrifices of your heroic family. It is now time for you to control your destiny!

WinterForts: Exiled Kingdom is completely free to play! However, some game items can also be purchased for real money. You may control in-app purchases made within this app using the password settings explained in the Google Play help center.

Note: a network connection is required to play. WinterForts is optimized for tablets!

Problems or suggestions? We’d love to hear from you, so please reach out to us!
-> [email protected]

Connect with us and keep in touch with our team!

How to download Dictator 2 APK at

Meet the sequel to one of the best strategic games in the US, Canada, Australia, Germany, Russia, UK and many other countries!

You are the young dictator of a fledgling democratic republic. Anyone would dream of being in your place, because you wield unlimited power.

You must make wise and timely decisions, eliminate scheming enemies, pay tributes to true friends, deftly uncover plots, and expose insidious conspiracies.

When a better tomorrow in your country is no longer a dream, you can go even further! Conquer the rest of the world. Form your own army and defeat your glorious dictatorship's most treacherous foes! Skillfully develop captured territories and lead your people to a great future of despotism!

Dictate the fashion of the day to millions of people – their gaze is riveted upon you alone.

Your task is to remain being dictator as long as possible and seize as much territory as you can! Good luck!

Experience this unique mix of card battles, strategy and the game’s prequel - Dictator: Revolt!

- Determine your approach to each of the 6 factions!
- Form your own army and lead it to victory!
- Make more than 2,000 critical decisions!
- Build oil derricks, banks, prisons and propaganda broadcasting towers!
- Weave plots and unravel conspiracies!
- Prevent revolutions!

How to install General APK at

The General is turn-based strategy. You are the ruler (king, president) of one of them. Your goal is to conquer the world, destroying all the other countries. In the game process, you will have to resolve issues in economy, science and military politics. You are going to train scientists, recruit soldiers and hire generals. You can put your stake on science or build a militarist state. Whatever you do, however, you will have to go to war at some stage. If you are passive, others will kill you! The best feature in «The General» is its extremely strong computer intelligence! Just try it and see for yourself. Computer players are not confined to a rigid behaviour scheme and can adequately react to the actions of other players. Besides, the computer does not peep and spy after the human player, which is so common in many other computer games. It’s just very clever.

How to download Railroad Manager 3 APK at

For fans of classic games like Railroad Tycoon!

Build tracks, run trains, transport passengers, deliver cargo, research technology!

Different maps from several countries (UK, USA, Germany), missions and vehicles included. Enter the global top lists and unlock achievements (uses Google Game Services).

You can access additional maps, missions and vehicles using diamonds. You get diamonds from playing or from the ingame shop. Playing for hours without buying anything is possible! Ad-free.

Railroad Manager 2 brings electric trains, daily and weekly specials and much more!

How to download SteamPower 1830 Railroad Tycoon APK at

SteamPower 1830 is an engaging strategy game for Tablet and SmartPhones. Lay the tracks to build a thriving railroad and business empire. As the Golden Age of the steam train dawns, you create your own dynamic world of railway lines, cities and steam locomotives.

✭✭✭✭✭ How to play: ✭✭✭✭✭
• Establish cities, build locomotives and expand your railway network
• Produce/mine essential raw materials to ensure the growth of your cities
• Transport passengers and raw materials with your steam trains
• Upgrade your locomotives, trains stations, city structures and track layout
• Reach a certain total population in a given amount of time to win a map
• Deploy your trains to conquer 30 European country maps in the Single-Player Campaign

✭✭✭✭✭ Features ✭✭✭✭✭
• Golden age of steam trains in Europe from 1830 to 1930
• Game world freely configurable with no limitations on building and railway network layout
• Online connection required to start new maps but offline gamplay within a map possible
• Hex-grid map for strategic depth
• Single player campaign with 30 individual playing maps set in Europe
• Cross-platform chat function
• Cloud online score saving allows playing on different devices
• Rankings for all maps

✭✭✭✭✭ More about: ✭✭✭✭✭

How to download Legend of Vikings APK at

Legend of Vikings is a free to play warship strategy game that supports multiplayer in real time!
Battle ,Sail and trade with other players from all over the world!
Build ,Upgrade and Enhance your warships!
Establish your Invincible Armada!
Let’s begin the Great voyage!

★★Features in Legend of Vikings★★

◆High quality graphics and excellent visual effects
•Brings you back to the Age of Discovery , experiencing the life of a mighty lord of a ocean empire!

◆Build ,Sail and Conquer the Ocean
•Construct your city on the ocean , explore the rimless ocean
•upgrade and unlock more advance naval techlogy to enhance your power!

◆Worldwide PVP battle against real people
•Attack other players to plunder their resources ,strike your enemies
•Participate in the real time PVP Events with your alliance

◆Multi Warships and Equipment
•Various of Warships ,you can organize your fleet based on the battle situation
•Raid against monsters in the ocean and loot powerful equipment to upgrade your warships


◆Customer Support
Your feedback is very much appreciated!
Email:[email protected]

How to install Neo Wars Space Conquest RTS APK at

Neo Wars is a sci-fi node-based RTS with deep strategic and tactical gameplay.

Fight with up to 3 enemy AI players for the last remaining robot harvester on a planet battlefield. Develop a variety of war strategies; be smart and quick to achieve a glorious victory on the battlefield.

Use powerful upgrades, buffs and de-buffs on your robot harvesters and your strategic thinking to gain the edge over your enemies.

Conquer countless galaxies and star systems to become the most powerful space war general to dominate your enemies.

Unique “Free2Paid” model! Watch videos or buy IAPs to unlock "IAP free" mode without IAPs and Ads.

• Enjoy a beautiful sci-fi minimalistic low-poly art in vibrant colors
• Strategic and tactical RTS gameplay on half a dozen environments
• Campaign with countless star systems, 50 planetary battlefields, each planet requires different war tactics
• Up to 5 difficulties per planet battlefield – easy to insane
• Upgrade your robot harvester with 40 buffs in 5 rarities let you adjust your war strategy
• Fight against an advanced RTS enemy AI with up to 3 opponents on the battlefield
• Unique “Free2Paid” model -> watch videos or buy IAPs to unlock free mode
• Awesome and atmospheric 8-layer interactive music score
• Battery save mode
• Offline strategy: No internet connection required to play
• Google Play savegames across devices, leaderboards and achievements

Join the conquest for resources now for free in this space war strategy game!
Join our community

Need help for the right strategy or want to give feedback:
[email protected]
Privacy Policy:

How to download Realm of Empires APK at

Serious strategy. Real gamers. Realm of Empires is a game like no other.
Guide your fledgling empire from its beginnings as a single, small village. Order your peasants to construct new buildings. Grow your village into a town. Research innovations, and recruit the troops you need to defend yourself - or to go on the attack.

Surrounding your lands are other real players seeking to do the same. You can befriend them, form alliances and clans, and work together to strengthen your hold on a hostile landscape. Or you can crush the fools for being in your way - by word or by sword, the world is yours to conquer!

Join our vibrant community and see what the hype is all about.

Frequent updates:

February 23, 2016
- Totally revamped chat
- New village claim system

October 23, 2015
- Servant Rescue! Collect servants for successful attacks on rebel villages
- Vacation Mode! Don't lose your empire while you're away on holidays.

May 7, 2015
- Building page improvements (more info, easier to understand)
- War Room improvements (lots of useful warning messages)
- Clan invite request (now automagically populates an email)
- Quest descriptions updated

Mar 23, 2015
- Improved Silver Transport
- Faster scrolling of long lists of Reports
- Reports now show village notes and have many new filters
- Bug fixes (including the troop movement timer bug)

Jan 20, 2015
- Easier to use color-coded chat
- Disbanding units now available!
- Bug fixes

Nov 26, 2014
- A completely redesigned village list. The new list contains a ton of useful information, all neatly summarized in icons. Incoming and outgoing troops, silver, food, and more!
- Email now has an outbox to view sent emails in.
- Improved Battle Reports list
- minor bug fixes

October 24th, 2014
- New layout, summary view, and list filters for incoming/outgoing troops
- Improved incoming attack indicator on VoV
- Reports now copy to battle simulator
- Much improved mail system with multi-delete and message saving
- Improved map highlight UI
- Incoming attack/support indicators in War Room
- Tapping village on map selects it

June 12, 2014
- Researchers available indicator
- Village consolidation in Age V

May 28, 2014
- New reports in Beta

May 14, 2014
- War Room for sending many attacks quickly
- Clan Forums

April 28, 2014
- Quick Build
- Quick Recruit
- Ability to downgrade your buildings

October 4th, 2013
- NEW village overview page. Improved user interface, new animations, and more!
- NEW research page. Faster, easier, and just plain cool

How to download Martial Towers APK at

Become the ultimate ruler of your kingdom in this artillery game. Build-up a mighty castle and defend it by destroying friends and enemies in single player or multi-player mode. Just download and play, no registration required.

Martial Towers is a very intuitive artillery game and teaches you all the tricks for a successful start. Invite your friends or play against others worldwide in PvP multiplayer battles. Level by level and battle by battle you earn upgrades for castle improvements and stronger weapons. Build-up an invincible castle. Welcome to this new generation of tower defense games.

Each mission takes a short time to play perfect for in-between breaks, commutes or when you want to relax and have fun. Climb up to the top of the Highscore. Daily bonuses and countless upgrades are waiting for you!

• Multiplayer with leaderboards
• Experience fun artillery battles in real-time
• Online profile with your statistics and accomplishments
• Fortify your castle and customize it as you want
• Easy to use one finger controls with user-friendly slingshots
• Dozens of levels and unlimited PvP battles

The Game is available in: English, French, Italian, German, Dutch, Spanish, Portuguese, Brazilian Portuguese, Japanese, Polish, Russian, Greek and Turkish.

Stay on top of your game! Get the latest news, deals, and more at:

Certain aspects of this game will require the player to connect to the Internet (Wi-Fi or LTE / 3G / 4G).

Recommended compatible devices are: Android 5.0 or later, 1 GB RAM (memory) or more

FAQ: Have a question? Search for answers?
Ideas, praise or having a problem? Visit or contact us in game by going to “Settings” > “Support”.

Martial Towers is free to download and play, however, some game items can also be purchased for real money. If you don't want to use this feature, please disable in-app purchases in your device's settings. Also, under our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy, you must be at least 13 years of age to play or download Martial Towers.

How to download Rage of Kings - King's Landing APK at

My lord, enemies are closing in! They want your land, your gold and your crown! We need you to lead us, raise a massive fantasy army, and crush our enemies once and for all!!!

=== CITY ===
- Construct and upgrade your castle, farms, army barracks, hospital, and more, all to ensure you can survive severe PvP & PvE attacks.
- Research and forge FAST for cutting-edge tactics and armor.
- Craft new equipment sets, and equip magical items such as Silver Knight Armor to increase attributes.
- Increase your stats with the college, and research technologies.

=== CONQUEST ===
- Sweep the battlefield in huge real-time PvP matches!
- Vanquish roaming monsters for their treasures, from horrific White Walkers to massive Giants.
- Attack other player’s castles to plunder their resources and climb the power rankings!

- Wisely deploy resources to ensure you always have enough to sustain your city and army.
- Break up the Fog wisely in order to find and gather more precious resources than other lords.
- A cunning emperor will not depend solely on his own production, but will venture through his castle gates to raid and lay siege to rival castles to supplement his needs. 

=== ALLIANCE ===
- Forge diplomatic and strategic alliances with global players all in real time.
- Befriend, duel and chat with players from globe in real-time.
- Talk & strategize with your alliance members in Global Chats - Alliance Chat, 1 on 1 Chat, or Chat with the entire world.
- Rally together to take down enemies you could never face alone!
- Assist one another to speed up the progress of buildings and research.
- Share and expand the Field of View (FOV) with allies and get an even wider FOV by joining an alliance.

- Attack and occupy the Throne to become the King.
- Become the King and rule the kingdom. Repay your allies and destroy your enemies.
- Give buffs and special titles to players in your kingdom, as well as kingdom buffs.
- Grow your city, protect it from the threat of evil lords, and mark your rightful place in the history books as a true King!

- Immerse yourself in the dark world of fantasy and myth.
- Amazing environment with Day/Night Mode on local time.
- Spectacularly animated RTS battles.
- A medieval fantasy world shrouded in Fog awaits you to discover it.
- Knights, Elves, Dragon Warriors, Toxic Manticores and more incredible creatures await you on the battlefield!

- THIS is a game you won’t be able to put down as your screen will constantly be lit up with new battles, chats, campaigns, upgrades and new kingdoms which are opening all the time. 
- If you like multiplayer strategy games, you’ll love this game where you must fight to survive!

Enemies or Friends? Repay or exact Revenge? My lord, download Rage of Kings and start building your realm now! Rule the lands in the action packed world of Rage of Kings. 

Connect with Rage of Kings!
NOTE: We take cheating and hacking very seriously! If a player is indeed found to HACK in any way, his/her game account will face the possibility of being banned permanently. 

How to install Magic Master - tower defense APK at

Mix magical powers to annihilate hordes of enemies. Think fast, create combos and develop a strategy to become the Magic Master. Alone, you must defend Fort Ukala in a tower defense different from everything you ever played before.
★ Intense action: you need to think fast to defeat opponents.
★ Combos: combine magic spells and create even more powerful effects.
★ Fire, Ice and more: learn to master his powers to excel in war.
★ Epic: control a single mage who faces alone countless enemies.
★ Fearful Enemies: goblins, orcs, imps, gargoyles, dragons, giants and more.
★ Customize magical towers and improve your strategy.
★ Join your Facebook friends to get to the top.
★ New resources and levels will be added frequently.
You are one of the last Masters of the Arcane Order and also Ukala's last line of defense. Survive the relentless attacks and assaults of the Blood Horde with eight powers and numerous combinations of them. Magic Master's gameplay uses touches and gestures on the screen to activate magical powers like the stone column, which prevents the passage of enemies, or the flamethrower that burns all in its path.
But to succeed you need to combine these spells like this: trigger a wave of psychic energy to knock down a stone column on your enemies or summon a tornado to maximize the effect of flamethrowers are some examples.
Magic Master gameplay:

==Join the Mopix Games army==
Twitter ►
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"Magic Master is constantly evolving and new content will be added regularly. We want this game to become a reference in the tower defense genre on mobile platforms and we count on your help! Thanks for all the suport!" Mopix team
We want this game to be one of the best tower defense ever made, so if you have suggestions, comments or complaints, please contact us! We want to know what you think: [email protected]

How to install Tower Defense: Turrets Lite APK at

This version of the game is lite (only the first two missions are available).

The game belongs to the genre of Tower Defense.
Goal of the game: retention onrushing enemy.
There are many types of turrets with different properties. Almost all of them have 10 levels. You can change the priority for each of the turret (nearest,weakest or strongest target).
In this game it is more beneficial to upgrade the constructed turrets as possible, than to build new ones.
Meteor Turrets and Flame Turrets are not effective in some missions. Meteor Turrets become very effective when several Meteor Turrets act teamwise with Gun Turrets.
For example, using of a Flame Turret is a losing strategy in the second mission, and in the first and second missions there is no need to use Meteor Turrets.
To perform difficult missions, you need to have a good tactical and strategic abilities, and the ability to make quick decisions and adapt to changing conditions.

How to install U-Craft Mobile APK at


ㅁ Space Territory War
Dominate the Universe with your alliance!
To seize the control of solar systems and to capture enemy planets would be a good start.

ㅁ Strategy Simulation
You will always have to choose what and how;
peace or war, large-scale ambush or ceaseless assault, capture or raid, keep enemy fleets tied up or destroy them all, etc

ㅁ Multi-dimensional Development and Growth
In order to get stronger, you need Xion and Elements as well as general resources,
which are acquired in numerous ways such as mining, capturing alien planets, raiding other players' planets, etc

Official Community :

[App Permissions]

> Permission to get a token used for Google account login

> Permission for local data storage and SNS sharing

* We will not use any of these permissions for any purpose other than the above

* E-Mail : [email protected]

How to install Wrath Of War: Endless Dark Age APK at

Dear Players:

We are Studio Mob Arts. 5 guys n 1 baby n 1 Jorge the Great Dane.

Jeson wears cool glasses and takes charge of "Codes"; Kai is responsible for the gameplay and background of the story, and also gets dressed of our soldiers and named monsters. Oh, Devon, in charge of the graphics, always wears a hat (I mean a real hat!) and his daughter just coming, very lovely baby girl! Matt, hopes the dragon flying around of his kingdom, so we have dragons inside the game. Great Dane lies on beside Kai and always watches our game (Kai actually XD).

Last three month we almost lived and worked together! Finally Wrath of War launched and get global featured by Google Play! (Thanks Google, it is a great company!) So this weekend we are eating Barbecue sausages and ribs with Cola and fixing bugs and making new things of update, doing the customer service. We will keep Wrath of War going far! It feels really cool to see your guys all over the world to play the game, find someone like-minded in it, talking with each other even though you'll never see that guy in the real world, challenge with enemies/friends, and also have fun in every combat! This is really cooool!!!!Feels like we are born to accomplish this special mission! We build a real world for all of your guys who like it!

Thanks everyone!! #FightToLastBreath

&& Features &&

☆Updated Strategy Play Methods☆

   •Craftsmen system replace the build queue to help you develop your country better and faster!
   •New advanced military army is available to help you win all battles!
   •Updated long-range Siege Engine is on, defeat the enemies outside the castle easily!
   •Cross-server PVP is open, plunder the wealth worldwide as long as you are smart enough!

☆Players from all over the world fight together☆
   •Fight with the outstanding players from all over the world
   •Choose appropriate diplomatic maneuvers, ally with other alliances, or kill them

☆Plant flags steadily with alliances☆
   •Fight with allies and plant flags reasonably, expand the alliance quickly
   •Interact and communicate with worldwide players
   •Assemble allies to formulate strategy together, enjoy the extraordinary game experience
   •Share all alliance technologies and victory with all alliances!

☆Change military arms and map out a strategy☆
   •Set troops n the Wall and send the siege troops first... Find out your unique strategy to win!
   •Match all military arms differently to win the battles! He who knows the enemies as well as himself wins all the time!
   •PVP fight in the giant world map. the brave one wins!

☆Silk Road for business☆
   •The worldwide players can trade together!
   •Hundreds of random Trade chances, unexpected fun is waiting for you to explore!

☆The sovereign descends the world☆
   •Battle is the only way to stop battle!
   •The hegemony of the city. Write your book by your own experience!

☆Immigrant from countries to countries☆
   •It is always grounded to move! New immigrant policies provides the lords more development possibilities!
   •Live easy and comfortable, or hegemonic and powerful, it is all up to you!
   •Cross-country combat is under development!

☆Rebuild the empire and inspire the awe☆
   •Upgrade the buildings, build the wall, train the troops and defense the Wall... the future of your kingdom is decided by you!

√ √ √ Tips: This is a Game. This is also WAR! √√√

Please contact us:

How to install Empire APK at

Become the ruler of the biggest country in the world and lead it to great victories! Manage the most important state institutions, the constructions of the century, defend your state against enemies, win the wars, occupy new territories and build your invincible Empire! Will you be a wise and experienced leader or a tyrant? What will people remember about you? It depends on you only!

You can download the truthful historical game “Empire” and play it for free now. You can also make in-game purchases if you like. The premium game version without ads, in-game purchases, with big number of clues and gold is also available in the store.

About the game

- Rule more than five periods in Russia history
- Conduct campaigns of the brightest leaders of Russia and the USSR
- Win epic battles and combats
- Make decisions on more than thousand events in Russian history
- Become Stalin, Nickolas II, Zhukov, Peter I and even Putin!

In this historical strategy we guarantee absolute authenticity and objectivity. We recommend the game to all of you who is eager to know the real and true history of Russia.

Support team

Hey Ruler! Is everything OK? If you have any questions or issues:
- Visit the game community
- Inform us of any problem in comments right here. We read all the comments.

Join the “Empire” community in the social network VK:
Install the “Empire” stickers in Telegram:

We are constantly working on updating and improving the game. The next update is already being prepared. Next campaign: "Putin Begins". Remain in the Empire.

How to install Defense Craft Strategy Free APK at

Real time strategy, tower defense and adventure rpg fuse in one ultimate game: Defense Craft.
Especially optimised for large screens.The maps are massive and there are numerous units to control and monsters to battle. HD graphics enhance the dynamic action on screen and bring out the lushness in the varied environments.
Get lost in arid deserts and explore snowy wastelands and don't forget to stop off at some of the exotic islands along the way.Pit your units against ferocious knights, accurate archers, grotesque trolls, fearsome orcs, mighty dragons, horrific skeletons and many other enemies.If your units aren't up to battling these varied foes then train them in your castles to toughen them up. Just like in RPG games your soldiers and towers gain experience and become stronger and harder to kill after every fight they survive.Different towers can be built and upgraded to improve their range, damage, speed and strength.Money greases the wheels of war so if you need more then just extract it from your goldmines.Defend your different castles at all costs. Epic medieval battles with tens of enemies;Special units and powerful magic towers.
Real time strategy for tablets and smartphones with big screens.A new breed of RTS strategy games for mobile entertainment that raises the quality bar to unbelievable heights.This game is designed , crafted and published with you in mind!
Searching for a strategy game that ticks all the boxes and more? Try this.Every map can be conquered using new and varied strategies.
This game is intended to be hard, so be prepared!

Our team tested all maps, some of them are really hard, but it is possible
to win them all. If you have problems, think about different strategy,
ask for solution on our website or... just change difficulty level:)

If you have any ideas what can be improved in this game feel free to let us know and we will add it to the game.

How to install Castle Battles : Fast RTS APK at

Castle Battles streamlines the mechanics of classic, top-down strategy to create a fast paced style of RTS gameplay like no other. Expand your empire by building castles near bountiful resources, collect gold to amass outlandish armies, and swarm your enemies in 40 unique levels.

Explore the illustrated world of “The Great Tapestry” through four story-rich campaigns: Fight to reclaim your lost homeland as Les Moustachiers. Laugh maniacally and conquer the world as The Clearly Evil Empire. Discover the astral mysteries of The Purperilous as The Purple King. And finally, set out on a hero’s journey as The Order of Awesome to stop the final narrative from unraveling.

No soulless micro-transactions to help you here! Classic 4X strategy style mechanics from games such as civilization and the settlers are condensed to their strategic core, meaning action packed matches are measured in minutes rather than hours. Thousands of troops can clash in action at the same time leading to all out RTS swarm warfare.

Enjoy the melding of medieval melodies to the pulse of electronica in the Original Soundtrack by Ex-Static:

It’s time to play… Castle Battles

0xFFFA0001 0x00FF1010 0x000PERIL 0x0AWAITS0 0x00YOU000 4X XV 0xFFFA000F 4X

“I wanted to make things clear from the start regarding the awesomeness of Castle Battles”
“Forget Clash of Clans and their inc, Castle Battles is mobile rts strategy done right”
“A unique strategy war game. Has the total swarm warfare of Eufloria or Auralux, with a strategic layer similar to strategy games like Settlers of Catan or Galcon age”
“Brutal destruction - command a plague of units to swarm enemy towers in seconds”
“It succeeds nicely in its goal while managing to provide fun, quick, addictive rts game play full of humor”
"This game is awesome, its laugh out load funny as well as being a deep, polished and challenging indie strategy game"
"Great game! Simple, yet addictive RTS"
"This is one of the best games I have ever seen in android gaming!"
This game is great, easy to pick up and play with a good fantasy story too"
"This game is a gem. It's easy to get into, simple, and loads of fun. Not to mention the stunning visuals and soundtrack/voice work--well thought out and executed. Definitely a must have!"

How to download Conspiracy APK at

Conspiracy is a Diplomacy-like online turn-based strategy game, developed by Diplomacy fans for Diplomacy fans.
Download Conspiracy and Europe will soon be yours… unless you turn your back on your allies!
You only need one Google account to enjoy the Conspiracy experience on all your mobile devices.

------------------------------------------------------------- WARNING -----------------------------------------------------------------------
This is a game based on the "negotiation" between the 7 players of a game.
No notion of chance comes into play, only your talents as a diplomat and tactician will be challenged.
This game progresses when all players have entered their orders (with a deadline)

With the Conspiracy strategy game,
- Control one of the great European empires at the dawn of the 20th century.
- Give orders to your troops on each turn after conciliation with your allies.
- Get support from your allies to help your expansion.
- Betray your allies when they don't expect it.
- Conquer new centers to enlarge your army.
- Get 18 centers to win the game!
- Check your statistics progression as well as your contacts'.

Amazing Conspiracy features:
- Create a game and set all its parameters.
- Join existing games from friends' invitations or among available games.
- Smooth & intuitive map browsing
- Negotiate with one or more players with the in-app messenger.
- Create your avatar.
- Add players to your contacts.
- Check your statistics and rankings.
- Check your contacts' statistics and rankings.
- Receive notifications for all game events.
- Give orders to your troops and see them on the map.
- Smooth & quick browsing in the game history.
- Play up to 5 games simultaneously.
- Observe up to 5 games simultaneously.

Languages :
- English
- French
- Spanish
- Italian
- Russian
- Portuguese
- Turkish
- German
- Polish

How to download Lords of Kingdoms APK at

Lords of Kingdoms is a multiplayer war strategy game. On a land full of war and chaos, you inherited a historic small castle. As a king, you need to build and upgrade a variety of buildings to forge your stronghold, and gradually build up a powerful army to defend your castles, or plunder resources from other lords to speed up the development. This online imperia game is very special, it implements fresh and interesting rules, well-designed game mechanics allow you to enjoy the fun of a real war game. Make your kingdoms and castles rise, become the world conqueror, claim your total domination in the age of lords and knights.

This game is a lords mobile game, but it has different versions to support all platforms including mobile phones, mobile pads, PC and web browsers.

Features >>

Friendly tutorial helps you master the game in minutes.
Build and manage your castle, expand your realm or create new towns as you grow.
Four Kingdoms PVE modes: Wild land, Castle War, Expendition and Clash of Waterdeep.
Rich bonuses and rewards help new players grow fast, they are useful to forge empires.
Plunder resources from other lords & castles or exile them to remote realms.
Plunder only resource points if you want a peaceful life.
Achieve honors in the lords royale arena to reveal your military power.
Collect crystals to craft artifacts for heroes which improve their power greatly.
Battles videos can be watched in real time, or replay them later.
Form an alliance base to protect your empires.
A lot of legend items to win: dragon shield, giant gloves, Elvenar Helmet, Wind Strider Boots, Star of Warriors, Ring of Camelot and Grepolis Totum etc.
The alliance event logs help organizing attacks easier.
Players in the same alliance can launch rally attacks, this helps weak players to challenge powerful enemies.
The world conquest event for a game world starts in 50 days. Win the event to claim your imperia online!

About us>>

Email: [email protected]

How to download Empire Strike - Strategy and Civilization APK at

Connect your empire to a world full of players trying to take all from you and you all from them. Choose between six different races with 20 type of troops each. You can play three simultaneous games with all their variants.

Official app of the online game

How to install GaCivs APK at

In the Golden Age of Civilizations, achieving success requires a balance between economic expansion, military strength, and technological development. Once technological progress has brought you into the space age, you may launch a spacecraft and the first civilization whose launch it wins. Because of the game is time-based, the game will end after two weeks if no spacecraft have yet been launched, the surviving civilizations are then rated, and the one with the highest overall score is the winner.

Golden Age of Civilizations: Rule your empire, fight or cooperate with thousands of players!

The ruleset of the Golden Age of Civilizations is derived from the FreeCiv's default ruleset but it was devised to support time-based instead of turn-based strategy; and it is supports the MMO gameplay where you compete against hundreds and sometimes thousands opponents to found cities and use them to support a military, and finally to complete an empire that survives all encounters with its neighbors to emerge victorious. Each opponent is human player, not controlled by the computer!


The Golden Age of Civilizations is an open source time-based MMO strategy game, mostly based on the FreeCiv. Though the game is played in time and through weeks, at the beginning of each units are assigned movement time, which are spent as they move and act. Using up the movement time early may leave a unit without the ability to respond if an opponent approaches later. The units cannot carry extra movement time into the next hours or days, every units has a limit of accumulation of time.

In Golden Age of Civilizations you compete against thousands opponents to found cities and use them to support a military, and finally to complete an empire that survives all encounters with its neighbors to emerge victorious. Each opponent is an another human player as you, not controlled by the computer. All players begin with six units on a small continent: two Explorer, one Warriors, one Workers and two Settlers unit -- and race to expand outward from those humble beginnings.

Most of your map will be blank when the game begins, your units travel and discover the oceans and continents of the world. Note that your map is only the record of the terrain and cities your last encountered in an area -- you will not learn about changes in an area until your units visit again, nor can you observe the movement of enemy units that are out of sight of your units and cities.

Though the game is played in time and through weeks, at the beginning of each units are assigned movement time, which are spent as they move and act. Using up the movement time early may leave a unit without the ability to respond if an opponent approaches later. The units cannot carry extra movement time into the next hours or days, every units has a limit of accumulation of time.

How to install Castle Revenge APK at

*** Game requires constant internet connection ***
Your castle has been attacked by Lord Grayson, you've managed to defend yourself but now you need to reconquer your land from the hands of your enemies!

Castle Revenge is unique mix of strategy and action games with realistic physics-based castle destruction!

- Build and manage your castle
- Fight with other players and Lord Grayson himself
- Conquer the map and reclaim your land
- Directly control your attack and wreak havoc with realistic physics destructions!
- Develop new types of projectiles for your catapult
- Be a king, become a hero!

Are you ready for the challenge?

How to install Clash of Civilizations APK at

The war among civilizations has begun! Which one do you choose to fight with? Give your answer in Clash of Civilizations! Build your cities, raise a massive army, research new technologies and start your conquest with real time strategy in this epic multiplayer online game! Download to experience the fantasy world of PVP medieval combat action.


Choose your civilization and lead it conquer the world! Every enemy in front of you can only choose to die or surrender! Witness the rise of civilizations.
Real-Time control of battles! Enjoy the command of armies. The video record is not the only way to watch the battle! Don't forget to choose command in battles. You will be addicted to this!
Your army is prepared for the clash? Before the war, try to perfect your strategy which can help you win! Strike down your enemies with appropriate strategy in this MMORPG strategy game.
A mass of heroes are waiting for you to unlock! Who can lead you to glory, Caesar or Alexander? It depends on your choice! Upgrade the skills of you heroes. Then they will bring you honor!
Different cities in different civilizations! Build your own city strong enough to survive in enemy's rush! Conquer other cities as your sub-city and plunder resources!
Gather friend, old or new! Start your risk and fight with your friends in this new war strategy game. Build alliances with them and conquer castles. Dominate the whole world with your friends!
Easy-translation feature makes it possible to communicate with any other players around the world!

Write your own history, only in Clash of Civilizations!

Official Facebook Page:
Note: Shoot us a message at [email protected] with any questions or comments relating to this MMO strategy war game. Ask us anything! 

How to download AZ Kingdom Defense APK at

Build your troop to defense the castle from enemies that come from the sea.

Build your troop with 8 basic army class (spearman, knight, archer, witch, socceress, fairy, swordmaster and wizard)
Tone of enemy with difference abilities will try to conquer your castle
If you think that stages are too easy, try to achieve the achievements.

Download the BIG FUN FREE STRATEGY game!

1. Several kind of defense armies
- Begining with SPEARMAN, PLAYER will fight and unlock others.
- SPEARMAN: cheap, low attack damage, low attack range. Can envolve to Spearman Captain with more attack damage.
- ARCHER: cheap, low attack damage, long range. PLAYER can choose envolve type between POISON ARCHER or TANKER ARCHER with difference abilities.
- KNIGHT: average cost, average damage, low range. Will larger damage when envolve to GOLDEN KNIGHT.
- WITCH: the unit that using magic to attack enemy. Can envolve to one of 2 type: ICE WITCH (use Ice magic to slow down the enemies) and RED WITCH (use Fire magic to burn enemies). The highest level of WITCH is WITCH SULTAN with extremely magic .
- SOCCERESS: cast spell raise attack speed for near by allies. Very important in large battle. Can envolve to SOCCERESS LADY with more spell effect.
- FAIRY: cast spell to enemies, PLAYER gain more gold each enemy killed. Can anti-invisible enemies (like Black Ninja). Enemies that effected by Fairy will have chance to drop some items when killed.
- SWORDMASTER: Large attack damage, can do slash-in-line skill when standing at the first point of the road.
- DARK WIZARD: Large damage, long range, can do splash damage and cast dark magic to enemies (reduce 50% defense of enemies unit).

2. Enemy infantries
Ton of creatures, with lots of skill type will try to attack your castle.

3. Supporting Items
PLAYER can use 5 type of items for supporting battle (Life, Ice, Fire, Speed, Poison).
Item can be gained after each PLAYER level up, or gained from killing enemy, or after finish a stage.


How to download Geometry Defense: Infinite APK at

Geometry Defense: Infinite is a classic infinite tower defense game where you must build a maze to slow enemies and build towers to destroy them. An action-packed and engaging game requiring focus to take on challenges and test your skill. Utilize a vast array of tactics to defeat geometric enemies - poison them with goo, melt them with lasers, burn them, zap them, or freeze them!

Warning! This is NOT an idle tower defense game - along with your towers you will need to use your active abilities to stop the geometric foes! Towers can handle simple enemies but there are counter-mechanics that will require attention or your base will be annihilated.

Permanently upgrade towers, abilities, and player stats in the Research Lab to take on more powerful enemies.

What are you waiting for? Download this tower defense now and free the solar system from geometric evil!

14 Geometric Towers - with 3 levels and 2 upgrade paths.
6 Powerful Elements - damage types with different status effects.
8 Awesome Abilities - for dispatching foes that rush past your defenses.
10 Unique Enemies - to battle and destroy.
3 Challenging Bosses - challenge your skill against these special enemies.
Expansive Research Lab - with tons of upgrades, improve nearly every stat.
Campaign Missions - defend the realm with over 50 levels and 3 difficulties to choose from. Earn abilities by clearing planets which can be used across all game modes. Earn up to 5 stars per level to unlock more upgrades.
Endless Challenge - infinite/incremental waves with a variety of configurations using procedural wave generation.
Google Play Games Integration - over 50 Achievements and 7 Leaderboards.
Cloud Save - backup, sync, and save across devices.
Optional Offline Play - internet required for Google Play Games.

The game is actively supported and I plan to bring more of everything to you in the future to make this the best tower defense game. Please share feedback!

Please email [email protected] or review the app to help make one of the best td games.

Contact [email protected] for any bugs/issues.



Reddit - r/GeometryDefense
Twitter - @ZebecGames
Facebook - @GeometryDefenseTD

How to download Cutie Monsters Tower Defense 2 APK at

You may have played other Tower Defense games but get ready to play CUTIE MONSTERS TOWER DEFENSE!

Strategic Action Fantasy Tower Defense has never been this fun and addicting!
You have various cute monsters to chose from, train and evolve in the game.

Defend your islands from the angry monsters, dragons and wild animals invasion by building cute monsters towers, master many weapons and legions of animals like infantry.

Fight in forests, beaches, lava and snowy mountains, customizing your defensive strategy with different monsters upgrades and spells!

Rain fire upon your enemies, summon reinforcements, command your troops, recruit mighty heroes and face legendary monsters on a quest to save your islands from falling into Angry Monsters!

Call in airstrikes and set explosive mines to hit the enemies where it hurts.

Challenge your mind with the exciting 30 levels gameplay.
Are you ready to stop the enemies once and for all? Join the defense now!

★ Epic defense battles that will hook you for hours!
★ 4 Different World Themes (Mountains, Ice, Beach, Lava)
★ Addictive gameplay for hours of action!
★ 24 cute levels to play with
★ Over 400 waves!
★ Build 8 specialized tower upgrades to customize your strategy! Mighty Dragosaur, Glacier Bear to name a few.
★ Over 20 different enemies.
★ 3 Heroes to summons: Choose your champion to lead your troops to victory!
★ Train & evolve dragons, wolves, lions, bats, reptiles, snakes, dinosaurs, eagles, insects, elephants, and sea creatures to increase your army power.
★ Master the art of war and strategy with fire, water, electricity, earth, ice, darkness and plants.
★ Optimized for iPad/iPhone, Android Phones and Tablets!

Download now!


How to download Battle of Castle Kingdoms APK at

Are you ready to fight against a royal kingdom? Defend your castle. Prepare your cannons to destroy your enemies. Experience the medieval times with our 3D graphic and original sounde effects. Battle of Castle is a strategy and war multiplayer game. In this clash of kingdoms, your power is your stragety! Become the greatest warrior in all the empire.
How to play?
Choose game mood for one or two players.
One Player: Play aganist your foes! Use your cannon to defend your castle and fight in 12 different levels. Reach 30 blocks before time is out. Destroy your enemy! Get ready to Clash!
Two Players: Fight with your friends! Reach 30 Blocks before your them. Rule the kingdom!
Protect your castle. Lead your royal army to victory!

How to install Arcanox: Cards vs. Castles APK at

Get ready for thrilling BATTLES and enjoy this blend of collectible cards, tower defense game and combat strategy MMO now for FREE!

Collect and upgrade over 5600 minion and spell cards. Develop your ultimate unique deck and strategy. Attack castles of players from all over the world and steal their gold and pride. Build, upgrade and expand your mighty castle. Defend your castle with dragons, cannons, barricades and portals, as well as devious traps. Master cunning strategies that are unlocked with every new minion, spell, enchantment, trap and defender. Crush the castles of other players and become a legend in Arcanox: Cards vs. Castles.

NOTE: Arcanox is an online multiplayer game and requires an internet connection.

Install this unique blend of collectible cards, tower defense game and combat strategy MMO on your Android smartphone or tablet now.

★ Enjoy unlimited thrilling battles for FREE
★ Construct unique decks with over 5600 minion and spell cards
★ Build an unconquerable fortress
★ Join together with other players to form the ultimate guild
★ Find the smartest solutions for the dungeons with your guild mates
★ Borrow powerful cards from other players to make your deck even stronger
★ Improve your defense with game-changing enchantments
★ Surprise attackers with devious traps
★ Optimized for smartphones and tablets
★ Easy to learn but hard to master

Arcanox is available in English, Spanish, French, German, Italian and Russian.

Juhu Games is a one-man indie game studio founded by Christian Teister. He strives to develop the best free thrilling strategy games for Android, iOS and PC.

Development blog:

How to download King of Bandit Tower Defense APK at

King of Bandit Tower Defense is tower defense kind game.
You will be a King of bandit, loot all items from everyone go on your roads.
Unlock new items, upgrade barrack, bulding will help you stronger.
Game is still updating map, new items every month.

• 3 Zones, 60 maps + with 3 difference enemies.
• Various upgrade bulding system.
• So many Items with awesome powerful.
• Smooth effects and cool sound.
• Simple and easy understand tutorial

• Enjoy the game with various devices. (Phones and Tablets)

[email protected]

Thank you so much for loving our Dunk Shoot Basketball game.
If you have some questions or suggest, please contact us!

How to install Castle Artillery APK at

Features at a glance:
- Multiplayer (Online and Pass'n Play)
- Create your own castles
- Random world generator (adjustable)
- Sun, rain and snow
- Manage your population and buy upgrades (does not cost real money)
- Computer with 4 levels of difficulty
- Shoot with cannons and catapults, which are influenced by wind

Castle Artillery is a turn-based strategy game, which inspired by Ballerburg.

You own a castle, a king and artilleries and you must hit the enemy king, who also has a castle. Between the castles is a mountain.

There are currently two different artilleries: Cannon and catapult.
The cannon uses powder kegs and cannonballs, while the catapult just needs powder kegs, but is easier to hit and is also more expensive. Bullets are affected by the wind, which changes every round. The wind is indicated by a flag.

A special feature is the possibility to make the castle all the way to your imagination. You have a certain amount of money to create your castle by Drag&Drop. So you have many ways to defeat the opponent.
Alternatively, you can also use the pre-made castles and modify them.

You can play against the computer or against other players. There are currently 4 levels of difficulty and a Pass'n-Play mode where two players can play on one device and of course an online mode via the Internet.

You can play against players worldwide via the Internet. A chat and a lobby are also available.
In addition, you can save your castles online and share with friends or download to another device.

Furthermore, there are a lot of options like:
Weather: sun, rain and snow
Game Map: The entire game map is randomly generated and you can control it by changing the surface, the type or texture - just try it out!

And that's not all: In the game you can/must manage your populations by setting taxes and buy upgrades.

By the way: The game does not contain any "Pay2Win" features.
There is only one InApp purchase that removes ads.

How to install Idle TD APK at

Idle TD is an unique fusion between clicker games combined with tower defense elements, resulting in a super addicting strategy tapper!

Play a new incremental tapping TD game with infinite tower upgrades and continous creeps that attack your base.

Clicking cookies will never be the same, as your fortress is under siege by an infinite monster invasion and it’s up to you to strategize & build up the best defence.

Become the gate keeper of your own kingdom and battle endless wave levels to whack & crush crazy creatures that run to conquer your fort.
Summon the commander inside you to defend against the creeps that waged war on you.

Fun Features:
• Unique Clicker - Tower Defense game fusion
• Build your own Strategy
• Infinite Turret Upgrades
• Cute HD Graphics
• Quick lite TD battles
• Top Multiplayer Leaderboard
• Constant NEW Updates
• Amazing Achievements

Protecting your kingdom requires clicking, fighting & killing unlimited monsters rushing at your base, as well as building & upgrading turrets that auto shoot the enemies in a flash!

Your quest is to build the best fusion between offence and defence, to block tiny monsters that rush for your castle. Become a king of your own empire, and tap your way through continous waves of monsters which lives get incremental as you progress the levels.

Let the game autoclick in the background and return to collect your Idle Income.
If you like tower defense games or infinite incremental clickers, you will love Idle TD!

When an infinity of tiny creatures attacks your base, it’s time to wage war and bring them death by tapping your finger.

Don’t just stay Idle! Build the best infinite tower defense and see how far you can go!
Complete Quests and Achievements to earn Stars, Coins and Diamonds, which you can use to Upgrade your towars and turrets to infinity!

This fun free game is intended for boys & girls age 10 up, and can be played offline without internet. However, to access the multiplayer leaderboard and match with other players, you will need a wifi connection.

How to install Sea Battle - Fleet Commander APK at

Future Sea Battle is a REAL time strategy game and brings the epic sea battle to your smartphone or tablet, and be ready to take on your enemy on the sea warfare, by command your carrier fleet and destroy your enemy warships.

Drive into the heat of the action in multiplayer PVP sea warfare. Compete against millions of players worldwide, destroy enemy fleet and climb the global leader boards. Show the world that you rule the ocean!

Survival is victory! Your mission is to command the carrier fleet in the fierce bloody war to find and destroy your enemies.


- More than 200 Battleships, including legendary and future warships, 30 types of combat aircraft
- Players from all over the world playing in real time
- Fast-paced, action intensive 3D naval warfare
- Smooth and simple touch control system
- Global PvP rankings with rewards


PLEASE NOTE: Sea Battle for Survival is a free shooter and online multiplayer strategy game, but there are some items can be purchased for real money. Please set up password protection for purchases in the settings of your Google Play Store app.

How to download Doom Blitz: War Strategy APK at

The Fortress which silenced for centuries are about to reactivate, by then, only war can bring peace to this suffered land. Commander, welcome to the world to Doom Blitz, to fight alongside your allies, and claim your dominance!

Unique Features:
1. Command your elite troops in real time, to complete hundreds of campaign battles.

2. Upgrade various production, military, and troop technologies before you go to a war!

3. Sentinel, Warrior, Mecha, Trooper, Reaper and Cannon, 6 types of troops from the future are waiting for you to command. Simply swipe on the screen to deploy your units to any formation you want.

4. Recruit heroes through campaigns and events, explore infinite possibilities in group them up!

5. Command maximum of 7 armies at the same time, teleport to anywhere on the map.
Gather resources, solo & rally attack, and cooperate with your allies to take territories from hostile alliances.
Attend daily events and alliance fest to get abundant rewards.
You will never get bored in the world of Doom Blitz!

6. Innovative Fortress War gameplay. Participation, organization and wisdom are the keys to the final victory!

How to install Battle of Warship : War of Navy APK at

Build your naval empire in the best strategy game of naval warfare!
Own massive naval fleet. Play with millions of online players from all over the world!
We are in a new era of war game, The game challenges you to become the best navy commander.Lead your nation to the glory of the victory!

************ GAME FEATURES ************

Diversified troops units and exquisite real battle scene
- Warship: Exclusive performance for each Destroyer, Cruiser, Submarine and Aircraft Carrier
- Strategic Bomber: Provide air support during naval battles
- Cruise Missile: Cruise Missile make a fatal blow
- Mech: Mech and Warships jointly fight with the enemy

Various ways to enhance your navy's power
- Technology: Leading technology has a great impact on the entire country
- Skill: Supply your commander with superior power
- Device: Manufacture advanced device and equip them on your military base

Create unbeatable alliance and rule the world
- Join an alliance where you can get help from members, and obtain exclusive gifts
- Participate in alliance challenge with alliance members to get rewards everyday
- Assist each other to defeat the enemy in world naval war

Wonderful and diverse ways of fighting
- Take a separate adventure in conquest to get rewards
- Team up with other commanders to join allied combat for Gems,Devices and much more items!

Various events to participate
- Mech War: Eliminate the enemy's mech to win the reward of victory
- Mysterious Waters: Explore Mysterious Waters with alliance members to win the team glory
- Pirate Crisis: Team up with other commanders to eliminate pirates
- Crystal Island: Alliance fights for crystal islands
- Navy Competition: Challenge other Commanders to rise in rank and claim eternal glory!

Real trade system
- Trade strategic resources in a real-time online market

Play with global commanders
- Play & chat online with millions of other players world widely.
- Build your own country, find more allies and fight for your nation!


Commander, you must lead our Nation to strength,The fate of the Nation is in your hands now! Lead vast navy to conquer all of the world and establish a glorious World.

Having any problems?Any suggestions?You can reach us at [email protected]

1> This game is completely free to play, however some game items can also be purchased for real money.
2> A network connection is required to play

How to install Pirate Battles: Corsairs Bay APK at

• Turn-based, multiplayer strategy game
• Invite Facebook contacts as friends or foes
• 4 types of battle, 9 types of pirate ship
• 300 levels, plus bonus levels
• Random battle events including appearance of monsters
• Fun features include stealing your friends' gold

Land ahoy, me hearties! Stand up, the new Jack Sparrow. Arr!

Use all your pirate cunning and strategy to build your own fleet, scuttle your sea-faring enemies and create your own impregnable pirate empire in Booty Bay. Then sit back, uncork the rum and watch your enemies sink to a watery grave. Yo ho ho!

Invite your Facebook contacts to play as friends or foes in an epic battle of the seas.
Shiver me timbers, you'll need all your pirate wits about ye though – monsters and other challenges lie in wait.
Just don't forget to steal your enemies' rum - and be smart about it! Aye.

And you and your shipmates won't be resting on your laurels with six different ships and four different types of battle to choose from - plus over 200 in-game levels.

Pirate Battles ain't for the faint-hearted - but then we're pirates, ain't we? Not a landlubber among us. This is the turn based strategy game about caribbeans, pirates anf assassins. Sea battles, warships, sailboats, frigates, galleons, treasures and tons of gold. Trade and fight! Online and multiplayer.
Download and upgrade to unlock new powers to sock it to your pirate adversaries. Look sharp, you old seadogs!

***NOTE: An internet connection and 768 MB RAM on your device is required to play.***

How to install Battle Ants MMO (Alpha) APK at

Tired of the usual strategy games? Battle Ants is an original online strategy game where you have to manage your anthill, and challenge the anthills of other players.

• Battles and upgrade of buildings do not require waiting time
• Use Secret Agency for finance Civil Wars, make False Flag, manage the propaganda.
• Use Special Units for parasitize the enemy nests, create havoc, make guerrilla, kidnap the enemy worker ants.
• Prison camps, forced labor and demand ransom.

ONLY FEW MB - This is a light game. Run well on low-end phones|

• Use Fake-Queens to parasitize the enemy nests.
• Use Pheromones to create havoc in opposing defenses.
• Use Slaver Ant to kidnap the enemy worker ants.
• Use the Killer to kill key enemy units.
• Use Guerrillas for guerrilla actions.
• Fund Secret Agency to finance Civil Wars
• Manage prison camps, forced labor and demand ransom
• Task Force go into action in order to save your prisoners from enemy prisons.
• Ant News. A news bulletin that generates news every 4 hours
• False Flag. Attack enemies or your own nest, then blaming other.
• Military Reserve Force
• Propaganda
• [NEW] Ant Games, the weekly competitions
• Concealment of the nest, spies, cooperative block of a nest, diplomacy and more…

• Weapons trafficking. Founding banks, making loans and debts.
• Rebels will take the control of the nest

The management of the rations in the Detention Camps still not work.

Download and play for free .
Requires an internet connection to play.

Got questions? Found bugs? Give me a shout : feedback (at)

How to install Battle Skylands: Alliances APK at

Become legendary in mighty battles! Build, conquer and expand your empire!

Enter the amazing world full of floating islands hidden high in the clouds. Build castle and expand your empire by conquering enemies.
Attack wild race of non-humans and compete with real opponents worldwide.

★ Full Combat Control ★
Battle with enemies in real time wars with full combat control. Master innovative combat techniques and give commands
to your troops as they approach to enemy castle. Employ different strategies by using variety of powerful units. Group them
together to use cumulative force and point target to destroy it completely.

★ Unique World ★
Skylands offer unique world composed with floating islands. Connect them by building strong and durable bridges.
Arrange your expansion islands to form defensive layout and prevent your opponents from successful raids.
Steal different types of boost and functional isles to increase resource production and keep your empire safe and deterring.

★ Real Time Battles ★
Establish strong and powerful alliance with your friends and help each other in real time battles with enemies. Build up alliance tower
and donate your army to keep empire secure. Call for allies during attack, wait for units to arrive and destroy enemies together.
Invite players to your alliance and compete with other clans in global ranking.

★ Spells and Armory ★
Produce different types of miracles and cast them at battlefield to make your troops stronger and more powerful. Use resurrection
when army is completely fallen and heal them to recover from damages. Use Hellfire to weaken opponent defense buildings and army.
Upgrade your troops and spells to make them tougher and braver.

★ Special buildings and economy ★
Produce and employ your villagers to boost resource production. Assign them to clear natural obstacles and make your empire clean.
Dig out treasures and collect coins to speed up constructions and exchange for resources.
Send your villagers currently upgrading buildings or let them pray for spells.


★ Grow breathtaking empire from variety of resources like iron, stone, wood or antigrav crystals
★ Get a boost with diversity of add-on islands to plug into your village
★ Command your army directly during raid with unlimited instant orders
★ Raise heavy defense and forge a great army to destroy organic enemies
★ Discover secret knowledge and choose right tactics to battle with players worldwide
★ Find out the modular world of islands connected with wires and bridges that can be freely rearranged in many ways with easy to use in-game editor
★ Train deadly forces: wild Amazon, strong Cholita, crazy Bomber, giant Fighter, powerful Hammer and more
★ Use specialised Mechanic while conducting a raid to speed up stealing opponent's bonus isles
★ Build up economy power using complex citizen management system
★ Let villagers pray for miracles and call for them at battlefield
★ Compete in global ranking and evolve into all time leader
★ Rescue and revive your troops lost in epic battles on enemy territory
★ Classic mobile MMO RTS gameplay mixed with unique features and placed in scenery of Skyland
★ Give orders with your finger and group army into divisions to beat the strongest military defenses
★ Create strong alliance with your mates and experience the progress together

This app offers optional in-app purchases and requires internet connection.

If you have any feedback, problem or idea please check out official site
Write to us:
[email protected]

On Facebook:
On Twitter:
On Forum:

How to install King Castle Defense APK at

Protect your castle from the sticky people who are coming to destroy your precious castle. King Castle Defense is the best game with full of challenges and fun. Kill the sticky persons that are approaching near your castle. You earn extra points for killing every sticky person which you can use to buy other cool accessories to expand your castle and protection. Just tap on the sticky person and lift the person to the sky and drop him to kill the person.

"King Castle Defense" is a beautifully designed game for all age groups with appealing 3D graphics and awesome sound effects to interest the player. You will surely love the game and get addicted to it. The number of sticky persons invading your castle increases as you complete the levels. Be fast and respond quick. The game completely depends on your response time and your strategic thinking to kill your enemies. The enemies can attack your castle from any point. Stay alert and defend your castle!

Challenge your friends to check out who can defend their castle for the longest. This makes the gameplay competing and more exciting. With over 100 challenging levels, protect your castle and upgrade your castle to defend it from the enemies. Shop as many items as you can from the app shop by collecting the coins. The shop contains many items that can help you fight against your enemies like Archery Range, Workshop, Demolition Lab, Manapool and lot more each having special powers to helping you to destroy the sticky figures and defend your castle. Go crazy and play the game whenever you get time. "King Castle" is the evergreen gaming app with complete fun and adventures.

We are constantly working hard on making the “King Castle Defense” game better and more entertaining for you. We need your constant support to get going. Please feel free to email us for any queries/suggestions/problems or if you just want to say hello. We would love to hear from you. If you have enjoyed any feature of the “King Castle Defense” game, do not forget to rate us on play store.


Game Center Keeps Score
Save & Load Game
Hundreds of Levels
Purchase Archery Range- Allows you to train converts into archers that shoot at the enemy
Purchase Workshop- Allows you to train craftsmen, which repair damage automatically
Purchase Demolition Lab- Allows you to destroy dynamite strapped converts
Purchase Manapool- Allows you to train wizards, which can cast various spells

How to download New Best COC Town Hall 8 Base Map APK at

This app will help you build the best base for your Clash of Clans town hall 8 village.
It contains Strong COC war base for war defense, Defensive COC trophy base and Strong COC hybrid . It also contains latest air sweeper and air defence base maps.

- Farming Base Map for Town Hall 8
- Trophy Base Map for Town Hall 8
- Hybrid Base Map for Town Hall 8
- War Base Map for Town Hall 8

Features :
- Awesome Farming base maps.
- Best Defensive Trophy base layout.
- Strong and Attractive Hybrid layout.
- Strong Star Defense War layout
- Easy to use.
- Unique User Interface.

How to download Dawn of Mars APK at

Space Frontiers: Dawn of Mars is a strategy-based planet-colonization game.

Join the first-ever colony on Mars. Your survival will depend on your ability to gather resources, expand your bases, and conquer new territories.

Control a fleet of rovers and extract precious resources from the Martian soil. As commanding officer, you will need to balance colony survival with mission requirements, while battling hazardous and unpredictable conditions on the Red Planet.


- Awesome open-world colonization on various types of maps
- Turn your fledgling outpost into a thriving metropolis
- Discover your true mission on Mars through engaging narrative gameplay
- From the frozen landscapes of Vastitas Borealis to the barren deserts of the Aeolis Quadrangle, explore real Martian locations
- Accept science missions to unlock additional resources
- Ship resources between colonies
- Play in English or French

How to download BitBattle APK at

BitBattle is a simple retro-styled, multi-themed, fast-paced arcade game. Pick among the 2 + 8 unlockable armies composed each one of 5 unique units and conquer the battlefield to defeat your enemy.

100% free, guaranteed: no ads, no trick, a full game for you.

Featuring 12 wonderful chiptune songs made by collaborators. Oh! and 2 players mode in the same device!

Get ready for lots of crazy & colorful battles.
Get ready for some pixelated action.
Get ready for BitBattle.

How to install Vikings - Age of Warlords APK at

Step into the Middle Ages and be part of the fantasy of warfare, treasure and power! Vikings - Age of Warlords -- a real time strategy war game with a fort as your base.There are hundreds of FORTs in the world map and occupying one with your alliance is the key to surviving and thriving! Team up with your friends, team up with your alliance members, just keep conquering and keep starting WARS! No more endless food and wood gathering! That's Age of Warlords!

FREE TO PLAY: brand new Multiplayer Online Strategy War Game
BATTLE & CHAT with players worldwide in dozens of different languages.
Join an ALLIANCE to make your Empire long-lasting! Occupy a FORT with your allies to defend together, attack together and develop together!
Train a legendary Army! Attack and Conquer to become the almighty Warlord!
Upgrade your tech level at a rapid pace! Speed up all aspects of your territory's development and increase your army's attack and defense abilities!
Vivid graphics of construction,army and environment in Middle Ages style!

A network connection is required to play Vikings - Age of Warlords.

PLEASE NOTE! Vikings - Age of Warlords is completely free to play, however some game items can also be purchased for real money. If you do not want to use this feature, please set up password protection for purchases in the settings of your Google Play Store app.

Please give us your feedback to help us make it even better!
Email: [email protected],[email protected]

How to download Rage War: Battle your way through History APK at

You know you are! And we need you in the ultimate strategy game that transcends through time – Rage War!
What makes Rage War a unique strategy game is not just the stunning graphics, real-time battles or PvP strategy wars, it’s much more than that!
In the incredible world of Rage War you will be able to explore ancient kingdoms, discover lost civilizations and rewrite history under your conditions.
Your mission is to go back in time, establish a powerful army, evolve a mighty kingdom and discover the lost parts of the Time Machine.

In your epic journey, you will be facing barbarous enemies and savage armies that will put to the test even a skilled warrior such as yourself, but it all doesn't end here! Beware of all other players that will try to conquer your kingdom in unique real-time PvP battles.
But don’t worry because you won’t be on your own. You can always count on the help of your friends! Join forces with your friends and fellow warriors into mighty alliances and kingdoms to defeat all enemy forces and their armies!

Master your style and earn rewards by completing missions and quests.
Get on your airship and start a campaign to conquer distant lands inhabited by ferocious barbarians.
Build strong economy and gather valuable resources by optimizing the buildings in your kingdom. Discover new sciences in a vast science tree which will give you better buildings, units and upgrades. Expand your kingdom from a tiny village into mighty empire through real-time battles.
Gather all pieces of the Time Machine by engaging in epic strategy battles.
Play with friends and unite forces in mighty alliances and kingdoms.
Craft the best possible strategy to defeat players from all around the world.

There's not much time left! You must activate the Time Machine NOW! Join us into this epic journey - DOWNLOAD RAGE WAR NOW!!!

How to download Pirate War: Age of Strike APK at

Prepare your fleets and experience fresh naval Pirate War gameplay mechanics.
Command an army of pirates in thrilling beach battles. Pirate War is a real time strategy game for the next generation of hardcore gamers!
Pirate War is a groundbreaking combination of large scale strategy with real time tactics. Use clever tactical maneuvers, fight monsters and attack other players in real time.
Boost your power with runes and gems. Team up and fight alongside your fellow clan members.

Main Features:
- Free to Play MMORTS.
- Build an army of unlimited size to crush your enemies.
- Join or start a clan.
- Real time battles with millions of troops.
- Research new skills.
- Battle on a map against enemies.
- Craft new weapons and armor for your hero.
- Both PVE and PVP modes.

How to download Warlords RTS: Strategy Game APK at

Warlords RTS is a real-time strategy game set in the fantasy world Aldfarne. Upgrade your army, boost your Warlord with magic items and lead your troops to victory! Enjoy hours of gameplay and dare to play Hardcore difficulty mode!

On your journey to defeat fierce enemy bosses, you'll face various challenges requiring your strategic and cunning tactics in order to triumph over the land. Choose your army carefully, as each unit has very different abilities and gameplay will vary dramatically upon these choices.

By using magical items and upgrading your camps, you can boost your Warlord and army to reach powerful new levels. Watch out for treasure chests on the battlefield and be sure to use your magic scrolls wisely!

The battle for Aldfarne will not be easy… so begin your defense preparations and start the conquest today!

"This strategy game looks and sounds great!"

"Rally the troops and get ready for a challenging RTS experience that's also totally metal."

"I like this one!"

While Warlords RTS includes in-app purchases to enhance the adventure, these items are fully optional and aren't necessary to complete the game in Normal difficulty mode.

Any problems or suggestions? We’d love to hear from you! You can reach our support team at [email protected]

Find us on Facebook at

How to download Mini Kingdoms APK at

Mini Kingdoms is a fast-paced Action-strategy game where you battle other player's Mini Kingdoms to claim riches and glory.

Key features:
- No Build Timers, Buildings and upgrades are constructed instantly in Mini lands.
- No Training Timers, in Mini Lands we use Attack energy to attack.
- Play with thousands of players around the world and see where you stand in the global leader board.
-Deep strategic puzzle-like game play, Only your skill will determine the battle outcome.

What are you waiting for? Join our Mini world and lead your Mini Kingdom to glory!

How to download Age of Kingdoms : Forge Empires APK at

Show no mercy to the enemy! LEAD your Kingdom to the GLORY of the victory!

Play with millions of online players from all over the world.

Collect resources to build our Kingdom, recruit and train powerful armies to kill the enemy with your unparalleled courage, save your people with your kindness, research technologies, and cooperate and compete with players from around the world.

************ GAME FEATURES ************

* Play & chat online with millions of other players

* Fight, loot and recruit!

* Fight the worldwide players across the vast world map by using proper strategy

* Use your smarts to manage strategic resources and fuel your war machine

* Train a mighty army to fight

* Trade strategic resources in a real-time online marketplace

* Build your EMPIRE and expand your territory!

* Upgrade buildings, research technology to strengthen your EMPIRE!

* Use wisely the various items to upgrade in a faster way

* Join or create a mighty Alliance to start massive epic fights

* Participate in solo and multiplayer battle for abundant Experience, Gems and Equipment and much more items!


My liege, you must lead our land to strength,The fate of the Kingdom is in your hands now! Lead vast army to conquer all of the world and establish a glorious empire.

Having any problems?Any suggestions?You can reach us at [email protected]


1> A network connection is required to play

2> Age of Kingdoms is completely free to play, however some game items can also be purchased for real money.

We hope you can enjoy the game and have fun.

How to install Fleet Combat APK at

*** Thanks to the 2,000,000+ players who have already fallen in love with Fleet Combat, and helped us to No.1 in several countries! ***

Are you tired of the Defense games that towers never move? Are you bored with those games that you always win? We players call for a Defense Revolution, and the revolution has come.

Say goodbye to stupid AI and almighty heroes, and welcome the revolutionary Fleet Combat! As a fleet commander, you will lead in epic future naval battles, utilize your high-tech ships to bring victory to your people. Sometimes we chase storms, sometimes we are the storm. Fleet Combat will give you the most fascinating gaming experience.

20 soul-stirring battles
3 types of sea waters
15 kinds of ship borne artilleries
20 kinds of missiles
25 kinds of aircrafts
25 kinds of playing modes
And a huge amount of various naval vessels of 5 categories and 30 kinds

-Beautiful and Delicate-
There are the grand world map, the attractive blue sea, the different styles of islands and the various elegant warships. You will feel immersive!

-The Free and Flexible Weapons Collocation-
● 15 kinds of the automatic weapons and 70 kinds of manual weapons
● Free combination according to the different carrier abilities and the weapon weight
● To structure the Defensive Matrix through using the weapons of the different ranges
● To promoting the maximum damage output in an unit time through controlling the cooling time of the weapons

-The Abundance Combat Factors-
● 10 shapes of the enemy warships
● In different battles, the enemy warships equipped with different weapons
● Various especial fleets totaling 25 kinds
● Various soul-stirring battles such as pursuit and attack, breaking through, defensive and so on.

-The huge but easy Upgrade System-
● All of the weapons can be unlocked and upgraded through getting EXP in the battles.
● Various warships can be got through using the level starts got in every battles.

-The Attractive and Dynamic Original Music-
● The mystery in the open, the grandness in the world map, the enthusiasm in the shipyard, the exciting one in the battles, the intension in the decisive battles, the relieved feeling in the end… There are 6 original songs to bring the top experiences to you!

If you want to get more information, please pay attention to the following contents:
video trailer-
email- [email protected]

How to install Space Ships WAR: TD Battles & Multiplayer PvP APK at

Their civilization was born billions of years ago. They were the wisest creatures in space, when dinosaurs inhabited our planet. Forerunners!

▶ Stunning 3D graphics which use power of your device by maximum
▶ Unique mix of tower defense and 3D indie hardcore strategy game
▶ Multiplayer Player vs Player battles
▶ True Indie game which has being developed by one guy for more than one year
▶ Hundreds of tactics and strategies to win
▶ Massive 3D hardcore battles in space
▶ Many different upgradable space ships and more opportunities to build your unique strategy
▶ Epic giant bosses which kill you with pleasure only in "Space Ships WAR: Indie TD"
▶ Really HARDCORE Tower Defense gameplay

Where have they disappeared then? Why are they so aggressive now, when have they appeared from nowhere again? And why is their goal to annihilate humanity in the Space?
There are no answers. The only thing we can do is trying to resist the most ancient rivals. This struggle seems to be endless, but who knows, maybe it will be a powerful spur for a progress of our civilization.


How to download Stickman: Legacy of Neon Warriors APK at

The stickman cyber war has arrived due to it being the future. You must regain your ancient stick legacy and become the stickman cyberking warrior by winning every battle, and eventually the stick cyber war.

The cyber battlefield of the stick future awaits!


How to install LEADERS - The combined strategy game APK at

This strategy game takes up to six players back to the Cold War era, with each player striving to attain world domination.

Use skillful diplomacy to forge powerful alliances. Research ground-breaking technologies and give yourself the decisive edge. Dispatch secret agents to procure classified information about your opponents. Participate in missions on behalf of the international community. Demonstrate your military power and conquer new areas.

ATTENTION: The "LEADERS - The combined strategy game" board game is required for playing!

How to install Corps Defense APK at

Wonderful tower defense game. Prepare yourself to face the corps from other stars. Use your brain and strategy, Build your construction to protect base from the enemies!
Corps Defense is an epic tower defense game. Build powerful defending towers such as Gatling, Heavy Gun, Energy Cannon and Tesla to guard your base. In the battle, you will face the Marines, Goliath, Tank, Wraith Plane and the even great Battle Cruisers.
Defeat the enemies and get enough money to build and upgrade your towers. Use the Super weapons to destroy enemy’s corps!

- FREE TO PLAY, 10 different maps
- 6 high-power towers;
- Fighter battle, be careful with the Wraith fighter and Cruiser.
- Build your towers and make an undefeatable base.
- Gain Crystal and money to upgrade your ability.
- Defend your base with Gatling, Heavy Gun, Energy Cannon and Tesla.

How to install January Uprising: Str. Game APK at

Fully translated to English!

The January Uprising: Strategy Game is a real time strategy (RTS) in which you move into 1863 and take part in the famous 19th Polish uprising against the tsarist regime, the January Uprising.

In 1863, parallel to the civil war in the United States, there was no less dramatic but less known conflict in Europe. After a hundred years of occupation, poles once again are throwing themselves into the unequal struggle with the occupant. As commander of the Polish insurgent army, you will face the Russian Empire in small guerrilla skirmishes and major battles. You will meet historical figures and visit places where the fate of the uprising was decided. You will learn the nuances of insurgent politics and the secrets of the nineteenth century guerrilla warfare.

The January Uprising: Strategy Game is:
- real-time strategy with elements of guerrilla warfare
- 21 insurgent battles
- 15 types of Polish insurgent troops
- 8 types of Russian Empire regular troops
- the story leading the player through the entire history of the uprising including the story of three dictators of the uprising: Ludwik Mierosławski, Marian Langiewicz and Romulad Tragutt
- 2 alternative endings
- historical materials related to game events
- the game is fully translated into English

The January Uprising is next to the Warsaw Uprising, the largest and most tragic Polish national uprising.
From the very beginning, the chances of success were very slim.
But do not give up!
You can still change the course of history!

Note: minimum required resolution of 800x480px!

Please report bugs in here:

How to download Nations in Combat Lite APK at

This is the Lite version. Buy the full version here:

Nations in Combat is a singleplayer turn-based global strategy game, where you lead a nation of your choice either to glory or fall. It is inspired by classic strategy games like Risk.

• Controlling your nation •

- Recruit new divisions like several infantry types, vehicles and tanks
- Build structures in your provinces such as industry, cities, bunkers and factories
- Produce ICBMs after you researched them

- Use your nations static amount of industrial points to generate money income, supply your army or complete your production

- Declare wars, make peace, form alliances, send gifts, warnings, trade embargos or offer non-aggression pacts to other AI controlled nations

- Buy and sell resources on the world market

- Increase the level of many different technologies or unlock new ones
- There are techs for economical development, army or special weaponry (ICBMs)

Army Command Menu:
- Let your troops spread themselves evenly on your nations borders so you dont have to move every corps manually

• Map •

The game map is divided into hexagonal provinces.
Playable scenarios: Randomly generated map with adjustable size, Africa, American continent

• Artificial intelligence •

There are many different AI-characters and behaviours that get distributed randomly to every nation when you start a new scenario, for example:
- Aim for global domination, globocop or being neutral
- Focus on developing economy or army
- High or low focus on technology
- Affinity on forming alliances
- Balanced or Mix of the above-mentioned

Will you gain world domination or get annexed by another empire?

How to install Warbands: Bushido - Tactical Miniatures Board Game APK at

★★★★★ 5/5 – Martynas Klimas,
★★★★☆ 4/5 – Matt Skidmore,

Warbands:Bushido is a miniatures board game online arena with cards, miniatures, dice (i.e. dice random involved) and beautiful terrains to fight on, with both multiplayer battles boardgamers are used to, and challenging single-player scenarios.

Game has a isometric, tabletop-style look with miniature-style characters, cards, dice, pre-rendered battlefields and story-mode scenarios. There will be more than 50 various paintable units and heroes planned for full-scale release and later additions. Multiplayer skirmish will let you test your skills in best traditions of tabletop wargame classics with a fast-paced gameplay. While single-player scenarios with their own characters and events, are highly influenced by classic turn-based RPG tactics.

Game background - is the story of civil war in 16th century Japan, known as “Warring States period”. Samurais and ronins, criminals of all sorts, ninja clans, Chinese pirates, Portuguese mercenaries and firearms traders, all trying to benefit from anarchy and conflict. It is hard to find a more atmospheric and dense setting for a tactical board war games.

How to download Realm Dragon Defense TD APK at

● PROTECTE EGGS: You are the epic dragon to stop the greedy monster from stealing eggs and killing dragons. Gather a team of epic dragon tower and defense various powerful towers to protect your eggs from evil power.
● DRAGON WAR: One of the best attractive game and breakthroughs in Tower Defense – Strategy category. Strategy game with breakthroughs from gameplay to graphics and sounds, bring different experiences to players.
● STRATEGY DEFENSE: Discover various strategy and defend the evil's pathway. Find the best dragon tower defense strategy to successfully confront your enemies in various locations.
● BALANCE PERFECT: Battle with your enemies and unlock new skill and new map level! TheRoyal Dragon Tower Defense starters, players must use Skill and Strategy in each screen to win. The enemy boss monster will make player excited.
● SOCIAL NETWORK: You will embark on a quest to protect the last dragon egg against the forces of evil.

● Royal Dragon Tower Defense system solidly with defensive powerful Dragon with different levels.
● Graphics 3D good, crisp sound to honesty will please the most discerning players.
● Brilliant fantasy effect.
● Multi huge map with 10 regions and 50 levels and endless mode.
● Epic royal dragon tower defense battle.
● Lots of Magical Creatures and Dragons.
● Multi the map with multi the difficulty.
● Upgrade dragon skill, killing the enemy and protecd eggs
● Mission Achievement and Leaderboard social connect.
● Deck card collection from dragon and skill.

Let’s play Revolt Dragon Defense, Applying the Strategy to destroy all the enemies. Command your dragons to stop enemy from stealing eggs now!

How to install My War - Battlefield APK at

My War is a MMO SLG WAR game. It is formed by 2.5 million fields. It will take 4 days for cavalry to march. In this world, all the land are available to conquer. You can recruit generals, make allies on this land. The resources are very limited on the territory, so the battle is everywhere! The interest determines the strategy, players in the fierce combat on the sand table world, outside this it’s the combat about the diplomatic and strategy.
1.Thousands of players, 1 European sand table map, 13 Cities, Brussels, 2.5 million fixed lands.
2.A step ahead to occupy the vacant land. Unit with other players to conquer enemies’ land. Develop the limited resources.
3.Recruit Generals with Tactic to form your army. Take advantage of terrain, time, power and strategy to combat with real players in real time.
4.No daily, no story, no instance, war or peace? You determines the play way.
5.Conquer to be No.1 in My War. History will be written by you!

How to install Path of War APK at

In Path of War, the entire United States is your battleground!

A terrible and mysterious disaster has thrown the country into anarchy. The United States is reeling and an evil Regime has assumed control of the whole nation, oppressing its citizens. It’s up to you to assemble a militia of your friends, build an army of awesome fighting machines, and battle your way from California to Washington, D.C. to take back America!

Design your mobile headquarters, raise a fearsome army and wreak a path of destruction across the United States in 1-to-1 scale! Wage war to expand your territory through fast-paced, intense player-vs-player combat and upgrade your base with the enemy’s loot. Forge cooperative alliances and together expand the ever-growing borders of your new empire!

✔ASSEMBLE AN ARMY of machinegun toting monster trucks, grenadiers, helicopters and more!
✔DESIGN, COMMAND, AND UPGRADE your mobile headquarters with tons of armed defenses, structures, and traps
✔WAGE WAR against rivals in PvP combat to capture enemy forts!
✔EXPAND YOUR EMPIRE, control points of interest, entire cities, and even your home town!
✔FORGE ALLIANCES with other commanders to CONTROL ENORMOUS TERRITORIES and share reinforcements to strengthen your foothold
✔RACE TO WASHINGTON, D.C. and take over the capital!

Thank you for playing Path of War!

How to install My Pocket Army (War Game) APK at

My pocket army is a strategy war game where you raise your army and fight against your enemies.
In single player mode conquer the enemy's fort and make your troops stronger as you progress.
In multiplayer mode compete with other players around the world and try to reach to the top
ten players so everybody can see that you have made the most powerful army.

*** Features ***
- 160 stages in single player mode.
- 8 different units.
- upgrade your units as many times as you want!
- unlimited multiplayer game with gem rewards for every victory!

How to download Towers War: Castle Defence 3D APK at

Enemy army is coming! Their soldiers have hard armor and their tanks seem to be never-ending. Only your tactful guidance can help – assume command at Towers War: Castle Defence 3D and make good execution!

HOW TO PLAY: You can see your current point balance at the points panel. Make smart use of it – place shooting towers to stop enemy invasion. Show your builder skills by choosing right location. By the way, you can change it later. You can also try air attack from the sky. Control your tower, destroy all the daemon enemies and you'll win!

Towers War: Castle Defence 3D game features:

• Addictive strategy military game;
• Royal TD game for free;
• Blitz war campaign;
• A lot of enemies in your zone will keep you on your toes;
• Earn points to build more towers.

Are you ready to go on the war-path? Towers War: Castle Defence 3D - thunder of war is waiting for you!

How to download Glory of Generals2: ACE APK at

Commander! The new war is about to begin.
EASYTECH will continue to create the most outstanding war strategy games as we always do.

***Command over 70 kinds of most advanced army, navy and airforce units.
***Each military unit has its own feature. Use them wisely and you will be invincible.
***Reform and upgrade your troops with components. Make them the ACE of the battlefield.
***Each generals has unique skills. Make full use of them according to war situation.
***Reasonable play of tactical cards will help you dominate the whole battle.
***Real and various terrains will influence the strategies. Capture enemy's stronghold to win the battle.

【Campaign Mode】-----------------------------------------------

『Europe』『Africa』『Middle East』『South America』『North America』
『Central Asia』『Antarctica』『ALPHA-5』『EPSILON-11』
A.D.1975 - 2032, experience 9 war zones and 87 military missions.

【Challenge Mode】-----------------------------------------------

5 modes of challenges to prove your commanding skills.

【Quest Mode】-----------------------------------------------

25 expeditionary campaigns available. Deploy your units wisely.

【PVP Mode】-----------------------------------------------

6 arenas with different player levels. You could fight with other commanders.
Challenge other players to win extra awards.

【Cloud Service】-------------------------------------------------

Support uploading the game data to cloud server.

How to download Kingdom Defense: Castle War TD APK at

★★ Kingdom Defense: Castle War TD – the newest and most attractive strategy game in 2018 ★★

Yun – the ancient land under the reign of the talented warlord No has had the years of prosperity and peace-loving. However because of this reason as well, there are lots of dark powers would like to invade this prosperous land.

The league of darkness attacked and destroyed everything on the way they move, and people of Jun only have the last castle – Yunia. You as the warlord No have to evolve the castle, build your army to defense from the cruel enemy.

Kingdom Defense: Castle War TD is a featured game in the tower defense td games genre. With the new and special game play, this game will bring to you the interesting and entertaining moments.

Let’s grow the castle, arrange the heroes, defense towers, recruit the archers to fight against the bloodthirsty and good fight army (including zombies, robots, flame dragons, werewolves, skeletons, cutie slimes...). In defense tower wars, the intense battle to protect Yun castle will happen continuously and the power of enemy will increase unceasing.

Let’s create the best tactic to save and develop the castle to become the legendary defender with Kingdom Defense: Castle War TD.

✫ ✫ ✫ ✫ ✫

Kingdom Defense: Castle War TD – various tactics, attractive and free

You love the strategy games genre and the tower defense TD games? The most amazing experiences are waiting for you in Kingdom Defense: Castle War TD!

Vary of gameplay, abundant defense strategies

- Infinite number of levels and waves: the number of enemies who would like to come over the wonderful Yun land is increasing, the attack waves is more and more dangerous. You must not lose the last castle in this battle. Let’s develop it and your army to save this land and your people.

- 30 kinds of monsters: slime carrot, vampire, galaxy robot, zombie, flame dragon, skeleton archer…

- Various and unique heroes system: Bowman, Sharpshooter, the samurai and legendary ninjas…

- Special skills system: in Kingdom Defense: Castle War TD, you will own 9 skills that help you rise the strength and speed of archers, heroes and level up your EXP and gold you can get, so that you can beat the enemies in this defense war.

- The defense towers are arranged around the castle to make the special effects such as to increase your EXP, freeze enemies to slow them or make more gold for you.

Amazing missions and rewards for Defenders
- Let’s try to complete the missions in game to collect gold and gems then you can use them to evolve the castle and increase your army’s power in the castle defense battle.

- If you have the special achievements, you will be honored on the leaderboard with so many great awards reserved for the legendary defender.

If tower defense – TD is your favorite game genre, download Kingdom Defense: Castle War TD now to protect the castle and become the King of tower defense!

How to install Tower Defense: War Zone APK at

The best and most intense tower defense game out there!
Those who love challenges will love this Medieval Tower Defense : Epic War game! Strategize on how you will use the towers and heroes to defend your kingdom from numerous enemies with their different deadly skills. Confront them in all various forest backgrounds.
The fascinating backgrounds and surreal sound effects will take you to the scene and experience the epic war first-hand! Train your brain with this incredibly addicting strategy game now!

Game Features:

- 4 upgradable towers with different beneficial functions
- Epic war battles background and sound effects
- High quality images to indulge in
- 8 Different Heroes from a Druid to Golem Rider
- Assorted spells available such as Griffin to tear the enemies apart or the Ancient Demons to ground everything on their way
- And many more!

Wait no more! Download the Medieval Defense : Epic War, the most addicting, extreme and challenging tower defense game now.
Use your heroes, towers and spells wisely to protect your kingdom and citizens right away!

How to install War in Pocket APK at

5/5 "With incredible flexibility, freedom, and depth, this is a history buffs dream and should not be passed up if you are a fan of the genre."

War in Pocket is an action packed MMO strategy game lets you build and upgrade your base, take your army onto the global battlefield to wreak havoc on other players. Strategic control of the battlefield is achieved through the careful development of units and special abilities, smokescreens, bombing runs and more.

Become Ruler of the World by establishing and leading a civilization, discover new technologies, go head-to-head with some of history’s greatest leaders and build the most powerful empire the world has ever known.

– Play and chat with millions of Online Players from around the world in 32 different languages – all in real-time.
– Forge powerful alliances and engage with elite players on the stunning 3D world war map. Be part of a Global Alliance where you can make friends, co-op with Alliance members & become the all-powerful ruler.
– Send your troops into battle to attack others or defend your base. Release powerful arms and epic skills with a tip. Support your soldiers by giving orders and backing them up by developing special attacks during battle.
– Train and lead 8 troop types and 50 famous generals from World War 2 into action packed battles. Level-up and deck out your Hero, craft legendary weapon to rise above the competition.
– Upgrade buildings, walls & troops to strengthen your base.
– Layout, expand, experiment and upgrade your base to create a fine tuned defense against attackers. Upgrade and customize your troops as you gather loot in battles.
– Clash with formidable enemies to expand your territory and collect resources. Team up & join Forces with friends and burn your enemies. Attack & conquer the Wonder to become the King!
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How to install Hex War APK at

Win by conquering every enemy tiles!
You can either play against a computer or a friend (using the same phone... for now).
See in game instructions for more details

How to download Ocean Wars-Last Ship APK at

In a world of archipelagos, deep waters and unknown mysteries, you assume the role of an ambitious admiral. Settle in your island, develop, rise and wander through the seas. Establish powerful alliances with other admirals, expand your territory and clash against sea creatures, greedy pirates or even rivals who don't quite agree on your plans! Ocean Wars is a massively online RTS game gathering players from all over the world, where you will need to develop your island to collect its resources, build powerful fleets and sail across vast uncharted territories.

- A massively multiplayer universe where you can unite or fight with players from all over the world.
- Join alliances, make friends and conquer the seas!
- Choose your tactic and formations: perform cross defenses, coordinated attacks…
- Your strategy and charisma will determine the future of your territories!
- Explore a vast world and discover its secrets, its endless resources and defeat fearsome creatures of the depths.

If you have any feedback, please email us at [email protected]

PLEASE NOTE: Ocean Wars game is free to download and free to play, but some extra game items can be purchased for real money. You can disable in-app purchases in your device's settings.
A network connection is required to play.

How to download Armies & Ants: Epic War Battle APK at

Armies & Ants is a fast paced 3D strategy action game where you control Unique Heroes and Armies to battle against other players.

Collect Epic Heroes, build up the Legendary Ant Colony, train Armies, and steal resources with friends from all around the world.
Control insect robot Armies whose abilities combined with the Heroes Skills provides new strategies and battle experiences.

Evolve the heart of you Colony, the huge Ant Queen which defend your Colony and provides more defensive and offensive technologies.

- Free-to-play
- Unlock new Heroes and Level them up
- Each Hero has a unique Skill Tree to upgrade
- Create armies and full-control them in battle
- Singleplayer missions
- Attack other Colonies in PvP mode
- Create your own Clan and fight for positions in the Clan League System
- Declare War against other Clans for Sugar and resources
- Engage Clan Tournaments and other Events
- Play & Chat with Millions of Players all over the World

Note: An internet connection is required to play Armies & Ants

For suggestions and feedback, you can reach us at [email protected]

Privacy Police:

Terms of Service

Armies & Ants runs better on high end devices, our recomended specs are:
- A Dual core 1.2 GHz CPU
- 1 GB RAM.

How to install Warsmoke-MMO SLG Game APK at

Warsmoke is a world war themed MMO SLG game that brings you back to the time of epic world wars. You will play the role of commander in conquest, gathering all sorts of resources to lead your powerful troops, while unlocking famous world war generals! No scripts, no set mode, or fixed strategies. Fate is in your hands and it depends on every choice you make! Put aside the history book and create your own legendary story!

Collect various generals from the two historic world wars and command them to conquer the lands that lie before you! No matter what nation you hail from, you have the chance to rewrite history and rule the world

The conquest of the world begins with its first territory. There are numerous territories forming the European continent, providing abundant resources and an optimal path of attack! You must expand your reach to your enemy’s border before you can launch an attack. Seize the moment and capitalize on the proper strategies to successfully conquer your enemy.

You must catch every chance and opportunity on the battlefield – adjusting and applying the optimal tactic at the correct time!
In Warsmoke, you can build a defense line to withstand enemy forces, send recon troops to distract the opponent, and fully apply the various strategies in order to achieve victory!

From conquering the valleys surrounding your city to sparring in a nation vs nation battle, be the crucial role of the legion commander!

The turns of attacks, the troop arrangement, and the various targets of conquests - all are determined by your personal strategy and your art of command. Now lead your allies for honor!

Close your eyes and imagine the infamous Hitler and Stalin serving in your army. All of this and more will be possible in Warsmoke! Unlock and collect 300+ famous commanders from WWI and WWII, and arrange them as you wish to forge your army with ultimate strength and power!

Once the war smoke has dispersed, will you be the last one standing? Find the soldier in you in Warsmoke!

How to download Civil War Battles - Battles APK at

This is a mobile version of the PC series Civil War Battles which has produced 12 releases ranging from Bull Run to the Battle of Franklin. This first mobile release takes you through 14 hypothetical scenarios as a Union commander in 1862 and introduces you to this unique game system and its mobile interface. Following this free release, there will be additional releases in the series each representing a smaller mobile version of the corresponding PC game.

Civil War Battles is a detailed turn-based simulation of combat from the American Civil War. Unit types include infantry, cavalry, artillery, gunboats, and supply wagons as well as leaders which can significantly determine the outcome of a battle just based on their own personal leadership and command abilities. This version includes 9 "boot camp" scenarios which allows you to build your skill as a Civil War leader and culminates in 4 battle scenarios involving every aspect of Civil War combat.

While this version of Civil War Battles will run on large-screen Android phones, it is best on an Android tablet with screen size of 7 inches or more.

How to download RTS - Rapid Tactics & Strategy APK at

Command your tanks and lead your army to victory in challenging SINGLE or MULTIPLAYER RTS missions!

Be quick and use the momentum! Conquer enemy factories and build heavy tanks to strengthen your army. Take back the land and destroy the enemy's home base to win!

Challenging Single Player Mode:
Train your military skills against a viciously fast and challenging computer enemy. Use light tanks and jeeps to quickly conquer neutral factories. Build heavy tanks and artillery to crush the enemy's army! But be careful, these special tanks can only be build in heavy factories! Use your military power to conquer and defend these factories at all costs! Beware of enemy airstrikes!

Automatic Multiplayer Matchmaking:
Play against online opponents in fast and challenging multiplayer RTS missions on your phone or tablet! Proof your military skills and defeat a real army on the battlefield. But you have to be fast: Conquer neutral factories first or get crushed by your enemy's overwhelming military force!
All multiplayer games can be started with just ONE CLICK!

- intuitive, rapid game play
- command various military unit types: Humvee, light, medium and heavy tanks, rocket launchers...
- challenging single player missions (skirmish and campain)
- 12 unique maps with varying difficulty level
- muliplayer matchmaking against random online players
- in-game multiplayer join request notifications
- conquer light and heavy factories to gain resources
- bomb the enemy army with airstrikes or drop a pair of support tanks to the battlefield
- real time strategy - RTS
- similar to games like "Z The Game";

- New Alliance Options: Field Repair, Smoke Drop, Artillery
- Tech Tree (permanently upgrade units based on earned stars - singleplayer only)
- (optional) Google Play stuff: Leaderboard, Achievements...

The game might not run on older devices (slow CPU, < 1GB RAM).
This is an indy game developed by 2 people. We hope you like it and count on your fair rating. Thank you.

How to install OrcWar Clash RTS APK at

Orcwar RTS is the best strategy game for Mobile

12 Missions in SinglePlayer for this rts.

Create your army with 9 types of characters:
- Peon allows to collect the Gold or to cut some wood
- Warrior will protect you from attacks opponents in the hand-to-hand fights.
- Archer send arrows on your opponents
- Brut will resist more than your Warrior and will impose more powerful knocks
- Gort use 2 weapons to attack and fastest
- Tank cashes the knocks as the person
- Spy allows to explore quickly
- Mage sends spells on your opponents
- Kaz is the most crazy, he blows up on your opponents, a real Kamikaze

Create your buildings to improve your village:
- Hute allows to shelter your units, every Hute can contain 15 units
- Tower is a tower which will protect your village of the enemy attacks.
- SawMill will allow you to unlock Archers and Tank.
- Cauldron will bring to the unlock magician
- Forge to create strong Orcs

Clash of Orc RTS

How to download European War 5:Empire APK at

Across 2000 years, more than 150 major historical battles
World conquests through 6 eras with over 100 great generals
22 world civilizations, 90 military units

------------------【Empire Mode】------------------

Commander! You are about to build a great empire
*** Your empire will experience 6 ages and explore 2000 years of history
*** As the empire expands, there are a variety of tasks to be explored
*** Seize the cities of the enemy and collect resources to build your own
*** Hire generals in the tavern and pursue beautiful princesses from different countries
*** Trade in the market, defend the frontier, and defeat the invading generals
*** Collect all sorts of materials and grow your empire to a new age

------------------【Battle Mode】------------------

*** Fight 150 great battles and experience 6 ages including the Classical Age, the Medieval Age, the Empire Age, the Discovery Age, the Gunpowder Age and the Industrial Age.
*** Follow the conquering journeys of great kings such as Alexander, Genghis Khan, Caesar, and Barbarossa

------------------【World Conquest】------------------

*** Conquer the world in 6 ages
*** Exercise your power to develop economy, declare wars or establish diplomatic relations with other countries
*** Meet various influential events during your conquering journey
*** Upgrade the age and recruit different armies and generals
*** Princesses have different talents, they will promote the development of the empire
*** Show your diplomatic skills form an alliance, declare wars or stay neutral

How to install World War 3 III Euro Battles APK at

World War III Euro Battles
Commander, lead your soldiers to protect your people and win the war !Lead your army to the Conquest of Europe in World War 3.

Enemies are invading our border.Get ready to fight the deadliest world war 3 battles of the 21st century in bases full of monstrous enemy military base. The rivalry forces have attacked yor your people and base and your base with the military tanks, soldiers, Humvees and Rocket Tanks has turned it into battlefield. The enemies are in the ferocious tanks that are loaded with explosive weapons. You being the general need to destroy the deadly beasts in the best way possible and capture enemy base by totally destroying their military forces.Save your people form enemies attack.

You will be battle in Norway, Finland, Sweden, Belgium, Holland, Italy, Germany, Spain, France, England, Turkey, Russia and eventually USA. So, General lead your army very carefully and deploy them wherever you an destroy enemy ground forces.

Enjoy this free epic world war 3 real time strategy game!

How to play:
Click on the left bottom to choose the soldier/army unit, and then tap anywhere to deploy.Use the joystick on the right to move the scene.But choose your strategy carefully,some soliders are accurate and have long attack distance,tanks can attack all units in the area,robots are very powerful.

Many maps to play.Deploy units anywhere you like.
More than 12 different units all accurately researched and carefully modeled in amazing detail.Including human infantry,robots and tanks.
Almost infinite number of equipment combinations.

How to install Armage APK at

Armage is a science fiction star-crafting war strategy sandbox game.

Stake your claim, command your fleets to the battlefront, and wage epic star war in space. Make full use of your talent on galaxy spaceships' conflicts. In these galaxy star wars, you will fight in the battlefront and grow up step by step. It's a strategy game, also a star alliance game where you should band together with other battlefront players in a bloody rebellion to take back the galaxy from other galaxy empires.

Different galaxy empire starships call for different strategy, outfit your fleet, your spaceships, your warships for victory. Only the best star ships will prove who will be the king of the star battlefront.

Conflict never ends. In the galaxy space world, if you are not strong enough, you will be bullied in the galaxy star wars.Continue your progress on phone, tablet and protect your empire.

As a powerful commander, both strategy and tactics call upon your aid. Colonize planets, recruit skilled heroes and develop warships, spaceships and fleets to lead in battle against a multitude of enemy Commanders. Along the way, you will raid galaxy fleets and ships to harvest their resources.

Fight for control of the star wars, conquer the universe, and lead the star alliance to victory!

Facing the potential attacks from many powerful planet enemies, you'll have to discovery and colonize new planets, build your military bases, produce super battleships, warships, fleets, spaceships, regroup the most powerful force. Command your fleets, wage wars of your own to expand your territory in star wars. Only the king of the Galaxy will save the space!

Command your forces to galactic conquest! Armage is a space combat strategy game that has been waiting for a leader like you. Conquer thousands of players in a dynamic online battlefield and pursue the ultimate prize: victory!

Conquer the whole GALAXY in this real-time strategy star war game!

- A Free to play sci-fi galaxy warship strategy online game
- Gorgeous graphics bring you into a fantastic space universe
- Joint strike and joint defense with ally for epic space warfare
- Battle with or against other players from all around the galaxy world
- Explore and gather space resources in the galaxy star wars
- Plan strategically and conquer the universe empires
- Much more, waiting for you!

Build your empire and prepare for battles
- You never know when you’ll have to battle against other empires in the battlefront. Your empire needs to house a strong spaceship army and be well defended in battle. Build your galaxy empire and upgrade your starships, fortress, army barracks and more to defend yourself in PVP multiplayer star wars and sudden PVE enemy attacks.

Multiplayer PVP war battles online
- You’re not the only person building a planet! Play PVP online against thousands of other players in the best real time strategy MMO game. Prevent a siege by building up your planet. Send out your warships to take over other lands. Collect their resources and conquer their planet.

Build strong alliances with star friends
- Build star alliances with others around the galaxy. Help each other build galaxy empire, upgrade warships or battle enemy star ships. In this real time strategy game, your alliances can make or break you.

* Real 360 ° -3D visual experience, immersive experience Epic universe war!
* Global players in the same universe, to create Legion and the world players compete for the hegemony of the universe!
* Build your own space station, lead your space fleet to win every war, test your war strategy!
* You can even drive a Star Ships to join the war!

Here you have everything you want!
The universe needs new rulers, join immediately, and create your empire!

How to install The Wars 3 APK at

From the depths of the stone age to space wars of the future, walk all the way of the evolution of mankind and defeat the enemies in the new game, “Great battles - human's wars”.

At the first glance, the idea of the game is simple and trivial – to destroy the enemy’s base. But it may not be as easy as it seems. To successfully accomplish the mission, you must think as a military strategist. Choose your game tactics at each level and age. And only the right balance between defense and attack will give you a chance to win. Engage super weapons and gain a tactical advantage over the enemy.

Destroy the enemy’s units and wipe the enemy’s base. For that, you will gain the knowledge for studying units and buildings of the next age. The gold obtained along the course of the game can be spent on valiant soldiers who would not let you down in battle and on weapons for defending your base.
The faster you gather all the knowledge and move on to the next age, the better are your chances to be the first who delivers the crushing blow to the enemy.
But hurry up, the enemy is not standing still either and is preparing an insidious plan to wipe your base.

Remember, each age has its unique attack units, defense weapons and special weapons of mass destruction, using which you can cause a significant damage to the enemy.

Complete all nine levels of the game to become a “Master of War”.

How to install War Mission:Red Alert APK at

This is a large-scale online war game with a very strong strategy. Millions of powerful players around the world come together to form alliances. Players will become battlefield commanders in the game ,build your own tank regiment .We must fight against powerful enemies through reasonable arms configuration and deployment. Build and determine your base. On the battlefield, combat with all rebel army, Change the world military landscape, the world pattern of military.

The scene of the game is broad and the content of the level is rich. The special forces, such as buildings, tanks, fighters, and warships, are perfectly restored in the game! Gather your troops quickly and occupy more land resources. unlock and level up your building, tanks, fighter planes, battleships and other special forces arms, Eventually conquer the opponent, Build your steel empire and tank world!

Restore classic SLG games, Finding the feeling of the past
Whether it be arms, construction, development, economics, formation or alliance, it is in line with the classic red alert. What we build is not only feelings but also the essence of gameplay and created a large-scale experience of military war, allowing the red alert to rejuvenate on your mobile phone.

The ultimate strategy SLG,,Practical ideas
SLG games built with actual combat ideas, there is no brainless push map,no boring comparative numerical like card game. This is a real war game play with strategy、operation and tactics. Create new and unique strategy games, establishment of alliances, Joint Attack and Defense,achieve the masterpiece of war,and the king of strategy.

Map out a strategy, Win a victory on the battlefield
You can form strong alliances with other players, or form a united front with other powerful alliances against your enemies. Combine and Instigation, use tactics to determine the win or lose .conquer the world with strength, indulge your desires, release your ambition, conquest and kill.。

Create an elite troops with your own ideas
Dozens of classic tanks, warplanes, warships, and special forces are on your side. Please try your best to combine the strongest army group to conquer the enemy!
Restore the real battlefield! Tactics that transcend history. Join the multiplayer Legion experience the most true battle of tanks.Come back to wartime anytime and anywhere, really battle of blood.

How to download WORLD WAR ZOMBIES APK at


Evil zombie virus infected almost all humanity. Save the world in this real time war game.

Many metropol cities captured by evil zombies and they are attacking few live humans. United nations and N.A.T.O(NATO) decided to send troops over zombie captured cities and gave command to your hands. Your duty is to destroy their homes, headquarters and kill all zombies in all cities. You will conquer consequently Lisbon, Madrid, Casablanca, Rome, Berlin, Paris, London, Istanbul, Moscow, Mexico City, Texas, Chicago, Toronto, California, New york and Washington. Now prepare to the biggest war of humanity against evil zombies.
How to play: You have strong soldiers, tanks, humvees, rocket tanks against zombies. You are able to buy and deploy them based on your golds. You must select the unit you want to deploy and tap on screen to buy and deploy.
World War Zombies RTS FEATURES

Free form quest map that allows players to decide when and where to fight within a modern framework.
Mini map on the right bottom
Detailed city design
16 different battles
8 and 16 mass deployment of units
tanks, humvees and rocket tanks attack headquarters only
More than 7 different units all accurately researched and carefully modeled in amazing detail.
7 zombies types very carefully designed
Almost infinite number of equipment combinations.

For any questions, pls contact us via mail.




My Lord, our army is ready to attack and conquer Europe. Waiting your orders. Take us to bloody and fierce battles and conquer all europe.

You have 10 great kingdom and empire to destroy and conquer. Firstly you will begin from Rus principality. for that you have to capture Moscow. after that you will go to Poland - Lithuania Kingdom. And there a fierce battle is will be waiting for you. Our third enemy is britain island. We will capture their capital town London. After the London conquest, next target is central europe. We will destroy Habsburg held City Wien and then Hungarian kingdom capital Budapest.Then we will take Wenice. Later you will head to Paris and madrid. Lately we will capture Holy Rome. Our last target is Ottoman Empire Capital city Istanbul. The fiercest war you will see in your life. They are the strongest empire of the world now. So if we conquer Istanbul, we will dominate all world.

You have strong army units. they are as following:
- light armed infantry
- heavy infantry
- light armed archer
- knights
- catapults
- bombs

* Offline game,
* Real time Strategy game
* Real war scenes
* Realistic, carefully designed warriors
* 3D battlefields

How to download Wargames of 1939 FREE APK at

Did you grow up playing Panzer General, Fantasy General and History Line / Battle Isle series during the 90s? Or perhaps you liked the Avalon Hill board wargames? We did. This game is a retro style modern tribute to the spirit of those wonderful hex & dice unit shufflers. If you like turn based military strategy, this game is for you!

The game features initially 7 scenarios (1 in FREE version), set in the early days of the second world war, when the Nazi Germany launched a full-scale attack against Poland. The Polish army, fighting without allies upheld against the invasion for 2 months but was eventually defeated by the third reich. In this game, the scenarios depict various key battles of the war, ranging from the initial border warfare to the siege of Warsaw.

Fans of hardcore hex strategy games might enjoy the fact that the game has actual World War II era German and Polish combat vehicles and armament, supply line mechanics, artillery counter attacks, maps based on the actual historical battles, and so forth. (Some liberties have been taken in interpreting few of the details, to make the game more entertaining. But we've tried to be as close to the course of events as possible.)

You can play either solo against the AI, or play multiplayer by passing the device between players after each turn. Network multiplayer is not currently supported. The single player game is played from the axis perspective; multiplayer has one player playing the German side and the other Polish side.

In case you'd like to play a quite similar type of a game set in ancient times, you might want to try out our Populus Romanus series also. It has a somewhat similar kind of tactics but in a Roman setting instead of modern times.

How to install Alienum: The Alien War Battle Strategy Game - RTS APK at

Discover the weird world of Alienum, where a species of aliens are all in conflict to takeover the land for their warlord king. In this strategy war game, you are put in charge to collect resources, build up your army, battle with your martian enemies, risk taking new battle zone locations at the right time, build up your little empire and conquer all of the alien planet. All the while, protecting your own land from other alien invasion and preventing the defeat of your king.

* RTS Game - Real time strategy, split into battles, constructing, amassing your army and building up your alien defense.
* Alien world - Multiple alien world maps to progress through to command and conquer all the campaign.
* Campaign - Main and secondary goals. Complete the campaign, operations, the objectives given by your warlord and collect all the stars!
* Battle - Randomized A.I. decisions and battles makes each playthrough different on each of the continents in the game.
* Infantry - Variety of infantry to recruit for engagement in conflict to skirmish with your beastly enemies. Each with different health, weapons (swords, shields, spears, slime and bows), critical hit, attack, alien defense, block and risk chances. All to be used on the battlefield with hordes of warriors in an epic battle simulator at one time!
* Risk - Collect bonus cards for use on your infantry before a battle to further improve your risk chances of winning the conflict engagement and the war.
* Construct - Multiple buildings and defense structures to construct to use to defend your towns including towers and castle walls to garrison your infantry. All buildings have unique benefits and uses to help to command and conquer the alien planet.
* Strategy - Move your army around the map to set up your alien defense, ready your next attack, plan your military stratagems and defeat all the other beastly martians. Watch out for hidden dangers when moving your infantry to avoid encountering an alien hive or slime.
* Features - New maps and features to be added in the future!

Alienum is a strategy war game with martians! Released in 2017, in this new RTS game you will construct, battle, contend for resources with other clan warmongers and conquer the extrinsic alien planet with your little empire! Build up your alien defense to protect your warlord king in the civil war, defend your towns from other beastie martians who are on a warpath to ploy against you, risk taking new battle zone locations and above all else, rise against your enemies in engagement and epic battle simulator fights to win the alien war in this strategy war game!

** Game recommended for play on newer Android devices **

Twitter page -
Facebook page -

How to download Rise Wars (strategy & risk) APK at

Rise Wars is the best strategy, risk, conquest, and world domination game!

Get all the medals available, increase your military rank and improve your ranking to become the best world player.
Enjoy maps as Europe, North America, Pangea, Tamriel and classic World and submit your own maps and soon will be added to the game!
Play against your friends on one device or online, all for free! The game is designed for 2 to 6 players and supports both phones and tablets.
Customize your game with lots of options available. Take a risk and play with fog, high level of AI, or just invite your friends and try to beat them.
Available in many languages, help us improve by sending us your corrections and recommendations.

Download it now and rate it for the project to go forward! Thanks everyone for your help, and don't forget:
Risk it all, roll the dice, dominate and win!

How to download Age of AI Free: War Strategy APK at

*** 100% Free strategy game. Playable offline. NO ads. Absolutely NO permissions required. Yes, really! :-)

Play a free turn-based war strategy game against a really smart AI. Manage the fighting and the war economy. Balance the spending of resources between upgrades, defence and attacks.

The game is designed to be a strategy game distilled to the purest elements of strategy games: conquest through strategic use of units, economy and resources management.

Why you will like this game:

- the AI is designed to offer a real challenge and be as entertaining as possible
- no internet connection required: playable offline without wi-fi
- many different maps for all skill levels from beginner to expert
- each map requires its own specific strategy
- easy start with beginner and advanced tutorials
- complex choice of technologies and upgrades: offensive and defensive units, resource production, radar detection, nuclear attacks
- old-school classic graphics
- great for both short and long play sessions
- extremely low system requirements: works on any device
- fast download thanks to a small package

Available in:
- English
- Deutsch
- Español
- Français
- Português
- Italiano
- Русский
- Polski
- Română
- Čeština

PLEASE NOTE: This is the free version of the game but it does NOT have any disabled features. It does however contain only a subset of the available maps. If you like this game, get the full version to enjoy the complete set of maps (and also support the development of this game).

We hope you will enjoy many happy hours playing this game!

We would love to hear from you! Ideas for improvement, issue you have encountered or general feedback - we want to hear it all!
Can you help translate this game into your language?

Contact us at: [email protected]

How to download Samurai Wars APK at

Samurai Wars is a real-time tactical war-game set in the Sengoku jidai period of medieval Japan. Be a samurai warlord and command your troops on the battlefield, using tactical skill to defeat the enemy army.

How to install Imperial: War of Tomorrow, a mobile strategy game APK at

Think you're clever? Ambitious? We'll see about that! Manage a city state in this captivating strategy game. Build your base, train your troops, and make your army the best. Research new tech, create an alliance, and battle thousands of players from around the world!

All with great graphics and exciting gameplay in a post-apocalyptic world.

Welcome to a world destroyed. War reigns over all. The map is split into opposing factions made of many alliances and armies. In this military strategy game, you join one of the factions, gather powerful allies into an invincible alliance, and fight for global domination. Show the world the might of your army!

The modern military strategy game Imperial is set in 2050. Economic catastrophe and global conflict engulfed all states and alliances, bringing the world to the edge of chaos. Armies and military might became the only force of change.

Imperial is a global modern military strategy game with MMORPG elements. Build an impregnable base, equip your army with terrifying weapons, and create a mighty alliance to dominate the real world map. To strengthen your army, you must research new gear, tech, and vehicles and train new troops. Your army and your military strategy are key, but you also need a strong general, who you can equip and train to make your army and strategy even more powerful! Beyond a mighty army and military strategy, you can form an alliance with other players to take your game to the next level. Develop and use your charismatic and cognitive skills in your alliance – after all, one army and military strategy is nice, but the same army and strategy wielded by hundreds of players in a powerful alliance is something else entirely! Join an alliance you like or create your own to experience cooperative gaming and the practice of leadership.

Military strategy games are for smart people. They develop intelligence, logical thinking, and the ability to think one step ahead, to predict the future. The modern military strategy game Imperial is a simulator, a strategy game, and an MMORPG with PvP elements. Like all the best military strategy games, Imperial helps you understand war, armies, governance, strategy, and economics. Every army needs a strong leader who can think clearly, who can assemble like-minded people around them, who can forge a powerful alliance as unified as a single army fighting to achieve its goals. Military strategy is more than just a phrase. It is a way of thinking that affects every area of your life. After all, when your army and alliance respect you in time of war and your military strategy succeeds, then you are sure to achieve your goals in times of peace, too.

Game features:

• Imperial is a modern military strategy game featuring a great war on a real-world map. Lead the people of your native land to world domination!
• Like the best modern military strategy games, Imperial has cutting-edge graphics. Imperial: War of Tomorrow uses the latest technical capabilities of 2017's mobile devices. The results are stunning!
• Imperial is not just a modern military strategy game. It's a big social game, too! Military diplomacy options let you lead your own alliance, join other alliances, chat privately with friends, and pick the military strategy you like best.
• Imperial's troop units are among the coolest to be found in modern military strategy games. Eighteen types are already available, and more are coming with each update. Each unit is unique, giving you immense flexibility over the make-up of your army. Tweak your way to an invincible force!
• Imperial is a truly massive multiplayer online modern military strategy game with a huge world. Play today!



Hundred years war begun. now it is time to defend your country.

My Lord, our army is ready to attack and conquer all English and French territory. Waiting for your orders. Take us to bloody and fierce battles and conquer whole France, England, Wales Belgium. We will have heavily costly 16 battles against Western European nations. We will play battle simulations of medieval historical wars.

You have strong army units. they are as following:
* light armed infantry
* heavy infantry
* light armed archer
* knights
* catapults
* bombs

* Free form quest map that allows players to decide when and where to fight within a modern framework.
* Mini map on the right bottom
* Detailed city design
* 16 different battles
* 8 and 16 mass deployment of units
* Offline game,
* Real time Strategy game
* Real war scenes
* Realistic, carefully designed warriors
* 3D battlefields

For any questions, pls contact us via mail.


How to download Great Battles Medieval APK at

‘These are my battlefields. And I will fight for my men, for my king and for my country’

Now available on all Android devices!

This is the Hundred Years War. Each man must stand tall. Each man’s mettle will be tested. But amongst all men there are leaders, there are those who will not be cowed. Can you be that leader? In this epic strategy RPG you will lead your army through the greatest of medieval wars and make history live again.

See a detailed over of the game at



Free form quest map that allows players to decide when and where to fight within a historical framework.

More than 20 different units all accurately researched and carefully modeled in amazing detail.

Almost infinite number of equipment combinations.

Specialise your squads with over 100 unique skills.

Play as the English under the Black Prince.

Innovative Battle Card system that gives bonuses and penalties in battle.

The most detailed and realistic medieval combat model ever created.

Story movies created from hundreds of hours of the TV channel HISTORY™ library combined with in game engine footage.

Additional content available includes a full French campaign, Mercenary Swiss Pikeman, Mercenary Genoese Crossbowmen and even some cheats!

Integrated with Immersion Tactile Effects

Supports MOGA controller

How to download Wars Mobile: World War II APK at

Wars Mobile is breaking out! Are you born to fight? It is a time for you to prove yourself and relive unforgettable glories in world war II. Remember, war makes hero. And, you are the hero!

In Wars Mobile, you will start a risky journey as a commander of the army. Ally or split? Defense or attack? Scout or anti-scout? You are the ruler! Remember, it's your main battlefield! Never leave the battlefront and do enjoy playing with friends around the world.

-Strategy Warfare!
Occupy a powerful stronghold, train elite soldiers, build irresistible armies, manage rich resources, learn advanced strategies, defeat the tricky enemy and win the great world war in the end!

-Strong Legion!
Establish or join an alliance to make your own legion. Build the most famous unbeatable empire and be the strongest commander. Let your members be proud of you!

-Powerful weapon!
Tanks, Aircraft, Destroyer, Bomber, Guns etc. All kinds of weapons will make a high level RTS warfare possible.

-Vivid MMO World
Gorgeous 3D graphics offer you a real vivid and splendid world war! You must be enchanted by the amazing war experience.

Come on, Commander! It's the WAR! Join Wars Mobile to feel the real battlefield and conquer the world!

If you have any question, please do not hesitate to contact us.
Official Email: [email protected]
Official Facebook Page:
Official Game Page:

How to install Kick it - Paper Soccer APK at

Kick the ball and score. This multiplayer strategy game requires you to reach your adversary target zone by drawing lines through the stadium-like field.

The playing field is divided in squares , each corner of the squares is connection point for the lines. When you reach a point that has been already connected you have one additional move (just like passing the ball in real soccer - European Football).
When you reach a spot (corner) that has not been connected you'll have to stop and let the other team move.
You can not pass on a an already drawn line.
Another way to win the game is blocking your opponent. Careful not to block yourself!
Choose your country : a glorious national team like Brazil, Argentina, Germany (Uber Alles), Italy (Squadra Azzura) , England and France or a fresh and ambitious one like USA ( United States ) , Iceland, Poland, Nigeria, Japan, China.
To move the ball, just slide your finger vertically, horizontally or diagonally on a gray line.

Play each game like is a World Cup or Euro 2016 Final. You can play with a friend on the same device or against the AI. Train yourself, but not your legs and ball playing skills.
This time, your brain is more important. There is no 50 50 chance of win, you don't throw a dice here, you think and draw the best line to maximize your chances. Connect the dots to score the goal.

Kick it! is a digital version of a popular strategic 'pencil and paper game' for two players known as 'Paper Soccer' or 'Paper Football'.
Have fun playing Kick it!

How to install Legend of Empire-Expedition APK at

Legend of Empire is a MMO war game, a perfect combination of tactic planning and strategic combat. In the medieval Elves continent, build your own powerful empire and ascend the glorious throne, which will be your own Legend!

Game Features:

- To revive the Empire, you should plan to build your own city.
- Different units of troops can fight together, but they are mutually restraint.
- You can recruit dwarfs, treants as well as the legendary Faerie Dragons to fight for you!
- Raise the most luxurious corps, scheme wars to expand your territory!

- Reproduce the wisdom of ancient Elves to make your empire more powerful.
- Summon the legendary elf heroes to fight alongside you.
- Luxury equipment and awesome gems can enhance your heroes.

- You can communicate with players from all over the world.
- Cooperate with other members in your alliance to conquer the entire kingdom!
- Your alliance can turn to friendly relations with other ones. You should find out spies and destroy the enemies.
- You can watch the combat animation. Organize your army, build allies to fight together!

- By instant march animation, control your troops in real time.
- You can use tactical combinations of scout, attack, war rally, feint attack, defense and others to help you quickly defeat the enemy.
- Contend for the relics and fight in the alliance group.
- Dominate the cross-kingdom continent and fight for your own kingdom.

Crown yourself, gather your troops and be ready for the upcoming expeditions!

Please note:
1. The game is free to play, but some of the items in the game can be purchased with real money.
2. The game requires networking.

How to download Lords of Empire:Kingdom War- Strategy RPG APK at

A multiplayer online and real time SLG game.
Grow and customize your homeland. Train different soldier units to battle. Infantries, archers, horsemen, chariots and knights, all of them are waiting to fight for you! Alliance is also developed! Chat and work with your allies. Help and get helped! Launch timed attacks or just set rally on enemies! Also there is the powerful creature, DRAGON! In this war game, you can hunt and execute others’ dragons! Get ready for war! Adopt different strategies to defeat enemies! Battle to conquer the kingdom!

• Keep upgrading and training
• Research technologies to get stats boosts
• Send troops out to gather resources

• Chat with global players in real time
• Help allies accelerate their development
• Reinforce allies when they confront enemies

• Instead of train, you raise and upgrade your dragon
• Forge dragon equipment to get troop stat boosts
• Hunt and execute dragons

◆Battle Around
• Attack to plunder resources
• Kill monsters to get resource and other rewards
• Join the war of throne
• Personalize your homeland
• Freely edit your alliance information

More features will be available!
Contact us:
Any questions or suggestions please send email to:
[email protected]

Follow us on Facebook:
Lords of Empire

How to install Candy Block Puzzle APK at

Candy Block Puzzle is an addictive connect line game. In this game you have to create 10X10 horizontal or vertical lines to enjoy this blocks puzzle game. Need to refresh for a while? Take a pause draw 10X10 lines and refresh yourself within few minutes with this line block puzzle game of Candy Block Puzzle.
Special Features:

The game rule of this block puzzle game is simple and challenging. If you enjoy playing some other block mania game then you are going to love this game too. In this game of block fit 10X10 blocks we have added some features which you cannot find in some other games of solving Block puzzle.

How to play:
• Simple game rules , just drag and drop blocks to make 10X10
• No color matching is required in this game
• Fill all the grids and act smart
• Plan before your move, if find difficult we have given option to rotate the block and solve the block puzzle mania.
Game Features:
• This game improves the problem solving skills set
• A perfect pause for refreshment
• Online System ranking
• Invite friend to get more gift.

How to install Cakes Evolution - Idle Cute Clicker Game Kawaii APK at

Find out what happens to an cakes evolution when the evolution started, combine two cakes to evolve and discover the most curious and funny forms of your favorite food.

Break out of the kitchen and explore the real world, explore the continent even the world is not safe for your mutation watermelon evolution.


It’s simpler then a matching game!

• As your Cake evolution drop coins, buy new Cake to earn even more money

• Drag and drop similar Cakes to evolve them into new and more profitable Cake

• Also tap the Cake evolution to make more coins


• Five different stages and 30 different forms of Cakes evolution

• A cool mix of idle and incremental clicker like Tamago!

• Three possible endings: find the right god as you play!

Download Cakes Evolution now start your own journey of Cakes

How to install Epic & Magic APK at

Demon was sealed, but wars never stop!
Over time, the continent was split... flames of wars everywhere... Dark Force emerged... People are dying for someone to lead them out of the darkness and embrace the light! Will you be the leader?!

Join us & start your new adventure in Epic & Magic! Summon powerful Monsters, Assemble a legendary team, Train an invincible army and prove you're the mightiest conqueror among millions of players! Construct the most splendid buildings, join the fiercest campaigns and battle for the ULTIMATE Victory!

The most exciting interactive MMO Game!
Dive into a NEW World of fun & joy!

【Classic Features】
• Summon, Power-up and Evolve! Create your own powerful Monsters! Collect as many monsters as you can and assemble the greatest team!
• 26 different Rune Sets to pick and choose additional abilities for your monsters. Make the best of each Monster's unique skills and come up with the best strategy to win the battles!
• 12 Battle Scenarios & the Orc's Keep -- join a series of award-winning battles and immerse yourself in the epic story!
• Train Various Troop Types with almighty Combat Ability! Lead them into battles & watch them fighting in Real-time Kingdom Map
• Attack & Conquer the Throne to become the King! Use the Unique Power of Giving Titles to your Friends/Enemies in the Kingdom
• Create/Join an Alliance. Team up TOGETHER to knock down all your enemies! Make your Alliance the strongest of all
• Play & Chat Online with millions of friends from all over the world in Real-Time
• Discuss & Strategize with your loyal allies in Alliance Chat
• Build a Great City - Upgrade your Buildings & Walls to strengthen your City
• Conduct Powerful Magic in Mage Guild - Use it as an advantage to enhance your power

• Epic & Magic is FREE to download and play, however, you can gain some game items through in-app-purchase.

• A network connection is also required.
• Support: [email protected]
• Privacy Policy:

How to download Heroines Fantasy APK at

We are exciting to publish a new game version today. It is a traditional card game, but with bright interface and ever greatest game feelings.

is a cartoon-style, fantasy online card game, running on Mobile phone platforms. Players set their decks with massive various kinds of cards, and plus skills setup to confront those powerful rivals. Current cards in the game are four races, and we will release a new one called Demon in later this year. Apart from those special characteristics of cards that base on different races, cards also have their own skill development, talents, and advantages. Game event systems include War of Boss, Clan War, Mazes, Hunting Thieves, Dungeons, Demon adventures.

Game Features:
1. Almost all cards can be collected from Map stages, Mazes, Dungeons, Malls, Fragments Crafting, Card Packages, but a small group cards’, which are more powerful, collecting need to be relay on lucky and personal wealthy. So, will not lose game balance because of a rich player.

2. Each spot is set with three kinds of rewards from three different conquer conditions. The better rewards are also require the harder competition. Moreover, mystery spots are appearing with conditions, as well, and they are waiting for your discovery. Finally, nightmare difficulty spots are another step for players’ game challenge.

3. Clan system offers a way that not only to upgrade your attribute, but there is also a way to invite other players to set a team. To build a great clan in the .

4. Arena, a place to loot fragments from others after beating them. Fighting for a rank is also for better rewards. Winner takes all!

5. Demon Invasion is a new system in this version. Although, thousands of warriors were killed in the cruel fighting, thousands of warriors are waiting for the challenge. Who is going to stand to the final?

6. Dungeons, a system with more powerful enemies in each level. They are set with new skills, card decks. Only after conquering the level can you reach a fabulous reward.

How to download Storm Wars CCG APK at

Lightning-fast card battles. Captivating deck building. Infinite strategy.

Recruit heroes, build decks and watch battles instantly. Deep card mechanics and insane deck strategies, with hundreds of cards to collect. Battles are automated and resolve as quickly as you wish to view them, it’s a whole new way to get your CCG rush!

New players trying out their first CCG will find decks easy to build and card-battles fun to watch. Pros will love the thrill of intense PVP battles, beautiful graphics, and unlimited strategies. Welcome to Storm Wars!

• Deep Deck Building Strategy•
With over 250 unique cards to place in your deck (each with their own stats and special abilities), 24 powerful heroes, and no deck building limits, the strategic possibilities are endless! The immense variety of heroes, cards, equipment slots, and other features provide a depth of strategic options unparalleled in other CCGs and TCGs.

• Lightning-Fast Battles •
Epic battles in under a minute! Build your custom army, choose an opponent, and watch the chaos as the battle unfolds. Your deck takes center stage as the intensity of the fight picks up. Play alone, or take up arms in PVP tournaments. Whether you are playing at home or on the go, victory is as close as a click of a button.

•Immersive Campaign •
Explore a detailed fantasy universe complete with 6 distinct races and an extended single-player campaign. Develop your favorite card-battle strategies while unlocking more content – use your newfound skills to conquer the world!

• Intense PVP •
Face off in ranked matches against real opponents all around the world in the Arena, participate in daily tournaments, or engage in direct challenges with friends and foes. Join a crew (guild) or found your own, and battle your way to the top of the leaderboards to achieve fame and glory!

• Unlimited Strategy •
With the hundreds of unique cards, artifacts, and heroes to choose from, no two decks are alike! Discover new heroes, experiment with card strategy, and destroy your opponents. What strategy will you use to conquer Atlantea?