Should I Buy My Son/Daughter A Gaming PC? Kids Games Room Design, Setup Guide & Common Questions 2023

Are you one of the worrying parents with a son or daughter who truly loves video games?

Nowadays I think we are all facing this same question, the day comes when the kid keeps asking a gaming PC for the next birthday or Christmas.

Ideally I think kids should be at least 15 years old to play games that are violent or high graphics (such as GTA, Fortnite, Left 4 Dead, CS:GO etc.. ). I found them often getting over excited with these games and they refuse to stop until headache. Younger kids can still play Roblox or Minecraft, and other games that teaches programming or languages. You should definitely set up parental control for any gaming console, laptop or PC for the kids.

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Should I Buy My Kid A Gaming PC?

Gaming PC is more expensive than a console, uses more electricity than a laptop, and is less portable.

If these are not your concerns then you should totally buy your kid a gaming PC because

  • The gaming PC can also be used for homework, youtuber video & audio editing, programming, karaoke etc.
  • With a bigger monitor and impossibility to game in bed, gaming PC can be better for kids’ health than a console or gaming laptop.
  • The gaming PC is a good investment for him to get into professional eSports, you-tubing, live-streaming, podcasting or game programming.
  • You can take the chance to educate your kids how to build it together.
  • PC has higher upfront cost but is cheaper than a console in a long term.  If one day the PC is no longer powerful enough you can gradually, easily and cost effectively upgrade it.

Best Gaming PC Setup For 10 Or 12 Years Old

The best entry level gaming system depends on the kid’s gaming interest and your budget. Different games run on different hardwares. Many games run on lower cost PCs that don’t require $300 graphics. Some of the best games of a certain type run on Android tablets or even on a smart TV or the Xfinity cable box. Then there are the Playstation and Xbox. If you have the budget then high end PC games can require $2000 hardware.

What Are Some Things That Every Gamer Needs?

The gamer room for your kid can start with these basic items.

  • Silent mouse
  • Gaming chair
  • Mouse pad
  • Power bank
  • Portable hard drives
  • Comfortable headset
  • Multi-purpose cables
  • Multiple monitors
  • Gaming keyboard
  • Microphone for team gaming

Popular Kids’ Video Game Room Themes

Now you decided to get the kid a gaming PC, he/she also wants a themed games bedroom. How to start? What is loved by all kids these days? What to put into kid’s Games Room? How to keep the room fun for the children from kid stage to teenager stage? What to do if there is a limited budget?

I compiled this list of my favourite kids’ video game room themes to give us some inspiration before the redesign starts.

✅ Streaming/Youtuber

✅ Star War

✅ Super Hero

✅ Xbox

✅ Minecraft

✅ Nintendo

✅ Playstation

✅ Fortnite

✅ Neon

✅ Pink

✅ Red

✅ Yellow

✅ Retro

✅ Princess

✅ Anime

✅ Creative

✅ Simple

✅ Modern

✅ Jungle/Forest

✅ Beach/Blue

✅ Space

✅ Woodland

✅ Sports

✅ Basketball

✅ Football

What PC Do Pro Gamers Use?

Programmers differ in their choice of PC with respect to which game they play, but there are certain PCs that many pro gamers use commonly. The Alienware Aurora Pro Gaming Desktop simply contains the best gaming hardware, allows high-level customization, and is used by many pro gamers around the world regardless of their games.

Are Gaming PCs Worth It?

The main reason people buy gaming PCs is because of their powerful inner components and their capabilities when it comes to high-end graphic gaming. If you are personally a gamer who likes to play games that require high-level graphic cards, a gaming pc can be one of the best buys of your life. Nonetheless, even if you are not so much of a gamer, a gaming pc will still make everything you do on your computer more smooth and fast.

How Long Do Gaming PCs Last?

When discussing the age of a computer, you should ultimately check for the age of the CPU. Nowadays, CPUs last about 5 to 10 years depending on the frequency of usage and types of software used. Interestingly, the CPU uses a lot of its power when turning off and on, so if you wish to use your PC longer, try to lessen the frequency of turning your pc on and off.

What PC Does Ninja Use?

The famous online game streamer Ninja is known to use Intel Core i9-9900K CPU with a NVIDIA GEFORCE RTX 3070 GPU. In addition, he is also known to use an ASUS ROG Maximus XI Hero motherboard to support his gaming.

Is PS4 Better Than PC?

It is hard to compare PS4 and computer games as they are two different types of gaming. However, visuals on PCs are known to be better and there are more game titles available. On the other hand, PlayStation is known to be cheaper than PC.

How Much RAM Do I Need For Gaming?

Generally, an 8GB RAM is standard for pc gaming and it would allow most games to run on your pc. However, if you are looking to play some high-end graphic games, the recommended optimal RAM would be 16GB as of today.

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