Review: UDI U818A RC Quadcopter with Camera

This UDI Quadcopter with the camera is a drone that gives the user the ability to fly seamlessly and to capture live video streaming and recording easily in a high-quality image resolution. It can be used as a video recording camera or just to take a glimpse around your house. For a detailed view of what features you can expect, here are the specs and features explained for you.

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Best UDI U818A-HD 2.4GHz 4 CH 6 Axis Headless RC Quadcopter

This drone is a ton of fun and very beginner-friendly – The headless mode works great and is definitely helpful as it keeps the drone going in the direction you want it to no matter which direction the front of the drone is facing. The video quality is very good especially for a drone so cheap.

External Features And Overall Design

The overall structure has been designed to give the drone maximum stability and safety while flying. It has a lightweight and simplified structure to give you maximum maneuverability while controlling it. It is made of durable plastic that gives it a good form and structure for a safe flight. There are 4 motors controlling 4 rotors. The copter has 3 well-designed stand feet to give it a balanced landing.

Flight Time

The flight time of this best drone with a camera is about 7-9 minutes. So, you will be able to make a flight along with the video streaming for about 7 minutes without any interruption or getting into any issues. It has the ability to transmit and record videos within that flight time without compromising the quality of the image.

Power Of Batteries And Charging Time

There are batteries that are included. These batteries come in 3.7 V and 500mAh capacity. The overall charging time is about 120 minutes to complete one charging cycle. So, you can expect to get it charged within 2 hours. You can also get a spare set if you want to.

Range Of Flight

You can easily fly the drone for about 30 meters easily. Though it may fly a little bit farther, it is not recommended at all, because you may lose control over this copter, and also you will not be able to see the video on the controlling panel.

Video Streaming And Recording

It can give you live video streaming and recording as having an FPV camera installed to give you a clear vision of where you want.

Balance And Control

The controlling and balancing power comes with a complete function to provide 6 axes gyro controlling ability. This capability provides you with a complete flying experience in any direction you need to fly your drone. Also, the 4 powerful motors give your drone a great flight through 4 channel support for a balanced, controlled, and powerful flight.

Accessories Pro Features

The drone comes with an SD card, adapter, and charge box for better and easy functionality. The 3D directional functioning makes the flight smooth and customizable for the user.

A Few Limitations

  • Sometimes people have an issue with the weight and material of the drone. They say that the material is too light and not very much durable. It can break easily. Also the drone is not capable enough to withstand mild to high wind power and it can distract the drone from the right path if you are not skilled enough to control its directions and make use of its 6 axis gyro controlling power.
  • Also, they also say that the batteries should have a quicker charging ability for a better experience.

Overall, if we look at its features and plus points, we can surely rely on its performance. You just have to keep it within your range of about 30 meters for the best results. The camera is able to give you a complete first-person preview of the location you need to look at. It can easily be controlled and used within a short-range area.

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