Review: Parrot AR. Power Edition Quadricopter, Drone 2.0

What could be more exciting and thrilling than a drone that can carry your HD camera power for live videos and pictures wherever you want. This is the best camera drone that has the features to ensure the quality of the image as well as the ease of flying with the intuitive autopilot controlling features. This drone camera has been structured and designed to support the user and provide the best drone flying experience. This one comes with drone 2.0 features for easy control and a high-quality flying experience.

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Best Parrot AR. Drone 2.0 Quadricopter Power Edition

Programmable and fun! – The batteries were drained really fast. With this one, you can get a decent amount of flight time.

Overall Structure

The overall structure of this quadcopter is well balanced and sturdy that can give you an excellent flight experience using a remote control. There are four small-sized wings that help the copter to fly through a balanced motion. You can also find outdoors and indoors hulls for better usability and safe flying. The material used in its structure is quite sturdy and shock resistant and is also lightweight to promote fast flying.


It comes in a shockproof box to help it withstand any kind of shock that may come while shipment. In the box there is a clear assembling of all of the parts in a way that you can find each and every piece in place to get it assembled quickly. You can easily do it and get it ready to go by, reading through its manual.

Videos Streaming

You can enjoy HD live video streaming and can also record the videos. The picture quality and the video streaming capability make it the first choice of most of the users.

Accessories Included

You will find hulls and 2 of the HD batteries in the box.

Flying Time

It has a flying time of about 35-36 minutes. So, you can easily enjoy the drone flying experience for about half an hour without any break.

Balance And Control

It can balance itself while in the air. But the balance is also dependant upon the control of the user. The way you fly it determines the way it will be able to balance its body. It can easily fly when the air is not moving or a slight air movement is there. But if there is a strong wind blowing out there, you should not try it out, if you are not able to control its movements.

This drone camera has been equipped to fly by using your Android phone or tablet. You can easily download the app from the google play store.


The range of the flight is about 50 meters or you can say 165 feet. It is the area you can reach by using such a drone camera.

Pro Features

Its pro features include the “Flip-action” which is a specialty of this drone camera. It can easily flip to one side and get back to its balanced position without any fluctuation.

There is also a pressure sensor in it that allows the drone copter to sense the air pressure and give it a perfect and balanced flight. Also, it has the ability to judge the distance from the landing platform, while its landing and can assist to land safely.

Issues You Might See

Some issues that you might see can be as follows:

  • The extra hull that you get it may or may not seem very durable and sturdy and can break quickly.
  • The battery charging is somewhat questionable, sometimes.

Concluding our review of this best drone camera, we can say that it fulfills its duty perfectly and can be a great companion for your exploration ventures and tasks. This one has the ability to keep on flying in airy conditions with the help of proper handling.

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