Review: Hubsan X4 Quadcopter with FPV Camera Toy

Husban Quadcopter with Camera Toy is a durable, well-designed best drone camera that comes with all its gadgets and necessary features to let the user enjoy its full potential for live video streaming and recording capability. There is no doubt you can fly it around and can watch up the scenery and surroundings in a clear, live video right in your hand through the controller. For a better understanding of its features and capabilities you can read below:

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Best HUBSAN X4 Quadcopter with FPV Camera Toy

Nay Sayers did not read instructions. Great copter – This thing is an absolute blast to fly. The average flight time is about 20 minutes per battery (you want multiple batteries and a multi-battery charger unit) and the controller unit will eat AA batteries like it’s going out of style, (maybe 15-20 flights before needing new batteries?). There are mods you can do to the controller to get it to run off of a USB power pack, might have to consider doing that.

Overall Structure

The overall structure of this quadcopter is very well designed for maximum stability and balance while flying. The whole structure fly, using 4 motor functions through the 4 small-sized fan-shaped wings to lift it in the air and better balancing capability. It also comes with the fan guards along with its other parts which are also well designed and durable. This one has a camera attached to the lower side of its structure. There are 4 small lights attached below each fan to help you fly in the dark. The drone comes with rubber feet for a well-balanced and safe landing.


The range of flying and video streaming is about 100 meters. It is quite enough for a toy camera drone and while flying within this range you can easily enjoy a good quality video streaming, live on the LCD screen of the controller in your hand.


The camera inserted in it offers a first-person preview through the narrow viewing angle. You can easily see while the drone flies above the area. The 0.3-pixel camera has a resolution of 640 x 480 for a better viewing ability for the user.


The lipo 3.7 V batteries are included in the package that takes about 30 minutes to complete the charging cycle and can keep the drone running for about 7 minutes with a continuous flight along with the video streaming function.


The drone camera can withstand light winds easily if the user has the ability to adjust the inclination and the positioning of the drone. It comes with a specialized balancing ability to give the user an easy flight. The controlling unit is well designed and gives the user complete and easy access to all necessary functions through the fingertips.

Pro Features

Its pro features include the complete 6 axes controlling ability and a complete 6 axis gyro stabilization of the drone to give the user maximum control over the copter for better flight and landing purposes. SD card included. There is also a USB charger for charging through laptops or smart devices.

Assembling And Flying Level

The drone is simple to assemble and can be assembled with the help of the manual that comes along. It has slightly complicated controlling operations and needs to be controlled by a grown-up kid or an adult.

A Few Limitations

  • Some users have a question regarding the view on the screen and they say it is not as clear as they wanted to have. And also the screen does not allow you to see in a very bright light.
  • There are also issues with the rotors, you will need to guard the rotor for a safe flight.

This camera drone has the ability to give you the power to fly it sensibly and with a clear view when you use it within its specified limit of 50-100m. If you go beyond that, you may lose the view or flying angle, so it is not recommended.

Concluding the product, we can see that it has all the basic features that a person would need to enjoy the above-ground viewing ability of the drones. You can easily fly it around your home or the lawn and it would let you see a closer view easily.

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