80+ Popular Anime Tattoos Design Ideas For Guys (Simple, Small, Badass, Black and White, Full Sleeve Different Styles 2022)

Do you love your game character so much that you want to get a tattoo of the anime?

There has been quite an increase in the fan-base of anime in these recent years. As the obsession with anime keeps growing, many people have now started to showcase their craze for anime by getting large or small anime tattoos and symbolic tags all over their bodies. The powerful anime imagery makes them the perfect inspiration for incredible, symbolic, meaningful tattoo art design.

Whatever size, color theme, illustration style you choose to go with your anime tattoo, the rich artistic base to pull from will certainly leave you happy and satisfied for many many years.

Are Anime Tattoos Illegal?

Anime imageries are protected by copyright. Getting an anime tattoo can be a form of unlicensed IP [intellectual property] exploitation. However, several anime companies have already offered a registration service, where anime fans can apply to pay an annual stipend for the use of certain logos and characters, as long as their colours are correct and the imagery is not off-model. There is also low chance that the companies will go to extreme and ask the fans to ‘delete’ their anime tattoos.

Anime Temporary Tattoos

Good temporary tattoos can look really realistic. Temporary tattoos last around 2-3 days depending on how they are cared for. Just apply a wet wash cloth to transfer the tattoo to your skin. Held the design on my skin for 3 or 4 minutes, then slowly peel it off. If you have any bubbles between the paper and your skin, you want to hold it back down to let it get a chance to stick. It takes a couple hours to dry but a few days to really set in and stay. Also, when you shower/bathe don’t scrub it let the soap run down and rinse that part. You can repeat it 2 or 3 time to be sure. You can put lotion over it too after, again just don’t rub it.

✅  Thinking of getting a temporary anime tattoo, click the images below to see more options!

Anime Tattoos

Naruto Stomach Tattoo

Tokyo Ghoul Tattoo Ideas

Demon Slayer Tattoo

Naruto Tattoos

Anime Tattoo Sleeve Designs

Naruto Sleeve Tattoo

Famous Anime Symbols

Anime Scene Tattoo

Cute Anime Tattoos

Anime Symbol Tattoos

Anime Tattoos Black And White

Anime Tattoos Small

Anime Sleeve Tattoo Black And White

Anime Tattoos On Black Skin

Aminé Back Tattoo

Cute Small Anime Tattoos

Anime Tattoo Girl Design

Anime Tattoos Simple

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