Pictures Of Dream Game Rooms In Homes: 10+ Best Paint Color Schemes For Gaming Walls (2023)

Here are some important factors to consider when you are planning your gaming wall paint colors.

  • Overall design style and theme
  • Color of the ceiling
  • Color of the flooring
  • Color of major pieces of furniture & fabric (aka. bedding, curtains, area rugs etc.)
  • Color & display of wall decoration, posters & art
  • Limitation of the gaming room (eg low ceiling, tiny space, lack of natural light etc.)
  • Mood to be achieved (eg exciting or calm)
  • Effect to be achieved after turning off the lights
  • Whether to paint all walls & ceiling into one color
  • Whether to paint full walls into the new color or just a portion of the walls
  • Color you want to see when you are sitting down in front of the PC
  • Color you want your friends & fans to see when you are streaming

Remember also there are different finishes to paint colors.

Matt finishes reduce reflection of the monitors, glossy finish will make your dark basement look brighter. You can even paint the walls in black, then coat over that with white UV paint. Then if you get some black light lamps, it will glow in those areas. Another idea is to use chalk board black paint, or magnetic black paint so you can use the painted wall also as your creative outlet. The only limit is your imagination 😀

If you are renting a room or for any reason not in a position to paint the wall of the gaming room, you can still change the room color by hanging acoustic panels, curtains, posters etc. Use of light panels to change room color is very popular for gamers too.

Dark Grey Gaming Room

You should choose this paint color if your gaming room double as home theater. Dark gray/grey color can be a nice back drop to help you focus on your favourite games/Netflix shows.

Light Grey Paint For Gamer Walls

Light grey paint brightens up the gaming room and make you feel relaxed and calmed.

White Gaming Room

If you have a small gamer room or a room with not enough natural lighting, then white semi-gloss wall paint will be your best choice to make the space look bigger and brighter. If you have a low ceiling and there will be pinball machines, then the ceiling should be painted in white color as well, but with flat finish as the reflections might shine back onto pinball machine glass.

Black Gaming Room

Matt black walls and ceiling will not reflect and give a real arcade feel. The game room will look really cool by supplementing with additional glow-in-the-dark decorations and LED lighting.

Dark Maroon Gamer Room

Red or maroon color can make your game room a little spicy and exciting. It is also romantic and stimulates appetite.

Red And Black Game Room

Black and red color gaming room design is REALLY REALLY POPULAR. This color combination is bound to liven up any space and competition.

Green Game Room Color Ideas

Green color reminds many gamers about Xbox. Tones of green color will be perfect for an accent wall, it helps to relax eyes. This color could be a little much for an entire room so don’t get too wild.

Pink Gaming Room

Pink wall paint is necessary for a cute aesthetic gamer room. You do not need to paint all walls and ceiling pink, just paint one wall, or maybe even a portion of the wall to be pink to get the vibe right. You can choose to paint the wall at the back of your computer so you can see your favourite color day and night, or you can paint the wall behind your chair, so all your online friends and fans can see your pink feature wall when you do your streaming. Cute right?

Light Blue Paint Gaming Room

Light blue wall paint keeps your game room classy, cool and universally appealing with this enticing shade.

Yellow Gamer Room Paint

If you want to add a little bit of warmth to the gamer room then tones of yellow paint is right up your alley.

Which Color Is Best For Gaming Room?

Obviously there is no definite and right answer to which color theme is the best for a gaming room, but many people prefer to have black paint walls in their gaming rooms as it intesnfies the gaming experience. Popular color combination trends include black & red and black & white.

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