Parrot Mini Drone Rolling Spider Buying Guide 2023: Things You Need To Know Before Purchasing

Buying the Parrot mini drone rolling spider, one of the latest and coolest gadgets around for this Christmas, can bring lots of fun to you and your family. In this article, I am going to tell you some of the good and not-so-good qualities unique to the Rolling Spider so when you make your purchase, you know exactly what are you going to get in return. We are going to talk about the use of smartphones and tablets to control, flight and maneuver this mini drone rolling spider, its removable wheel, and some concerns about the battery (common to many other mini drones).

Traditionally drone flying was a daunting task that required many skills and precision from the user. Besides, maneuvering the devices was another hassle altogether. The controls required using joysticks that in most cases were cumbersome. It was also very common for a drone to stop operating after hitting a wall, crashing into a pole, roof or wall, or after falling from the sky. Such a loss was costly and a deterrent for many people owning the drone. Thanks to technological advancements, however, more advanced, easy to control and safe drones exist in the market today. One such drone is the Parrot Mini Drone Rolling Spider, designed to take the entire drone flying experience to an entirely different level.

The Parrot Mini Drone Rolling Spider

The Parrot mini drone Rolling Spider is a super-compact drone that even though is light-weight (just 55g), is very stable and fast. This mini drone is so easy, accurate, and effortless to control that is a perfect match for beginners flying a drone for the first time. The Rolling Spider is powered by a LiPo (Lithium Polymer) battery and can take great aerial pictures with the mounted vertical camera. Bluetooth Smart technology is used to send commands from any compatible smartphone or tablet (using the FreeFlight 3 app) to the Parrot mini drone.

  •  Equally awesome navigation and control indoors and outdoors.
  •  Includes removable side wheels that allows for rolling on the floor and climbing the walls.
  •  Precise controls thanks to a built-in accelerometer and a gyroscope.
  •  Automatic propeller shut-off in case of a crash.
  •  Go full speed ahead at 11 mph.
  •  Download latest FreeFlight 3 and have fun piloting your drone from your phone.
  •  Take breathtaking pictures with the vertical camera.
  •  Amazing freefall take-off.
  •  Flight time: 8 minutes.
  •  Control range: 20m.
  •  Full charge in 1 hour.

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For a drone shopper, there are 4 important characteristics to know before buying this Rolling Spider. The factors include the ability to connect to smartphones and tablets, the battery life, as well as the motion and acrobatic acts. Let’s take a look at each one of these factors:

  1. Smartphone and Tablet Control

The Parrot Rolling Spider is an ultra-compact drone, conveniently controllable by an intuitive smartphone or tablet app. It connects to the devices using Bluetooth Smart wireless technology, which provides a control range of over sixty feet. The smartphone and tablet, however, must run on iOS (iTunes), Android, and some compatible Windows 8.1 devices. The ability to connect to the smartphone provides a convenient alternative to the bulky radio controller traditionally used.

Through the touch controls via the Smartphone devices, it is easy to pilot the drone, thereby enhancing the drone flying experience. Consequently, a person can command the drone to do aerobatics, flips, capture images and any other desirable stunts. The smartphone also helps to watch the battery charge level.

  1. Rolling Spider Battery

When it comes to drones and quadcopters, flight time is a cause worth consideration. The flight time is simply the amount of time that the drone stays airborne before its battery runs out. The flight time directly affects the drone flying experience since it limits the kind of stunts that the drone does while in flight mode. Many mini-drones have a short flight time, ranging from eight to twenty minutes. To guarantee that a person gets the desirable drone and enjoys the flying experience they need to consider a few things about the drone’s battery. For starters, one must find out about the battery life.

The battery life is the amount of time that the battery takes before needing a recharge. The drone buyer should also find out the charging time of the battery, which refers to the amount of time required to charge the battery fully once it drains. Ordinarily, the charging time for the drone Rolling Spider ranges between 45 minutes to two hours. The good news is that the batteries are replaceable, and their life can be extended using actions such as observing the 40-80 rule. (

  1. Amazing Aerial Acrobatics

Owning a drone involves more than just flying it. It should offer a thrilling and captivating experience. As such, the drone should carry out amazing aerobatics stunts and capture amazing, breathtaking images. The drones should comfortably navigate in different environments whether indoors or outdoors. The drone Rolling Spider has unique designs and capabilities that enhance not just the flying experience, but their safety and applicability as well. They have well-functioning removable wheels attached properly to the body of the drone. The removable wheels help the drones to run on floors, walls and across ceilings. Also, it comes with an inbuilt propeller shut-off function that comes in handy if there is a collision.

It is worth noting that not all drones do the same stunts. As such, one should select the kind of drone that they want to buy, based on the purpose for which they need the drone. The ideal drone should have easy controls for commanding the different acrobatic moves, and the ability to fly and roll at high speeds with stability whether indoors or outdoors.

  1. FreeFlight 3

The Parrot Mini Rolling Spider drone offers the best in tactile and intuitive driving controls thanks to the combination and cooperation between the FreeFlight 3 app and Bluetooth Smart Technology. FreeFlight 3 is compatible with iPhone iOS, Android tablets and smartphones, and some Windows 8.1 and Windows Phone devices. You just need to click on the screen for the Rolling Spider to do a 360-degree flip or swipe your fingers from side to side for the mini drone to make 90 and 180 degree turns.

Prepare To Fly Your Mini Drone

In order to maximize your flight time and extend your fun either inside or outside your home, I will recommend you purchase the following accessories either at the time you are purchasing the Parrot Rolling Spider or a short period after that. You will run out of power in your battery and you will have some crashes or bumps when flying so it is better to prepare and have everything you will need to keep flying nearby.


The Rolling Spider is a welcome addition to a market full of similar mini drones, drones, and quadcopters. The safety features along with its stability, acrobatics, speed, and smartphone or tablet control make this mini drone a perfect fit for a beginner or experienced user. You can also attach the wheels for a whole new Parrot Mini Drone Rolling Spider experience inside or outside your home. Visit Parrot Mini Drone Rolling Spider Amazon Page for the Best Prices and Free Shipping

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