Parrot AR Drone Quadricopter 2.0 Elite Edition Review 2022

If you want to get into flying drones then the AR 2.0 Elite may be the best drone with a camera for you to start with. This is an entry-level drone that is camera-equipped and has some advanced features that make it a surprising find in the drone options priced under $300. If you are looking for the best drone for photography, the 720p camera will deliver. One thing that the manufacturers have done that makes this one of the high-selling budget drones is to put all controls and media stored on your mobile device. The AR Drone does not use a remote control unit, but a WiFi connection with your device that it generates itself.

Product Specifications

The AR weighs about 9 pounds and ships with a fully charged battery so you can fly it right out of the box. This drone does not use a remote controller but is run completely from an app. The app is available for iOS and Android compatible smartphones and devices. Recording can be live-streamed to the mobile device or recorded on the device too.


This drone has several features that make it ideal for home and hobby use. The features it includes are:

  • Rechargeable Lithium Ion Battery
  • Fully controllable from smartphone or tablet
  • Advanced lift system for more power
  • 720p HD video streaming and recording to connected device
  • WiFi communication system
  • Sharing enabled app allows for posting of flight images to social media
  • Advanced roll system allows for acrobatic maneuvers while in flight
  • Small size makes it portable and less obvious in the air
  • Drop resistance


Ideal for hobby flying this drone lets you go places you can’t easily get to. The app control allows you to combine flight and camera control on one device. The drone is ideal for flying outdoors or indoors. Creating its own WiFi point, it does not need to be GPS enabled to be controlled. The increased lift and roll feature also allows for unusual camera angles and stunt flying. This is an ideal beach, park, or indoor drone.

Average Customer Reviews

The Parrot AR is one of the most popular-selling budget drones on the market. There are hundreds of reviews posted. Rather than read through all of them we summarized the points that everyone agreed on with this camera-equipped drone. The consensus on the 2.0 Elite is as follows:

  • Battery life is short with the stock battery. It is easily remedied by purchasing a higher powered battery. The cost is negligible because of the low cost of the drone and it can increase flight time by 50%.
  • The roll feature and power lift enhancement make this an entertaining drone to fly. For those who are looking to fly drones for fun, the reviews rank this drone as one of the best. You get to do more with it but don’t have the cost fear if you crash it on a flight.
  • Solid power and lift make it stable in most light winds environments.
  • The WiFi system provides just enough control range to really put the AR 2.0 through its paces. You can get up high enough to get good aerial shots and the image quality is good.
  • The winning point about this drone over others in its price range is that the control app is easy to learn and easy to use. Not having the flight and camera controls on separate devices lets users have more responsive control to the flight.

The Final Word

When you look at any budget camera drone review they can spend more time apologizing for what the drone can’t do than pointing out why it is worth it. For its price range, the AR 2.0 is fun to fly and delivers solid camera footage. The rolling feature is enormously fun to experiment with and the flight time is just enough to enjoy the day and move on. This isn’t the drone for the serious hobbyist, but it is the ideal camera-enabled drone for those looking to play around with one. The price is right and it has enough unique features to make it stand out from others in its category.

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