Quirky & Comfortable Home Office Chair Guide 2022: Which 5 Features To Look For?

Ouch… Sitting in your home office in a simple chair, the back pain starts to set in again. How are you going to bear this long workday?

This is one of those nagging injuries that will keep stiffening on you until you cannot bear the pain of anyone. More than 260 million workdays each year are lost to back pain – You are definitely not alone.

Therefore, we should act before it actually happens. The best way to prevent back pain is by purchasing the most comfortable office chair for you. And don’t neglect a comfortable office chair just because you’re not in the office. Treat yourself better, abandon that cheap office chair, and upgrade your home office ideas by getting a proper chair.

Here are some interesting and comfortable office chair ideas.

5 Quirky, Comfy Office Chair Ideas

Does anyone remember in “The Office” Jim bursts Dwight’s bubble with a scissor to the stability ball office chair he’s sitting on? These exercise balls were once in trendy, fitness-forward workplaces, and chances are there’s still one floating around your office.

Today, there are many stylish, fun, but still comfortable office chair ideas you can also use in your home office. Here are a few of our top picks!

Upright Chair

“Sitting is the new smoking” in terms of being harmful to your health. Standing desks are hugely popular, but standing while working isn’t for everyone.

Find a perfect balance between the benefits of standing and the comfort of a computer chair with an upright chair. Though you don’t exactly sit on it, it does provide support at the bottom. An additional footboard will take the pressure off, while the angle of the chair helps keep your body in an optimal 135-degree open-hip posture.


Pivot Seat

Are you the type of person who can’t sit still and is always jiggling a knee, commandeering your child’s fidget spinner to use it during meetings? If so, a pivot seat may be a perfect office chair idea.

A slightly curved base of the chair allows you to twist, turn, and otherwise fidget as you sit. It gives you the same benefit of core-balancing as a stability ball, but without the fear of rolling off.


Scooch Chair

The modern and minimalist Scooch Chair offers several ways to sit on. Its handles and small profile make it easy to move, so can just pull it out whenever you need an extra seat. Simply tuck it under your working table when you don’t need it.


Stability Ball Chair

If you love your stability ball but want an upgrade, consider a ball chair as your office chair idea. It’s basically a frame that holds the ball in place, with the back, armrests, and casters. Fitness buffs will love this for your home office idea!


A Stylish Swivel Chair

Do you like the old-fashioned, clean, classic look of a slat-backed wooden chair, like those once found in libraries and courtrooms? Despite the appearance, such vintage seats aren’t particularly comfortable and easily movable.

Guess what? You can now have both the old-school vibe and the comfort of a regular computer chair. Bank of England office chairs combine sophistication with adjustability and is an excellent decorative office chair idea.


Instead of only focusing on office chair brands, make sure you know what you need. Let’s start with some tips to choosing a suitable computer chair.

Which 5 Features To Look For When Choosing The Best Office Chair?

  • Check Out the Height Settings

Although office chairs are adjustable, you still need to know the maximum and minimum heights and check whether the chair is suited for you. You’ll need some extra requirements if you’re particularly short or tall.

You can start by disqualifying some chairs without suitable heights while putting others on your wish list.

  • Choose the Right Materials

The home office ideas are going to last long as we won’t know when could we return to the office. In light of the long period of the home office, the office chair should be made with the materials that you prefer.

Some people like firmer materials that will offer more back support, whereas some others like softer plush leather or other materials. It’s important to try out the office chairs before buying them.

  • Go With a Chair That Provides Lots of Back Support

A simple way to eliminate back pain is by purchasing a comfortable office chair that gives you plenty of support. Research exactly what kind of lumbar and spinal support the chair will offer before purchasing it.

A cheap office chair often doesn’t have enough back support, so it is best to spend a little more to get an ergonomic office chair like the Herman Miller Mirra that curves and moves with your spine so that your back won’t be put into awkward positions. Another office chair idea is that if your favorite chair doesn’t have adequate back support, you can get some useful back and lumbar support pillows.

  • Think About Your Budget

This is very simple, you should think about how much you want to spend.

But whether you are buying an office chair for $50 or $500, always try to get the best quality by researching reviews for different options. getting quality. You should also get a warranty on the office chair just in case.

  • Buy a Chair That Moves With You

Besides back support, the movement of a comfortable office chair is also very important. You will need an office chair with several modes of moving and adjustable so that you can use it chair with any desk setup to adjust to different seating arrangements.

With the guide and well-designed chairs home office ideas, you can now forget about your ordinary and cheap office chair that is causing you back pain, and start some good habits with these extraordinary and comfortable office chair ideas. Have you found your favorite chair design?

Or, unfortunately, are you not intrigued by these quirky office chair ideas? No problem, just stick to a high-quality ergonomic office chair like the Secretlab NeueChair!

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