20+ Most Extravagant Retro & Modern Style Basement Rec Room Ideas You May’ve Never Thought Of By 2023

When the current house feels outdated, it’s time to do remodeling. Usually, remodeling a home becomes a major problem when you meet a spacious room.

If it’s located in the basement, then you can transform it into a recreational room. This should be a paradise where you can relax and get your mind off of work. That’s why you’re going to need a large space.

Here, we have provided you with over 20 ideas of the basement rec room. We believe that you might be inspired by one—or more—of these. Let’s have a look!

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Home Theater Rec Room Ideas

After a long day of work, watching a movie can be a great escape. If you have a huge space in the basement, you can transform it into a home theater.

Other than making this rec room as a mini-theater, you can also use it to hold a private party. Here, you will have a lot of space to hang out with friends or families.

To make the gathering even more relaxing, choose a tone of color that can actually calm you down, such as this soft brown.

Rec Room with Bowling Lane

Your basement rec room can be transformed into any kind of room based on your preference.

In this case, the room is transformed into a mini-bowling area with a youthful spirit inspired design.

As you see, there are spiral clouds on the ceiling. The ceiling is also decorated with a lot of hanging lamps and some accents.

Then, some areas on the walls are also painted with mural arts. The room is also dominated by blue color and accompanied by pops of red in some spots.

Gym in Basement Rec Room

One of the purposes of creating a recreational room is to provide an entertaining space where you can get rid of the stress.

For some people, going to the gym is a way to escape from stressful thoughts and feelings.

However, if the gym is too far, it can be a problem.

If you are one of those people who hate to walk or drive to the gym, you can easily bring the gym home by remodeling your basement rec room to gym space.

You can equip your home gym with a treadmill, boxing bag, and more.

Gym-Inspired Man Cave

A man cave is an extra room where the man has all the rights in the world to equip it with manly stuff, such as video games, ping pong table, gymnastic equipment, and more.

This idea allows you to fit all of the things mentioned previously in just one room.

The key to building a man cave is to keep it simple because real men do not like to exaggerate things.

Then, pick a color that represents simplicity, such as this natural wood color.

Luxurious Pool Table Rec Room

In many cases, some men prefer to have a luxurious man cave. This is the example of the statement.

As you see, the wall that’s stretched to the kitchen is composed of stacks of stones.

Then, the room has simple, yet spectacular lighting.

Moreover, as luxurious as this room looks; the furnishing is actually pretty simple, because you may want to emphasize the pool table in the middle.

Luxurious Chandelier in the Rec Room

Since the rec room is an escape room, you have to make it as dreamy as possible.

The color of this room alone is fascinating. It is soft, simple, and elegant. The layout of the room is attractive.

The sofa is separated from the bar table by these luxurious curtains that have a unique pattern.

In front of the sofa, there’s a pool table. On top of the table, there’s the luxurious chandelier that will amaze all of your friends.

Rec Room Ideas on A Budget

Oh, man, I’m on a budget! Can I still have an enjoyable rec room?

Of course! Here’s one of the ideas for you who’re on a budget. The parameter for “enjoyable” is flexible, so you may decorate your basement rec room with all of the things that you like the most.

This homeowner of this idea has an arcade game, posters, and other unique decorations.

In the middle of the room, there is a pool table. A pool table is the most important element of a rec room because it can be played by a lot of people.

Later, when all of your friends or family come over, the pool table must become crowded.

Rec Room for All!

This one is not located in the basement. As you can see, it has huge windows that allow natural light to come inside.

The room is massive that you can actually fit a pool table, a bar, a game-watching area, and more.

Looking at the design and style, this model is suitable for a recreational room in an office.

Rec Room for Teenage Daughter

Do you have a teenage daughter who loves hanging out at her friend’s a lot?

We know… one way or another, there will be a time where you want your daughter to spend her time with her friends here, at your house.

If you’re planning on giving her a special space in the house, this might be the answer to your prayer.

The rec room is equipped with fun and social games, such as the pool table, ping pong table, watching the TV area, and the hand-football table. There’s even an L-shape kitchen at the back.

Movie Theater in the Basement Rec Room

One of the best ideas to make use of the large space in the basement is to transform it into a theater because it provides a special place for everyone during the holidays or the weekends.

To create a high-quality theater, you need to make sure that the space is compatible with cinema equipment or tools.

To build the desired atmosphere, for example, natural and relaxing, you can choose brown.

Fire Pit in the Basement Rec Room

You may say, “Sofa is so outdated!” and we have prepared this design to satisfy your need for the newest trend.

These days, people are more and more interested in using bean bags in the seating area. That way, the room feels bigger and wider than it actually is.

Moreover, the one element that becomes the center of attention is the fire pit below the projection. The fire provides warmth for the whole family and friends when the movie is playing.

Rec Room with Furniture Made of Mahogany

How to make a sensational rec room?

Easy! The answer is to put a natural element inside of the room.

This idea allows you to have a gorgeous home-bar. The bar is made of mahogany wood that matches the floor and the Ping-Pong table.

To set the mood, you can choose red color bulb for the lighting fixture or the standard standing lamp. The red ambiance will make the Ping-Pong game even more intense.

Rec Room for Sports Enthusiast

This idea is very suitable for boys who love sport very much. The room is fully decorated with sport displays.

At the far end, there’s a pool table. Next to the pool table is a wall decoration that is a deer’s head. This ornament, somehow, makes the room feels like a pub.

Not only that the room is filled with American football merchandise, but this room also has a secret, a built-in wine cupboard.

Rec Room Shack with A Pool Table

What if my basement isn’t large enough?

A recreational room doesn’t always have to be in the basement. If the basement is too small, then you can use another room.

Let’s take a look at the room!

The ceiling and the walls are composed of woods, while the floor is covered with gray carpet

Meanwhile, in the middle of the room, there is a pop of red color from the antique pool table that you can easily find in a thrift shop.

Don’t forget to mind the placement of the lighting fixture, because it influences how the mood controls the area.

Cinema and Bar Rec Room

Since a rec room is supposed to be this room where you enjoy the rest of the day, it has to provide you entertainment.

Here, you see that the room has a mini cinema in the far right, while there are a bar stool and the pool table on the left.

If your friends or family already feel bored of watching cinema, they can go to the pool table or just casually sitting on the bar.

Sufficient Rec Room

This rec room may be small, but the size doesn’t even matter in this case. The walls are decorated with a lot of framed pictures which adds a strong character to the room.

It also has an arcade game and a football where you can play with friends or family.

To ease the red on the walls, you should choose a brighter color for the floor. This idea shows that gray works perfectly with red.

Swimming in the Rec Room

Is it possible to have a swimming pool in the rec room? Yes!

The possibility is endless. As long as you’re thinking creatively, anything becomes possible.

However, a swimming pool requires a large space. Other than that, you may need a lot of money to dig down too.

In the end, is it worth it?

Yes! Swimming reduces stress and exhaustion, so, having a swimming pool in a rec room is a great idea to refresh our body.

Rec Room with Movie Screen

One of the most popular activities to do in a rec room is watching a movie or anything from a film screen. That’s why you need to make it as cozy as possible.

To complete the plan, you need to have some tools: a huge film screen and the audio.

Since it is a watching movie area, use black as the background of the screen to help your eyes see easier.

On the contrary, use a brighter color for the rest of the area. This room’s ceiling is also decorated with square ceiling lamps.

Rec Room with Extravagant Sofa

One of the most important elements of a rec room is the sofa. It has to be very comfortable because everyone who comes here is looking for relaxation.

Other than the extravagant sofa, you also have to provide the room with enough entertainment.

This room provides a small golfing area, a foosball area, a bar, and a lot of space for socializing.

Fun Games for the Rec Room

The recreational room is all about happiness and joy. As soon as you step in the room, you must do something for fun, such as playing some games.

That’s why you need to be certain that the room is equipped with a lot of wonderful games.

As you see, the picture shows you that there is a chess game on the table and a pool table behind the chess.

To help you more relaxed, you can install an aquarium too. If it will take a lot of space, then you can have it built-in.

This way, your friends and family won’t run out of ideas to obtain fun!

Rec Room with A Wonderful Bar

When we feel stress, we need something that will refresh our mind and body. To some people, alcohol is an escape from stress.

That’s why the bar becomes another most important element to have in the rec room.

This bar is quite huge and is decorated with natural stones wall and gorgeous granite countertops. The island that becomes the bar’s table is accompanied by two light pendants.

Rec Room with Bonfire

During winter, you have to prevent the coldness from entering the rec room. Having a mini fire pit or place in the rec room will be the nicest thing.

The placement of the pit depends on your preference and the layout of the room.

However, this design is rather unique, because the pit or the bonfire is located in between the TV area and the pool table.

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Rec Room with Mini Library

Reading is a great way to escape from reality. It brings us to another realm of excitement. To bring the books closer to you, you can complete the rec room with a mini-library.

As you can see, this room tries to emphasize a natural appearance, and that can be seen from all of the woodwork. The beams are huge and it adds a strong character to the entire room.

Moreover, you can have the bookshelves built-in one of the sides of the walls. Since the room isn’t located in the basement, it’s an opportunity for you to let natural light comes in.

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