Luxury Mansion/Apartment Game Room Ideas 2021: 57+ Fancy Gaming Setups For Ultimate Family Entertainment

Hello all video gamers, pool sharks, home theatre addicts, board game collectors & party hosts!

How does the interior design of your dream game room look like? Whether your game space is a Vegas-themed mini casino, a LED highlighted VR scope, or an arcade room dedicated to everything retro, the following epic ideas will help you create the best luxury gaming experience and level up your game room setup.

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✅ Best Gaming Chair

Highest Quality Of The More Affordable Gaming Chairs – Assembly was fairly easy. The quality of the leather is good and the overall feeling of the chair is comfortable. The reclining feature helps even further in finding the sweet spot for one’s own personal preference for maximum comfort. The headrest is nice. The armrests are nice, though non-adjustable. The base of the chair has nice high-quality rollers. The hydraulic height adjustment is there.

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✅ Best Gaming Desk Set Up – Computer Workstation PC Gamer Desk

Awesome Desk – This desk was VERY easy to assemble. It comes with all the tools necessary and even a screwdriver that is quality enough to keep around the house for quick jobs. It has ample room for even the biggest stuff It does sit a tad bit high. It looks incredible and the cable management is very convenient”

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✅ Best Gaming Room Arcade TV

Love It For The Game Room – Perfect thing to decorate your game room. You’ll have to buy your own glass/mirror hanging hardware because it doesn’t come with any hardware. Super easy to pop up and the neon is nice and bright. Very cool.

Are you converting a spare room/floor/session at the mansion/apartment into the ultimate family entertainment room? Here is how to kickstart the planning!

  • Decide on the location: where will you situate your epic gamer room? At the loft, basement, garage, backyard house, next to the living room or through a secret hidden door? Are you going to have one big gamer room in open plan, or a series of gamer rooms for different functions?
  • Think about the users: Will there be separated kids corner, man cave or she shed?
  • Decide your game room must-haves: sports room, card table, old-school arcade cabinets, pinball, pool table, bar, snack corner, theater room, scoreboard, tabletop games, foosball table, projector, massage chairs, indoor golf, gym – what else is on your mind?
  • Go all out with a theme: and start to collect epic decorations!
  • Have fun with colors: the color you choose will set the tone of the room atmosphere, popular choices are black and red, black and white, xbox green, pink, light blue, warm beige, wood and orange.
  • Design magical artificial lighting: but also remember to embrace natural light sources.
  • Plan for space organization: No matter how big or luxury the game room is, you still need to plan for shelving and ways to organize cables.
  • Think of how to display: Everyone has some favourite games, posters, consoles, figures etc as collection, will you want to display them on the ceiling, on the walls, in shelves or maybe even on floor through glass flooring?
  • Invest in nice chairs and furniture: Ergonometric designs will be your preference as you will use the space a lot for long hours!
  • Plan your AV system, good speakers & soundproof: Space is epic, sound effect should be epic too!
  • Set your budget, timeline & start shopping!
  • Find your contractor/designer/consultant: start planning the building service and start demolition/building!

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