How To Record HD Video With Parrot AR Drone Elite Edition Quadricopter? Features, Hacks & Deals 2021

The Parrot AR Drone Elite Edition Quadricopter is possibly the best drone in the market. Combining awesome features including the ability to record High Definition (HD) videos, this drone hits the perfect balance between functionality and price.

Did you ever want to own a quadri-copter where you can have fun recording videos from the air? If you like most other people love recording videos from the sky, then get ready to say hello to the latest video recording gadget in town, the Parrot AR Drone Elite Edition Quadricopter. With the ability to zip through the room, fly through the air, climb ceilings and move over high objects, this drone is perhaps the most innovative quadcopter with video recording available today. And with the 720-pixel High Definition video recording and direct feed straight to your Smartphone, having fun recording videos from a controlled drone has never been easier.

How To Find The Best Deal

When it comes to buying fun-to-use gadgets like the Drone, you almost always need to find a physical store that specializes in entertainment toys and products. But unlike most other entertainment grown-up toys available today, you don’t need to run to your local gadgets store to get your hands on a guided drone of your very own, as you can easily take a look online and get some of the best deals for your guided drone.

Actually, the Parrot AR drone has been discontinued by the company, but its successor, the Parrot Anafi is one of the best drones in the market today. I will write an article soon, but the best characteristics are:

  • FPV: Fly the drone like you are inside.
  • 4K HDR camera with 3x zoom
  • Flight time: 26 minutes.
  • User friendly interface.

Amazon has the best deal for the new Parrot Anafi and you can check it out by clicking the box below:

And best of all, the Parrot A.R Drone 2.0 will be delivered with a complete warranty right to your doorsteps. This means, you no longer need to search high and low or spend a ton of money to buy a guided drone for yourself. You can simply order online and start having fun recording videos from this Elite Quadricopter in just an hour or two.

Get Crazy Recording HD Videos From The Sky

With a light and fully functional 720-pixels video recording camera, you can rest assure that you will only get HD quality video every time you shoot a video. And with an H246 encoding base and 30 FPS recording, you don’t have to worry about unwanted pixelation or poor video quality no matter how fast the Drone Elite Quadricopter moves, under any lighting conditions.

The best part about the guided drone is the live feed sent directly to your smartphone (Android or iPhone), which allows you to monitor every move and every second of video in real-time HD. And with the ability to stream videos at low latency, you will only get a full HD real-time video feed every time you are recording. With full HD recordings, you can store videos on the fly directly on the device or flash drive, allowing you to capture long hours of HD videos and save every precious recording event. And it’s not only videos; you can also take HD JPEG photos to save your precious moments securely directly to your smartphone.


Looks like simple features but the AR Drone 2.0 is one of the few quadricopters with this recording and feeding high definition video functionality at this price level. If you are just starting into this hobby, this drone is the perfect pick between value and fun.

AR Quadricopter Drone Features and Specifications

Despite its HD video recording and imaging capabilities, what makes this quadricopter o quadcopter drone one of the best toys in the market today is its long list of features and top-of-the-line manufacturing. And just to give you an idea of what the guided quadricopter comes packed with, here is a closer look at its list of features and specifications:

Parrot AR Drone 2 Quadricopter
  •  Lightweight Carbon Fiber Body which reduces the total weight of the quadricopter down to 800 grams, allowing you to easily move through the room and climb great heights without any effort.
  •  30% plastic parts made from high grade fiber charged nylon helps to reduce the overall weight, eliminate toxicity and increase longevity.
  •  Heavy Duty Foam separating the inertial center from engine vibrations, to give better control and movement.
  •  Ultrasound Sensors with Liquid Nano Coating Repellent to prevent unwanted sensor blocks and jams.
  •  Can be repaired completely, parts available online.
  •  Sintered Metal Mold injected Hull to improve balance and stability while flying.
  •  4 X 14.5 Watt 28,500 RPM Brushless Runners for smooth flying
  •  800 MHZ 32 ARM Cortex 8 32 Bit Processor providing ultimate control
  •  200 MHz DDR 2 RAM 1 GB
  •  High Speed USB 2.0
  •  Wi-Fi
  •  2000 degree per second precision tri-axis gyroscope
  •  +-50mg precision tri-axis accelerometer
  •  Ground Altitude Measurement Ultra Sound Sensor
  •  720 Pixel HD camera recording at 30 FPS
  •  92 degree diagonal wide angle lens
  •  Encoding Base Profile H264
  •  Available in three colors
  •  Supporting Android / iOS App

Having known all the specifications, features, and benefits of the guided Drone, it’s time that you stop thinking and start having fun recording videos from a Drone Elite Quadricopter of your very own.

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