Gaming Setup In Living Room: 17+ Best Ways To Play PC Games At Home 2022

What if you live in a small apartment and the only place to place the gaming setup is in the living room? In this blog, we will show you some best ways to play PC Games on TV without a desk.

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✅ Best Gaming Setup – Wireless HDMI Kit

Much better than expected! – No glitches and no drop in video quality.

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✅ Best Gaming Setup – Google Chromecast

Outstanding & Very Economical – Arrives with no problem, this is basically a plug & go unit. No problem at all. If you possess no tech knowledge, no sweat. There is no learning curve at all, very simple to set up. The options are literally unlimited as far as watching movies, live t.v., kid shows, weather, news…

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✅ Best Gaming Setup – Stream Video Games, Plug & Play

It Works With Laptops, Reduces CPU Load When In Standalone Mode – This one works perfectly. It is a big plus that it can work in standalone mode.

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✅ Best Wireless Mechanical Keyboard & Gaming Lapboard Combo

I Have Been Looking For Something Like This For The Last Couple of Years & They Were … – Worth every penny. The G602 Logitech works fine in a pinch if you’re looking for a real wireless/couch/bed computer gaming experience but it’s not even close to the G502.

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✅ Best Gaming Lights Color Ambiance Bar

Works Great In The Hue System. No Complaints! – These work well within the HUE ecosystem. Extremely bright at the highest setting, minimal heat from them, and very responsive.

How To Play PC Games On TV Wirelessly?

Ideally playing games on cable gives you much better experience. However the following 3 ways allow you to easily setup PC games on TV wirelessly.

  • Use a wireless HDMI kit to connect any HDMI-capable device to your TV, so you can use your TV as a PC monitor.
  • Use a Google Chromecast to browse internet from a PC, Mac, or mobile device and show the content on your TV.
  • Use a Steam Link to stream video games from your PC to a TV wirelessly over wifi, or ethernet cable.

Gamer Living Room Ideas

Living Room Gaming Chair

Couch PC Gaming Setup

Recliner PC Gaming Setup

Living Room Gaming Setup Organization

Living Room Gaming Lights

How Do I Make My Living Room Into A Gaming Room ?

Things to consider when making your living room into a gaming room

  • 1. A good set of speakers
  • 2. Comfortable floor mat
  • 3. Gaming console
  • 4. Wide sofa (if you do not already have one)
  • 5. Wide screen TV (if you do not already have one)
  • 6. Video projector
  • 7. Soundproofing mechanism

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