20+ Futuristic Sci Fi Themed Interior Design Ideas: Room For Gaming, Office, Living Room, Apartment, Lighting 2022

What will be our future be like?

Will it be as bright, stylish, aesthetic, and enticing as projected by our favorite games and animations?

Spaceship, cyberpunk, glowing neon lighting, control room, alien, unreal engine, art station – Futuristic interior designs can be many things, and the “perfect choice” of Sci-Fi decoration might look very different for each and every one of us, but there are a few major style-ingredients that can serve as the basis for you to kickstart any room design. Here are some aesthetic ideas to keep you inspired.

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✅ Best Galaxy Light Projector Star Projector Skylight for Gaming Room

Absolutely love this projector! – This star projector light was a wonderful addition to my night routine. It not only provides a pleasing and enjoyable light show but has a different setting to your choosing. It allows for a different array of customizable color combinations but also designs as well as your choice to add stars, a galaxy, or a lovely underwater effect. While the stars only come in one color (green) it does well with the colors it was given.

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✅ Best Fantasy Cyber-Punk Cityscape Futuristic Tapestry Wall Hanging

The tapestry exceeded your expectations, it’s way better than imagined it to be. The quality of the fabric and picture is amazing. Definitely your favorite tapestry. It looks pretty great and goes with a cyberpunk theme.

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✅ Best Game Controller Holder Stand Wall Mount

These look AWESOME! – Hooks. How much is there to say about them? Well, these ones are cool as far as hooks go. They feel very durable, have a nice, smooth glossy finish, and actually look aesthetically pleasing. These look AWESOME! Easy to install and they feel really sturdy. Honestly, the adhesive feels strong enough.

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✅ Best 3D Illusion Platform Night Lighting Decor LED Lamp

Great product – The 3D perspective “illusion” is fine. It seems like a lot of people don’t understand how this works. It’s literally a 2D etching of the Death Star on an acrylic panel in a 3D perspective. The illusion isn’t supposed to be too indistinguishable, but it also doesn’t work well when you’re in a well-lit room. It works perfectly in your game room with blackout curtains.

Futuristic Computer Gaming Setup

Futuristic Movies Inspired Office

Futuristic Apartment Bedroom

Sci Fi Living Room

Sci Fi Arcade Room

Retro Futuristic Concept Art

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