Ei-Hi S911C UFO 6 Axis Gyro Camera Quadcopter Review 2021

This Ei Hi may be the best drone with a camera for under $200. It is built around a traditional radio-controlled design model which makes it larger and more flight capable than many of the drones in this price range. With the included microSD card for video storage, it can also be the best drone for photography too. The camera is high definition and the drone shots while in flight. The footage can then be loaded into the editing software program of your choice to create the images you need. This is a consumer hobby drone designed for short fun flights and it is gaining a following on the Internet.

Product Specifications

This drone weighs just over 3 pounds and comes with everything you need to take your first flight right out of the box. The battery is a LiPo 500 with a short charge time. The modular construction of the drone makes the replacement parts affordable so you can get longer use from the product. It incorporates a red UFO light for visibility that can be turned on or off. It also has a body that is protected with foam to give extra crash protection.


The S911C.offers solid features that can make it the right choice for many first-time fliers and experienced fliers who are looking for a fun drone to take on picnics. The features include:

  • Protective foam drop protection allows drone to bounce back up into flight
  • Lights turn off and on with switch on body to conserve battery power
  • Included 2G micro SD card
  • Gyro positioning control with 6 axis control points
  • Charges in less than 2 hours
  • Average flight time is 7 to 9 minutes
  • Channel flying function with 4 path control
  • Modular design allows for low cost swap repair and little maintenance
  • High powered lift props allow for lift in variable winds


The Ei-Hi is designed for the hobby flier who is looking for a little bit more than the average entry-level drone has to offer. Camera equipped, this is perfect for outdoor gatherings, hobby flights, and other short flight space areas. The resolution of the camera is high enough to produce promotion-quality images and short films of events. The size makes it easy for beginners to handle and the modular construction reduces repair and maintenance costs. One of the other common uses for this drone is made possible because of its unusual lightweight. It is ideal for hiking, biking, and camping trips to add an extra dimension to your experience of different areas.

Average Customer Reviews

There are a lot of customer reviews for this drone model because of its popularity in its price range. We have summarized the points that the majority are in agreement on.

  • This is a highly functional drone that delivers a lot of service for the price. The easy to replace parts, easy availability of parts and low cost for them make it an ideal beginner or hobby drone. Many people also recommend it as a good base drone if you are experimenting with modifications.
  • The downside to its low price appears to be its lack of quality documentation. Most people found that they could learn what they needed to know by visiting forums or asking questions online at the purchase site.
  • The battery life is short but the tradeoff for the price and the light weight of the drone made it well worth it.
  • The image quality is surprisingly good. That is comes with a MicroSD card is perfect. You can start flying and recording right out of the box.

The Final Word

Finding a camera drone review that really looks at the worth of the budget drone is hard. In reading the customer reviews it is easy to see that this is an ideal beginner model. It can make the perfect drone for kids, or for those who want to try out the experience before deciding if they want to commit to a more expensive model. Its light weight is one of its biggest selling points. You can take this drone with you wherever you want to go.

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