DXRacer Formula Series Review 2023: Are They Comfortable?

Options were limited for gamers back in the day.

In 1985, when the NES was released to the United States, a midnight black d-pad and two crimson buttons were all you had to rescue princesses and foil the plans of nefarious, barrel-hurling apes. You couldn’t save your game, you didn’t have stereo sound, and you only had 8-bits of color tone to help you escape the reality of your daily life.

And when it came to gaming chairs, your options were even lamer: your mom’s couch, the beat-up shag carpet, or a rickety wooden dining room chair. Fast forward to modern days, and you’ve got a near limitless supply of gaming chairs to choose from.

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Today, we’ll make your choice a little easier with our DXRacer F Series review. The Formula Series is a top-of-the-line, luxury chair built with durability and ergonomics in mind for the lightweight gamer.

Let’s dive right into the review.

DXRacer Formula Series

  • Overall Score: 9.3
  • Comfort: 9.5/10
  • Ease Of Assembly: 9.2/10
  • Durability: 9.3/10
  • Features: 9.0/10


  • Lumbar Support
  • High-Quality Materials
  • Adjustment Capability/Features
  • Great for Smaller Gamers


  • High Price Point
  • Lumbar Cushion Can Be Uncomfortable

Built To Last, Built To Game

The F Series isn’t just another office chair. With your choice of aluminum or nylon base, the chair is crafted to last and designed with a 200-pound weight capacity. A five-point base provides the best stability you can get from a gaming chair, and the 2-inch polyurethane casters allow for a smooth roll that won’t scuff your floors.

And DXRacer doesn’t stop there with their promise of a long-lasting product meant to endure the wear and tear of the regular gamer. Just like every chair they sell, the Formula Series is backed by their two-year warranty on chair parts and lifetime warranty on the steel frame.

Enhanced Ergonomics

Beyond just a solid structure, the F Series is designed to level up your comfort game. Every gamer has experienced that sharp pain in the neck—that sting in the back—that accompanies a late-night session.

You know what I’m talking about.

Well, DXRacer’s got your back (literally). The F Series has lumbar support that sits much higher than typical backrests, ergonomically designed to offer you lasting support all the way from your neck down your spinal column and straight onto your pelvis.

The chair is also built with customization in mind so that you can match it to your gaming preferences. The gas spring base makes adjusting height a breeze, and the armrests easily slide up or down as your elbows demand. The back can even recline up to 135 degrees (perfect for napping!)

The Perfect Fit For Slim Gamer

When it comes to gaming chairs, there is no such thing as one size fits all. If manufacturers tried to create a chair that suits everyone, it would end up suiting no one. DXRacer knows this, which is why every one of their chairs is designed with a specific body type in mind.

The F Series is their choice for light weight gamers with small waists and average height. Specifically, DXRacer recommends this chair for gamers around 5’8”, weighing in at 180 pounds, and bearing a waist no larger than 14.5”.

Aesthetic Appeal

All of DXRacer’s chairs will make your gaming den look beautiful. They’ve got that modern, almost space-age look that lets everyone know that gaming is more than just a hobby for you.

It’s a way of life.

Boasting almost 40 different color combinations, you’ll have no trouble finding the right tones to match your decor. In fact, the trouble you might have is choosing just one of their sleek designs.

And while we’re talking about the upholstery, it’s worth noting that the F Series covers are built to do more than just look pretty. They are built to breathe. The polyurethane material from which they are crafted is sweat resistant, designed to retain less heat than traditional leather. Never fear sticking to your chair again during a long midsummer night’s game.

The Drawbacks

The DXRacer F Series is a state-of-the-art gaming chair. But, despite all of its impressive features, it is still not for everyone. But as I said before, no chair really is.

So let’s take a look at who this chair is NOT designed for.

  • Medium to Large Builds. The F Series was crafted with the stereotypical short and skinny gamer in mind. Those weighing more than 200 lbs, taller than 5’10”, or with broad shoulders are not going to fit well in the F Series. A larger model such as the King Series or the Tank would work well for such builds.
  • Budget Buyers. If you aren’t ready to spring for a luxury chair then the F Series isn’t for you. It is top-of-the-line after all, and such perfection comes at a price. On the other hand, when you take in mind the durability of the chair, the reduction in long-term back pain, and the lifetime warranty on the frame, it is definitely worth thinking of the price tag as an investment rather than a cost.
  • Free Arm Gamers. Some gamers don’t like their arms resting on anything, and for them, the F Series may be an annoyance. Although the armrests are adjustable, you can’t really get them completely out of your way. This isn’t really a defect of the chair. It’s just a matter of preference that you should be aware of before purchasing.

Final Thoughts

If you’ve got the short and slim body type and are ready to invest in the last gaming chair you’ll ever need, then the DXRacer F Series is meant for you. Its ergonomic comfort, durable structure, and visual appeal are unmatched compared to almost anything else on the market.

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