107+ Cool Stylish Retro Gamer Room Ideas For Those Who Loves Video Games Of The 80s & 90s (2022)

Do you also have a huge collection of retro video games growing up? 

Video games have brought us so many childhood happy memories, We think they deserve a home in a well-planned modern vintage gamer game room (SHRINE TO RETRO GAMES!).

Your gaming room is your personal relax area, you need to decorate it the way you want it with a lot of personal touches! A retro video game room cannot look complete without neatly organized shelves of retro game collection, walls of retro posters, classic gaming room lights, retro arcade, vintage-style game room bar sign, and some fun gaming setup furniture pieces such as a Pacman carpet or a Paladone Super Mario Donkey Kong coffee table.

In this article, you’ll find plenty of items that coordinate well together for a fun, themed retro look. Keep scrolling!

Retro Video Game Gamer Room Ideas

This is the chance to liven your walls with inexpensive themed wood or metal signs and colorful aesthetic posters or get exotic with classic gaming wall art.

Which console and games would you want to see on your wall art? Retro games should spill across floors and posters cover almost every piece of wallpaper.  Each picture will take you back to different phases of your childhood and reflects the aesthetic of the times. Oh so beautiful!

Tiki bar, retro garage, nerd cave, poker room, biker bar, home theater – whatever style, location, size, or set up you are thinking of for your retro gamer room, we’ve got the decor to turn your gaming room into the coolest space in the home.

Limited in space so where to set up your small retro video game corner? Actually, you can easily set up the Retro section in the living room, bedroom, basement, loft, secret room, home office and it will still look great!

Retro Video Game Room Decor

Important! Do not miss this session ==> A successful retro gaming will not be completed without these super popular retro video game decorations. Click the images to explore!

✅ Of course these retro video room decor can be the perfect GIFT ideas for gamers too ==> Think you missed something fun? Scroll up to check again! It is a good idea to click the images and add the items to cart so you do not forget about them later.

Video Game Room Accessories

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✅ Best YYST Universal Game Controller Organizer

Great product!! – They are extremely easy to install. Less than 10 mins! They are very flexible and bend with very little effort to fit the controller. It really organizes your controllers and makes your gaming experience a lot better! They also come with a cover for the screws which makes it looks super clean!! Very good quality!! Very good price!! If you are thinking of getting these, stop thinking and do it!!! You’ll thank yourself!!

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✅  Best Atlantic Oskar Adjustable Media Cabinet

Quality affordable pick – These are the bomb! First off, these are NOT made to be moved around all the time or constantly adjusted, but they are made to accommodate your movie/music/game collection while taking up the smallest footprint possible. Fairly easy to set up. Low profile, predictable quality, and low cost. You can easily put two of these stands side-by-side to create a “one” unit, and you can even anchor these to a wall if you feel it needs the extra support.

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✅ Best Stock Your Home DVD Storage Box

Nice and sturdy way to organize your movies and games – The material isn’t actual leather but some sort of plastic. But it feels nice and sturdy. It doesn’t feel cheap. Your game collection will be stacked together and sort of lock together so you don’t have to worry about everything falling over. Overall these are well made and worth the money.

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✅  Best Skywin Game Storage Tower for Nintendo Switch

Super nice protection – Your pet has a horrible habit of chewing whatever cords? Between this and a stuffed bear, you finally have a good set-up to keep the cords for your Switch and PS4 hidden so it cannot destroy them anymore!

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✅  Best Atlantic 62735674 Media Stix CD/DVD Pack

Perfect storage! – These modular racks are the Perfect Solution for your DVD & BLU RAY storage.

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✅  Best Besti Home DVD Storage Bags (2-Pack)

Love it – These are fantastic. Very sturdy. You can definitely tell the difference in the quality of materials.

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✅ Best Funlab Premium Game Card Case for Nintendo Switch

Great design – The product is very well designed. The color is vibrant. It feels solid. The game cartridges are snug, but still easy enough to take out and put back in. Overall a good product and recommend to all Pokémon fans, or to anyone who just wants a nice Nintendo Switch cartridge Case.’

Retro Games On Amazon

Considering that I grew up with these games I can definitely say that it was a blast to play them again.

The Dream Cast, Ps1, Nintendo 64 were all a part of my childhood but the GameCube was the biggest part of my childhood. I’m a big Nintendo fan and I will still be playing retro games, buying retro games, and collecting retro games. Click the images to see the low price if anything interests you.

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