29+ Cool Gamer Basement Ideas For Adults To Copy! 2021

Basement is perfect for gaming room. The darkness becomes an advantage for the gamer to stay focused, and the natural sound proofing helps to reduce neighbour complaints. In the guide we included A LOT OF great ideas to get you inspired.

Basement Video Game Room Ideas For Adults

When designing your basement video game room, follow the following steps:

  • Discuss with family members about expectation
  • Set a budget
  • Set a timeline
  • Set a theme, or at least a color theme
  • Measure the room size
  • Plan out the layout
  • Choose a good speaker
  • Plan out sound proof measures
  • Choose your gaming chair
  • Choose your gaming desk
  • Decide on TV, monitor or projector setup
  • Decide on monitor (or multi monitors) stand
  • Plan out electricity installation, wiring & organisation
  • Decide on console and accessories
  • Design the lighting (VERY IMPORTANT!)
  • Improve Wifi
  • Set up gaming room signage
  • Personalise the space by displaying gaming collections & favourite posters, art, quotes
  • Add carpet/flooring for gaming chair
  • Add blinds or light proof curtain for windows(if any)
  • Install lounge chair, beanbag or bed for rest time
  • Plan for bar, theater, lounge area, bathroom and other game zones if space allows.

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