11 Really Cool Black Gaming Room Design & Setup Ideas For You To Copy 2022

Black is a nice wall color for gaming rooms because the color eliminates sense of dimension and time of the space. It helps you to stay focused and works well with LED decorative lighting of any color. Black is a nice color scheme for also gamer home office and entertainment living room for the same reason.

Many gamers paint the wall in front of them black, or hang a black painting or tapestry behind the monitor to achieve the embedded atmosphere.

However you should also note these concerns before action

  • Black walls make the room look smaller
  • Black ceiling makes the space feels lower

Black floor or fabric with texture or patterns are the best to hide dirt, scratches and dusts. If for any reason you do not want to paint the walls black, then just bring in some black rugs, black covers, black bedding, black tapestry to decorate the room and achieve similar results.

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Best Gaming Setup Decorations

Exactly as it looks in the photos – Honestly it’s awesome! Comes with 2 additional bulbs just in case one burns out, which is great. Nothing was broken upon arrival- in fact, the packaging was very appropriate. Looks exactly like the photos

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Best Gaming Setup Desk

Largest gaming space you will find – Parts all feel very sturdy and assembly is straightforward. It is truly a massive mousepad with great seams. If you are looking for the largest gaming/workspace out there this is it.

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Best Gaming Room Lights

Worth the price – Lots of color selections and the lights are bright. They are easy to install and you can cut them if they’re too long. There are dim, flash and music options. The app is handy but can be glitchy at times. Overall, you really like these lights.

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Best Gaming Setup Accessories

Pretty and convenient – Not really value for money per se, but it is really nice and convenient to have the charging ports and space for two headphones. The RGB is pretty and makes you feel less alone and sad.

In the following guide we included 11 design themes for black gamer rooms to inspire you.

Full Matte Black

Black And Orange

Black And White

Black And Blue

Black And Yellow

Black And Gray

Black And Green

Black And Red

Black And Purple



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