13+ Best Ways To SoundProof Your Computer Gaming Room? (Desk Audio Setup & Interior Acoustic Noise Cancelling 2023)

Imagine it. The ultimate gaming room. The basic setup will include a gaming PC, headsets, massive monitor, gaming chairs, sound system, web cam, gaming systems, multiple controls, and more. If the budget allows then it would have table games like ping-pong and air hockey, darts, and a place to play cards and board games. Perhaps it will have escape room puzzles and arcade games, a pool table, too. It may even feature a dorm fridge for beverages, snack bar, and a convenient bathroom close by. You, your family and friends will spend a lot of happy time in this gaming room and have a lot of nice memories created.

But what about the game room soundproofing? How to install acoustic control without destroying the perfect style? What would it feel like? Would it feature a pattern or design?

If you’re looking to remodel an unused bedroom, section of your garage, basement, or other area of your house into a game room, an effective plan should be in place with the game room acoustic being an important part of an awesome game room so to stay in peace with other family members and neighbours.

It works two ways. Gamers don’t want to listen to outside noise and people outside don’t want to listen to your gaming noise.

So how to soundproof your gaming room so you can play as loud as you want and no one will ever complain?

Here are our best suggestions of how to soundproof a computer room. Note you might need to install multiple of these gadgets depending on how sensitive your ears and your neighbors ears are.

Fill A Hollow Core Door/Wall For Soundproofing

If you can, design your gaming room in a room with thick walls, if that is not an option then install soundproof foams on your walls/doors for improvement.

For doors, solid core wood doors are the best for soundproofing comparing to hollow core doors or glass doors. Hinged door are better for acoustic than sliding doors or folding doors.

If there is any hollow door, hole, gap or wall around your gaming room, other than replacing them all to solid core options, one less common but very effective solution is to fill the hollow space with insulation foam.

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✅ Best Dow Froth Pak 650

Perfect! – After insulating with it, there will be an immediate improvement on saving and comfort!

Install Noise Cancelling Blanket For Doors

The noise cancelling blankets can also be hang temporary in any room to reduce sounds. If your acoustic wall foams and soundproofing curtains cannot do the work well, consider adding another layer of noise cancelling blankets.

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✅ Best Audimute Sound Absorption Sheet

Neighbors will hate you less! – Seriously these are amazing. At .85 NRC they seem to absorb all but the loudest sounds, and even in those cases the total decibel level going in or out is significant. If you don’t want to completely rebuild a room to get decent to excellent quality soundproofing, a few of these will work wonders.

Use Acoustic Foam Panels For Gaming On Walls, Ceiling & Under Table

Scroll on to the bottom of this guide to see A LOT OF inspiration of how can you elegantly integrate the acoustic foam panels into your gamer room designs.

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✅  Best 12 Pack Wedge Foam Red Charcoal

Works Great! – Each tile set we added made an immediate difference with sound clarity and completely eliminated any echoing in the room. They look great and work very well,

✅  For acoustic panels there are endless shapes, thickness, size, colors, patterns to choose from. –> Click the images below to see more options!

Use Soundproof Gaming Mask

This is a must have item if you are into streaming and voice recording.

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✅  Best Aston Microphones Halo Portable Microphone Reflection Filter

Worth every penny – The quality is fantastic, and it is super light, but you can tell it is made of quality materials. The mount was also super easy to use which on the competition out there like SPACE SE have complaints on. Definitely worth giving this a shot!

Consider Sticky Back Soundproofing

You can use it on the wall or on the floor. It is very effective in reducing neighbor complaints.

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✅  Best TMS Sound Proofing Padding for Wall

Kills sound. – It does what it is supposed to. You will need a sheet on each side of the wall if you really want to deaden the sound. One side and it muffled speech but you could talk through it without too much trouble. Once both sides have this behind the sheetrock you really only hear what the floor and ceiling structure carries across.

Invest In Soundproof Gaming Booth

If you have a really small apartment and need to do streaming in a shared space, then this gadget is for you. It is also portable so you can carry your soundproof gaming booth with you.

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✅  Best Snap Studio Ultimate Vocal Booth

Tall booth surround covered – It’s dark and has enough light set up and box movability within.

Install Dampening Seals For Gaming Room Doors & Windows

This is the first method I will try to reduce noise for the gaming room. Install dampening seals is cheap and effective as the seals will not only reduce noise but also reduce heat gain/loss, unwanted light, dust and water leaking.

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✅  Best Yotache Open Cell Self-Adhesive Foam Seal Tape

Best For Door & Window Sound Insulation – Super good insulating feature and it can help hide gaps where two surfaces met. It effectively acted as a decorative molding.

Add Interior Door Sweep For Soundproofing

Many homes have a huge door gap, having a door sweep can help to reduce noise and block light. It is just great for privacy.

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✅  Best MAXTID Under Door Draft Stopper

Makes a huge difference! – This door doesn’t need to open, but had a gap on the bottom that was letting undesired sounds travel between the two offices. With this product, you will be able to take care of the gap on the bottom of the door and also used a weather stripping product for the door frame.

Install Portable Height Adjustable Sound Shield

The best point about this gadget is you can adjust the height of the sound shield according to need. Pull it close to your mouth/ear while gaming to get immediate great result.

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✅  Best Pyle PSiP24 Acoustic Isolation Absorber Shield

Perfect! – Perfect for a small home recording studio and easily packed away if you live in an apartment.

Use Monitor Pads For Sound Absorption

This gadget is less popular but works very well with low budget gaming room improvement.

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✅  Best Studio Monitor Isolation Pads by Vocalbeat

Perfect Solution For Monitors – The foam is very dense and there are several height angles you can configure with the 2 different shaped pads. These pads have a brand but the brand is not labeled on the pads, they are blank and you don’t have to worry about a distracting label brand on the front of the pad. The size of the pads is great.

Change To Soundproof Curtains

You should install a heavy curtain or a soundprood curtain. Soundproof curtains are usually great also for thermal control and light blocking.

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✅  Best NICETOWN 3 Pass Microfiber Home Decoration Thermal Insulated Solid Ring

Great looking fabric, total blackout, decent noise reduction – The blackout is 100% and the noise was reduced by 50% or more. The grommets slide easily to open and close. The packaging folds and wrinkles were easily steamed out with a descent small handheld steamer. The curtains look as pictured in the ad.

Buy Soundproof Gaming Headset

Many gaming headsets have noise cancelling feature. You will probably use the headset a lot so it makes sense to have a better budget and consider it as a long term investment.

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✅  Best SteelSeries Arctis Pro High Fidelity Gaming Headset

Possibly the best headset – Sound quality is great. And with the most recent firmware update, volume is a nonissue. For PC & PS4, this is 110% worth every cent you spent.

Get A Thick Area Rug Under Your Gaming Chair

Put a thick rug on your floor or add this protective cushioning pad under any rug to improve the sound absorption capacity.

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✅  Best Protective Cushioning Rug Pad

How can you not know about this type of pad before? – You will be thrilled with the cushiony feel of the rug with this pad. Perfect for your barefoot! This pad makes your moderately-price rug feel like a very expensive one!

Does Acoustic Foam Work Both Ways?

Acoustic foams are generally known to work on both sides, but the foam works most effectively when both sides are identical. The mechanism of soundproof is produced through the physical foam itself and the shape in which it formed.

Does Cardboard Reflect Sound?

Research has found that cardboard is actually effective in reflecting sound because of its comparably smooth surface. This is the reason cardboard is often used for soundproof as it does a good job in preventing echoing.

What Absorbs Sound In A Room?

If you are looking to reduce sound by installing sound-absorbing materials in your room, the ideal suggestions would include carpets, padded curtains, soundproof foams, and hardwood. By placing these materials on your walls and windows, you can absorb sound, dampen echoes and reverberations.

How Do You Soundproof A Computer Room?

  1. Put a thick rug on your floor
  2. Install a heavy curtain or a soundproof curtain
  3. Install soundproof foams on your wall
  4. If you can, design your gaming room in a room with thick walls

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