23+ Best Gaming & Anime Tattoo Design Ideas For Video Game Lovers 2021

Video games and tattoos both have gone from niche to mainstream within the last 30 years.

Avid gamers know that video games aren’t just a hobby; instead, they are an attitude, lifestyle, or even an obsession. Tattoo collectors think the same for their body art.

Tattoos for gamers should be cool and fun but go beyond that to be a statement or an art piece that carries special memories and messages.

Video Game Temporary Tattoos

☑️ Maybe try a small temporary gamer tattoo first? We did the research for you and these designs will look fun for adults and kids. Click the images and add to cart first!

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Video Gaming Tattoos

Best Video Game Tattoo Art

Anime Tattoos Ideas

Gaming Tattoo Sleeve

Badass Video Game Tattoos

Gamer Tattoos For Couples

Playstation Tattoo

Gaming Tattoo Half Sleeve

Minimalist Video Game Tattoos

Video Game Controller Tattoo

Nintendo Tattoo Sleeve

Retro Gaming Tattoo Sleeve

Subtle Gaming Tattoos

Gamer Movie Tattoo

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