60+ Attic Conversion Ideas: Small Simple Upstairs Loft Game Room Remodelling 2023

Can you convert the attic to an epic gamer room?

Answer is definite, with the right design your small attic will look fancy with all the funky edges and angles.

Attic gamer rooms are perfect for hosting your friends over the weekend, or have a refreshing break from your busy lifestyle.

In this guide we prepared a few smart remodelling and decoration tips to help you fashion an amazing attic gaming room – so you can stop complaining the lack of space, and start to enjoy the new spare room upstairs.

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✅ Best Game Room Neon Sign

Aesthetically Pleasing – Gives any room a nice retro vibe. Works well as a night lamp, perfect brightness to get around but not so much that it will hinder a good night’s rest.

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✅ Best Furniture TV Stand for Flat Screen

Works under A Large TV – It is big enough to put under a 70″ TV and looks pretty good. It’s not fancy hardwood furniture, but at this price, you shouldn’t expect that. It’s your standard flat-pack furniture that you put together yourself. The cubby shelves have nice holes in the back to run wires, and there are small shelves on the sizes for DVDs or whatever else. It looks great and should last a long time.

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✅ Best Game Room Curtains – Dusk Sunrise Tranquil Scene Coastline

If Browns And Blacks Are What You Want, This Is Beautiful – The colours are very rich, vibrant, and full. The fabric is silky soft, flows, like the pictures. It is nicely lined and weighted to hang beautifully. Very well done product!
The black between the wood slates stands out more when the picture is enlarged as a curtain. If browns and blacks are what you want, this is beautiful.

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✅ Best Game Room Shelves – Wall Mounted Media Console

Sturdy And Controls the Wires – Assembly is comparable to a cubed storage unit. The directions are just pictured steps so you have to be able to read diagrams. You’ll need a drill, a Philips screwdriver, and a second set of hands to help level it.

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✅ Best Ergonomic Gaming Desk

A Desk A Gamer Wants – This desk is sturdy and large enough to hold the computer, tower, keyboard, microphone, headphones, and a drink. It does light up along the sides of the desk and has a switch that can control the blinking rate and color. The wires are enclosed in the frame of the desk(so they do not get in the way) and uses a USB to plug into the computer for power.

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